10/16 Local Government Confidential: Forefathers of Local Government Podcasting

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Jim Valvano, former NC State basketball coach, famously said that each day you should “laugh, cry, and think“. The Confidential will try to highlight an article, event, or photo that will help you with your daily laugh, cry, and think.

“If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special.”


Monday, October 31


Trick or treat! Our treat to you is the increasing number of local government podcasts. If you’ve been sleeping on podcasts, you’re missing the greatest podcast ever created, GovLove and a number of others in running for the silver medal.

Recently, I talked with an ELGL member about her organization and how leadership is considering starting a podcast. To help her and others, here are a few of the local government podcasts. Let me know what I missed.

City Council Chronicles


#ELGL16 speaker and ELGL Live! guest Michael Karlik has launched a City Council Chronicles podcast. His voice was built for podcasting – serious sounding with a touch of comedy. In the first seven episodes, Michael has interviews elected officials such as Regina Hill — Orlando, FL Commissioner, Elvi Gray-Jackson — Anchorage, AK Assembly Chair, and  David Chiu — Former San Francisco Board of Supervisors President. He literally has you covered from Florida to Alaska.

Peak City Podcast

The Peak City Podcast  is in its infancy and spotlights the Town of Apex, N.C. The first two episodes featured Apex Ambassador and ADBA President J.C. Knowles and Apex Halloween Festivities with ADBA Vice President Julia Beam. Ten years from now, Apex will be viewed as one of the forefathers of local government podcasting. Too dramatic?

McHenry County, IL

Since you’re an award-winning GovLove listener, you know about the McHenry County, IL podcast. ELGL member Jim Hurley helped McHenry County stick their little toe into the podcast waters. Learn more at Podcast on Podcast with Jim Hurley, McHenry County, IL.

Municipal Equation

Here’s the official description – “The Municipal Equation podcast covers the challenges and new ideas orbiting cities, towns. Created by NC League of Municipalities. Producer/host/music Ben Brown.” Props to the NC League of Municipalities for dedicating time and resources to the podcast. Ben Brown adds a number of professional touches to the production. Check out episodes – The Value of ‘Digital Mindsets’ in Local Government and The Five Levers of the Local Innovation Ecosystem. Bonus points for the podcast because it’s about my home state and North Carolina needs some love these days. 



David S. Pumpkin rehashed my interested in Saturday Night Live.  SNL’s totally bizarre ‘David S. Pumpkins’ skit is the best thing that’s happened this year.





Eddie Vedder, with the assist of Harry Caray, rocked the seven inning stretch last night. I love Pearl Jam, thus I was a Cubs fan (at least for a night). Eddie Vedder, Harry Caray duet for memorable 7th Inning Stretch




Friday, October 28

Back from a day chalk full of gymnastics, a trip to the American Girl Doll store, and lunch at Sbarro’s.

My five-year old went rogue during gymnastics by wearing her leotard backward. (Add leotard to the list of words that I don’t like.) I tried to convince her that she was wearing it backwards but her Wyatt stubbornness would not allow her to admit the obvious. I am so very scared of what’s ahead for her teenage years.


You might think the only things happening today are the Cubs playing a World Series games at home and the Clinton email scandal. We dug deep to find a few others things that you should know about.



The social media network Vine is being killed by Twitter. This announcement yielded #RIPVine which reminds us of the goodies existing on the World Wide Web.



If you have a daughter or if you have a heart, this story a tough one to digest. Once again, a college football team is being accused of ignoring rape and assault claims.

A law firm hired by Baylor University to investigate the school’s handling of sexual assault and violence cases involving athletes determined that 17 women since 2011 reported incidents of sexual and domestic violence involving 19 football players, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday afternoon. Four of the cases involved alleged gang rapes.

Note, this occurred at Baylor University which has the following policy about sexual relations among students.

