Call for Writers: Ideas Worth Sharing

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Update: Here are a few of the article ideas that have been submitted:

Sam Naik, City of Austin, TX, Auditor

Auditing in local government.

Glenn Holmes, City of Hamilton, OH, City Manager Fellowship

Hamilton’s Fellowship Program

Hillari Bynum, Ralph Andersen & Associates, Graphic Designer and Research Assistant

The power of branding in local government

Brian Silcott, City of Goddard, KS, City Administrator

Problem Oriented Service Activities, which coordinates police, code enforcement, public works, and civic groups to reduce crime, blight, and improve neighborhoods.

Alyssa Wolverton, City of Coppell, TX, City Manager’s Office

SEED Leadership Academy

Roy Atkinson, City of Altoona, WI, Management Analyst Fellow


Nick Smith, City of Gaithersburg, MD, Digital and Social Media Specialist

Transitional housing for homeless men and women in recovery

Samantha Timko, City of Fort Lauderdale, FL, Assistant Structural Innovation Manager

Flexible work schedules and paid family leave

Matt Horn, City of Geneva, NY, City Manager

Eliminating regional duplication of effort through shared services across jurisdictional boundaries

Eric Reese, Center for Government Excellence, Senior Implementation Advisor

Open Data – Bringing Data and Services to the people

Erik Tungate, City of Oak Park, MI, City Manager


Dream with us for a minute…ELGL has the ability to create the perfect local government. What’s one thing that we should include from your organization? What’s one thing being employed by another local government that we should include?

In this new series, we’re asking you to share your thoughts, and be specific. You might write about an open data initiative, a human resources policy, or a unique community policing initiative. It’s whatever makes your organization unique and is worth including in this cyborg of a local government that we are crafting.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for a date to contribute an article.
  • Write a 500 to 1,000 word article.
  • Include one unique characteristic, program, service, policy, etc. from your organization.
  • Include one unique characteristic, program, service, policy, etc. from another local government.
  • You can participate even if you can only address one item whether from your organization or another.
  • Submit your article to
  • ELGL members will be able to view the complete article; non-member will be able to view parts of the article.

When you share your perspectives and ideas, the local government and public service communities benefit. You also benefit by gaining a published writing sample that will be visible to potential future employers. With the ELGL website attracting 40,000 views a month, your article will appear toward the top of page the next time your name is searched on Google.