Baylor will be guided by the biblical understanding that human sexuality is a gift from God and that physical sexual intimacy is to be expressed in the context of marital fidelity. Thus, it is expected that Baylor students, faculty and staff will engage in behaviors consistent with this understanding of human sexuality.



I love these Politico articles on “What Works”. The City of Roanoke, VA was highlighted recently, and now, the City of Winston-Salem steps into the spotlight. I went to Elon University right down I-85 so I’m familiar with good ol’ Winston-Salem. I spent a few night in college hanging out at Ziggy’s listening to “new” bands such as Sister Hazel and Matchbox 20. When I moved to the Portland area in 2007, Winston-Salem was “meh” but apparently that has changed.

The Millennium Fund’s first big intervention was the transform the Nissen Building—the 18-story downtown office tower that, in 1927, had briefly been North Carolina’s tallest—into apartments, along with restaurants, retail and a rooftop pool. At $26 million it was the largest residential development in the city’s history. “Empty, the building is a reminder of how far we have to go to make downtown a vibrant destination,” the Winston-Salem Journal editorial board noted. “Filled with residents in its 142 apartments, it is a magnet for retail, dining and entertainment venues.”

I await the Politico article on Wilson, NC or Burlington, NC.


Sunday, October 23

We took 24 hours to celebrate a successful #ELGL16, now it’s time to move on and keep grinding to expand our reach.


The tortoise is back and ready for revenge. Congratulations Mr. Tortoise!



Next time your innovative ideas gets stifled at work, you need to keep plowing ahead.




Tears of joy and a Jager shot, just another 90-year old celebrating the Cubs trip to the World Series


Congrats to our ELGL members who are also Cubs fan – Lauren Stott, Ashley Monroe, Bobbi Nance, and a bunch of others that I missed.



If you think about it, we really don’t talk enough about this day.




Is it a weekday or weekend? I need to know more about Tueday.



Saturday, October 15

Dad’s weekend is upon us. Just six dudes taking the train. We’re headed to Seattle for a night on the town followed by Seahawks vs. Falcons. Tweet me your dinner recommendations for Seattle.


Friday, October 14

Fresh off an interview with Anil Chawla, Founder of Archive Social and Host of GovTech Social podcast, it’s time to blog. But first, I must tell you about Archive Social’s crisis support for local government. Fun Fact: It’s free. ArchiveSocial Crisis Support provides 100% free access to our technology to help your agency through a crisis, and receive basic protection in the event of public records requests or legal discovery.



Embrace the debate! Which is a better holiday – Halloween or Thanksgiving? I am going with Halloween. Turkey is overrated, the sides are weak, the desert is blah. I want prime rib, potatoes, and brownies.

Vote! Halloween or Thanksgiving




Love the #ELGL16 Twitter action. So hot, that I’ll giving away free #ELGL17 registration for the best tweet leading up to #ELGL16.

Here’s are a few of the early leaders.




Ken Bone is fraud. Harambe regains his position as most loved American. Why is Mr. Bone a fraud? Have you seen his Reddit posts?

Here, for example, is Ken weighing in on the hacked nude Jennifer Lawrence pictures: “Maybe she should have been more careful with her pics, but the bad guys are still the ones who sought them out and looked at them. By which I mean guys like me. I saw her butt hole. I liked it.”

It turns out that Bone was a regular participant in several NSFW forums, including one devoted to pregnant women in swimsuits, who he referred to as “beautiful human submarines.”

He even admitted to committing “felony insurance fraud.”

Most damaging of all, he suggested the killing of Trayvon Martin was “legally justified”—however we should note that Bone did go on to add that George Zimmerman, who was acquitted in the killing of the unarmed teenager on the basis of Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law, was a “big ole shit bird.”



Wednesday, October 12

Okay…I have a question for you — what time of year do you switch from iced coffee to hot coffee? I am stuck in an in between period where the morning time says hot coffee and the afternoon says ice. Where you live plays a part in the decision making I’d imagine. Participate in this #GreatDebate by tweeting your preference.


In an attempt to make you jealous, I must tell you that my day started with scented markers and bubble letters.



Slack is the official internal communication tool for the ELGL management team. (Note: Slack is not aware of this.) Facebook must have realized this which led to the creation of their competing product, Workplace.

Facebook Workplace Is Just Like Facebook… But For Your Office

Facebook has priced Workplace at $3 per month per active user for companies with up to 1,000 active users, $2 per active user for up to 10,000 employees, and $1 for more than that. It’s free for nonprofits and educational institutions. According to Workplace’s website, there are no long-term contracts associated with using the service, nor will the service display ads.

For now, we’ll stick with being an unpaid sponsor of Slack, that said, we’re willing to listen to a sponsorship offer from our good friends at Facebook Workplace.



Ken Bone! Ken Bone! Ken Bone! I love him. He’s replaced Harambe as America’s heros. Let me be clear — we should be laughing with Ken and not at him. He represents the purity of the average American citizen who happens to dress like a federal government worker.

We introduce you to the Bone Zone, the fastest growing movement on the Internet. The rise of Ken Bone has thwarted the constant media stories about locker room. We know that what Trump said was inappropriate. Why people are surprised is a whole another story. It doesn’t help to continually talk about it. I’d rather my kids see and hear the purity of Ken Bone, than other story about grabbing genitals.

Ken Bone ripped his pants which led to the donning on the red sweater. Here’s what Ken would have been wearing.


I am not throwing stones at Ken for ripping his pants. This is what happens when you are 38-years old, married, two kids, and a dog. Fitness doesn’t happen. An increased waist line does happen.

A bit of a leap but does Ken Bone have Mt. Rushmore potential.


You know that you’ve entered your 15 minutes of fame when Snoop is tweeting at you.

Cheers to honorary ELGL member Ken Bone.




Tears begin to form with the thought of another publicly funded stadium. Cities need to stop falling for the major league sports league who pit one city versus another. The public loses as cities up the ante on the back of taxpayer money. Seattle has been used and abused by the NHL and NBA for years.

High schools have become the new battlefield for stadiums. The Washington Post takes on this growing trend in Go books go! Another case against publicly funded football stadiums.

I am no longer invited to dinner parties, largely because sometime between the foie gras and the fried chicken, inevitably I launch into a tirade about taxpayer funding of stadiums, and, frankly, this was spoiling a lot of people’s appetites.

Hard to resist an article with a lead like this.


Sunday, October 9

Today is THE day. I predict tonight’s Clinton/Trump debate will end in spectacular fashion. The potential fiasco makes up for the Seahawks having a bye week.

By the way, you’ll be happy to know that I overcame my greatest fear by going to Michaels Craft Store. I feel a little less manly but I couldn’t justify missing my 7-year old’s birthday party.


Post-birthday party, I found an endeavor that might lead Kirsten and I away from our ELGL responsibilities. While you slept in this morning, Kirsten and I launched our training effort. Link: Couple wins beer, cash in North American Wife Carrying Championship.

Here’s what else is hot on the ol’ World Wide Web.



A hurricane cannot stop our love of America.


Not so fast, evidence exists that America remains troubled.



When your team loses 78-0, there is little cheer about expect the rare first down.



Some people suck. Bullies especially suck. Bullies are everywhere just ask my 7-year old daughter about the mean streets of the elementary school playground.

Few people are willing to take on the bully, and when they do, they are not always protected.

Volunteer youth coach fired for making boy run laps after he bullied teammate

“(One of the board members) said why did you feel that you were qualified to handle this bullying incident? I’m like because I’m a father,” Kennedy told WTVH.

Score another one for the bullies.



We’re taught in graduate school that a majority of big cities do not employ a city manager. Phoenix, Arizona is the largest city in the United States to employ council–manager government. 40.1% of American cities with populations of 2,500 or more are organized around the council-manager form of government.

In today’s News & Observer, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory makes the strongest case yet for a council-manager form of government for all local governments.

With ‘political genes,’ Pat McCrory has been the face of crises – and controversy

Over 14 years as mayor of Charlotte, he led the response to winter storms as well as the resettlement of thousands of Hurricane Katrina evacuees. In 2007 he led the mourning for two police officers killed in the line of duty.

In Charlotte, McCrory championed police funding, “smart” development, light rail and the taxes to fund it. But he had a professional manager to run city government. In Raleigh, he’s the one in charge.

“I didn’t expect to delve so much into the operations of state government,” he says. “The biggest difference is I had a city manager (in Charlotte) and in this role as governor I am the city manager, and I’ve surrounded myself with some very smart people to run the day-to-day operations.”

Hard to argue with Gov. McCrory.

Quick question — Besides ELGL, what are the most popular websites on the World Wide Web. Interesting question with a somewhat expected answer.




Saturday, October 8

It’s birthday party day! I face my ultimate fear by having to go inside Michael’s for Eleanor’s crafting party. Michaels and Jo-Ann’s are kyponite to the male gender. There’s nothing in those places that I find interesting. There’s not even a magazine rack with a few semi-male focused magazines.




Saturday is the best Internet day. College Game Day signs, political turmoil, and random GIFs. So much to chuckle at…here’s just a few…

Plenty of good ones about Trump’s take on women. We go with this one…

A choreographed hand shake…try to that top.



Dying sucks. There I said it. Anyone disagree? The treatment of those near death is not always ideal. Similar to the rest of the life, we hear about the bad experiences that people have with doctors and nurses. As refreshing as an article can be about death, this is it – A Letter to the Doctors and Nurses Who Cared for My Wife.





Before the Vice Presidential debate was hosted in Farmville, VA, the only thing you knew about Farmville was the annoying Facebook notices from friends requesting you start playing Farmville. Hosting a debate is not all roses for the host city and university. The Atlantic breaks down the cost of hosting a debate and why universities are eager to pay up to host.

Colleges Pay Millions to Host a Presidential Debate

Winning the right to host a presidential debate is an expensive victory. Washington University in St. Louis is prepared to spend between $4 million and $5 million to host a 90-minute matchup between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Sunday evening. That’s in line with what Hofstra University (where the first debate of 2016 took place) and Longwood University (the site of this year’s only vice-presidential debate) shelled out to bring the candidates to campus.

You’re now free to return to tilling your virtual farm.




Friday, October 7

For the last three years, I’ve worked 10 hour days, Monday to Thursday, every Friday off. I wake up most Fridays in disbelief that I have a three day weekend each week. It’s glorious. I bring this up to say, “I’m sorry”. I am sorry that you have to work five days a week. You are missing out.



It’s been a long couple of weeks so let’s spoil ourselves with a little potty humor.


We bring everyone back into the fold with this next item. This is a make up gesture to those who didn’t appreciate the above headline.



According to Fox Sports, last night was an historical one.


Note: There are a number of hilarious Harambe clips that I chose to left out of today’s post. Some might have argued the clips were inappropriate. DM me if you are not one of those who are easily offended.



Politics and the Chicago Cubs come together in a story about one man’s fight against cancer. I have wondered at times why I bother watching sports and yelling at the television to athletes that I don’t know and are quite a bit younger than me. Having children has calmed my sports fandom. I rarely yell at the television even when UNC loses the national championship on a last second shot. Full disclosure: I did a positive yell at the television when the Vikings kickers shanked a game winning field goal against the Seahawks last year.

It’s clear that sports are a positive distraction from the daily grind of the work world. If it isn’t sports, I am sure you have another positive distraction in your life to temporarily help you forget the traffic madness of dropping your kids at school, the dullness of another office meeting, or the feeling that it’s Groundhog Day when you pass the same cars on the road each day.

Take a minute to read – Tully: My cancer, my Cubs & life’s lovely distractions and then do yourself and ELGL a favor…go hug your kids, spouse, friend, or pet. Be grateful for another day of living and another day full of potential for positively impacting the future of local government.

I take politics seriously. And neither cancer nor the Cubs are going to rob me of my interest in election outcomes or my concern about the many issues facing Indiana and the country. I’ll still be writing about those elections and those issues, and annoying many of you by doing so, just as I have for so many years. It’s all too important to ignore.

But there’s something about sports and the teams that colored our youths that can distract us in wonderful ways, even from big things. I can’t imagine how many hours the young me spent watching the Cubs on WGN while growing up in Northwest Indiana, or how many times my heart was broken by another rough season, or how many conversations I’ve had about the team with my mom and other friends and family.

Enjoy your weekend and the virtual hug that I’m sending your way. (Note: ELGL Human Resources assured me that the courts do not consider virtual hugs as harassment.)



Mascot or no mascot? A number of cities including the cities of Beaverton, Durham, Phoenix, and West Linn, have introduced a mascot into engagement efforts. It’s a cheap yet brilliant strategy to pander to children and the few odd adults who are really into mascots.

The cities of Durham and Phoenix either share a brain or one of them borrowed the idea from the other. Fun, cuddly Wayne Drop is a mascot for both cities. We’ll send our crack staff into the field to find out how we ended up with two Wayne Drop’s. America (and you) want to know….need to know.


ELGL mascot expert John Allore dropped knowledge bombs on us about the state of local government mascots in Japan.

The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Municipal Mascot

Last year the Japanese government announced a nationwide crackdown on yuru-kyara, citing waste of public funds. One mascot reportedly cost its owners 1 million yen a year (that’s about $8,300), despite only making five public appearances.

We have a sneaking suspicion that John’s sudden interest in mascots is a distraction technique to knock us off our investigative reporting on the tale of two Wayne Drops.



Thursday, October 6

For her birthday, my oldest daughter received an American Girl doll, in turn, I have more time to blog. Lucky you…here we go…



City taglines are boring and generic. A Good Place to Live. Gateway to (fill in the blank). City of Champions. The City That Works. The last one is used by the City of Portland. It’s not a unique slogan but the story behind it is. The Willamette Week recounts how Bachman-Turner Overdrive played a major role.

Then-Mayor Frank Ivancie had very strong opinions on what sort of slogan should appear on the vehicles. He was a noted superfan of the rock group Bachman-Turner Overdrive. He occasionally left office for days to follow the group and believed the band’s sound was a perfect match for the city’s blue-collar aesthetic. To him, it wasn’t a question of whether a BTO song title should appear on city vehicles, but rather which title.

Reading the article provides a history lesson in why cities choose to move away from unmarked city vehicles.



BRUCCCEEEEE! I love Springsteen. He’s by far the best performer that I’ve seen. Sorry, Cypress Hill.

Springsteen has written a new book and appeared on an NPR podcast to promote the book. His interview was surprising. (Fun Fact: Bob Dylan is not Bob Dylan’s real name.) Springsteen shares a history of depression, family issues, and medical concerns.

Bruce Springsteen: On Jersey, Masculinity And Wishing To Be His Stage Persona – “People see you onstage and, yeah, I’d want to be that guy,” Springsteen says. “I want to be that guy myself very often.”

You can read more about the book here – Cover Story: The Book of Bruce Springsteen.



Not just a football story, Vanity Fair has published The Fight to Save Johnny Manziel from All-Out Self-Destruction. The article chronicles the downfall of the college football star and leaves the reader wondering who’s to blame — did his friends enable his behavior? Did his parents do enough? Were they overprotective?

According to people familiar with the details, marijuana was in regular use at the house, as was the prescription tranquilizer Xanax, a popular party drug often ground up, snorted, and chased with alcohol; MDMA, known as “Molly,” a form of Ecstasy; and, occasionally, cocaine. Some in the family came to blame Johnny’s introduction to drugs on Brant, whose Twitter feed is sprinkled with references to Xanax. I asked Brant about his drug use. “I don’t deny it,” he said. “But it’s not like this was some kind of Amy Winehouse scene.”

My takeaway: I will make sure that my daughters will be ready for the similar fame and wealth found in local government as in football.


Tuesday, October 4

Bloggin’ and debate watching….it’s the perfect Tuesday night. Fun Fact: I worked for the State of Virginia when Tim Kaine was Governor of Virginia. I got a head nod from Gov. Kaine when I walked past him one day. So, you could say that we’re pretty close. Plus we’re both dads. Enough about how I’ll be working for the VP soon…

I’ll answer the question before you ask it….yes, the Town of Farmville, VA has a council-manager form of government. Gerald Spates is the Farmville, VA Town Manager. Meet Gerald here.



We wish one of the VP candidates followed Matt Wojo’s lead by wearing the exclusive ELGL tie.




This hoodie needs to find its way into the #ELGL16 swag bag.




If you’ve been wondering about the going rate for holding your child, we have your answer – “Skin to skin after c-sec … 1 … $39.35“. Another good reason to keep your eye out for Groupon’s for holding  your child.


The dad wrote, “The nurse let me hold the baby on my wife’s neck/chest. Even borrowed my camera to take a few pictures for us. Everyone involved in the process was great, and we had a positive experience. We just got a chuckle out of seeing that on the bill.”



I’m willing to guess that you have no idea where Farmville is located. You probably didn’t know that Farmville was located in Virginia. Farmville’s claim to fame is Longwood College which produced famous alums such as Jerome Kersey, basketball player, Jason Mraz, musician, and of course, William E. Todd, US Ambassador to Cambodia.

The vice presidential debate has skyrocketed Farmville into the same sphere as Las Vegas. Vegas, baby! Farmville vs. Las Vegas: Which is 2016’s best debate town?

Again, tough to beat Vegas, where you can, for some reason, see Britney Spears in residency at Planet Hollywood and then eat at the Harley-Davidson Cafe.

For a Yelp-approved day, debate attendees can down Kobe-style beef at Gangnam Asian BBQ before getting their mind read on stage by mentalist Frederic Da Silva and crashing at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, where a few hundred bucks gets a luxury terrace suite complete with a “bubbler tub.” #bubblertub

Farmville’s most Yelp-worthy attractions include the Fishin’ Pig, a non-Asian BBQ joint with apparently delicious tacos. The top-rated entertainment attraction is Mainly Clay, a studio with pottery classes. The top-rated hotel is Hampton Inn Farmville, which does not have terrace suites.

Winner: Vegas. We don’t believe in mentalists, though.

The road to Farmville was an interesting one. Here’s why the VP debate will be in Farmwood, Virginia

The town also has strong historical roots: The Civil War’s Battle of High Bridge took place nearby, and it’s home to what The Atlantic called “the forgotten school” in the Brown v. Board of Education case. Three-quarters of the plantiffs in that case were actually students at the nearby high school.

USA Today reported one of the reasons Longwood got the honor was because it promised to incorporate a debate-centered curriculum this semester. And apparently, it wasn’t just one college course; the university created over 30 courses.

As you watch the action from Farmville, listen for the Dad jokes.



Monday, October 3

Rise and grind…we’re back at work after attending the ICMA Conference and League of Oregon Cities Conference.

One request after attending both conferences: more coordination between panelists. At times, despite the session description saying one thing, the actual session consisted of a separate presentation from each panelist without a theme binding together the presentation. Because of this, sometimes the same material is covered by multiple presenters.

Kare Anderson brings forth solutions in her article – 6 Ways Meeting Planners Can Get More Value from Their Speakers.



One thing is for sure….the NFL hates archery.



I loved the TV show Friday Night Lights. In fact, I also loved the book and movie.


More ink for Friday Night Lights —

Friday Night Lights Democratized TV Drama
The NBC show, which premiered 10 years ago today, operated under the assumption that every person in the series had a story worth telling.


So tears of joys appeared after reading the Entertainment Weekly article – Friday Night Lights cast on where their characters are today. Lyla Garrity and Buddy Garrity were my favorite characters. Lorraine Saracen receives my vote for creepiest character. I would argue that the show should win best worst acted TV show.



The next Silicon Valley is….Any city or region with one tech startup argues that they are the next hot tech city. Kansas City made the argument during last week’s ICMA Conference. To be in the running for the next Silicon Valley you need a clever nickname.

The case for the Seattle/Vancouver region as the next big tech corridor is made in today’s New York Times – Next Big Tech Corridor.


Tweet! Tweet!

Our friends in the City of Auburndale, FL tweeted us this short clip. Merissa Green, communication and information manager for the city of Auburndale, shares some tips for using social media effectively.

I’ll say it again…every local government should be required to have a Facebook page and Twitter handle.



Sunday, October 2

The back-to-school germs flowing through the Wyatt house cannot stop the Confidential. Only Michael Jordan (the dog) was avoided coughing, sneezing, and hacking. With that delightful picture in your head, let’s learn.



For those of us who spend Saturday night watching college football, taking care of sick kids, and refreshing Twitter, an eventful night was had. The New York Times published Trump Tax Records Reveal He Could Have Avoided Paying Taxes for Years which woke up the political opinators from across the country.


Personal aside, I am tired of reading the Trump articles. Wake me up, when criminal misdoings are alleged, until then, as much as some might want, Trump will maintain his supporters who will continue to use these type of articles as ammunition that “the media” and others are out to get Trump.

Twitter was abuzz about Trump taxes, Facebook not so much.




“Oh, thank you God” – We’ve been waiting for God to step up to the plate and intervene in the outcome of college football games. Our request was answered (apparently) at the end of the Tennessee-Georgia game.


Takeaway: Let’s keep an eye on this God fellow and see what else he has planned. Some have alleged that he was also part of this frantic finish.

All-in-all, God was busy on Saturday.



Small-town trouble between a mayor and council landed the attention of the Washington Post – This small-town mayor was feuding with his city council. So he got a new one. When you roll into work 10 to 15 minutes late on Monday thinking that your organization has issues, just remember it can always be worse such as:

Grant gave orders to city staffers and never seemed to leave City Hall. Soon, employees accused him of hostile behavior. The council took his city car away and, in the summer of 2014, ordered Grant to pack his things. He defiantly pitched a tent on City Hall’s front lawn.

The mayor, he told a packed city council meeting on Aug. 1, had signed contracts for Smart City that by law had to be signed by the city administrator. Architects, engineers and project managers had begun work before providing insurance liability forms and other required documents — a violation of city contract law.

The photos in this article say it all.

Fun Fact: This is the hometown of NBA player Kevin Durant.



Saturday, October 1

It’s the first day of October and I have a confession….I am tired of hearing about PSL’s – Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Back in my day, PSL stood for Personal Seat License at an NFL stadium, now Starbucks overpriced drink has upstaged  the most influential sports league. I am not sure who to root for in the match up of corporate giants.

In this month’s Confidential, we carry over our two week tradition of bring you items that will make you laugh, cry, and think.

We’ll get it started but first we take back our first of the month theme song that was stolen by Kylie.


A couple of chuckles for you this morning. First, this gem from the Virginia State Fair.



ESPN Game Day is always good for a few random laughs. This guy started in on the Mad Dog 20/20 a little early.


Outside the sports world, we’ve been gifted the video of Obama talking to Bill Clinton like a dog who won’t listen. ‘Bill. Let’s go!’ Obama calls to Bill Clinton from Air Force One



Rob Ford was a sad personality. He gained media attention as Toronto’s wacky mayor. He gained police attention by hanging with drug dealers. Rob Ford is dead but what happened to his associates. Our good friends from the land of the Maple Leaf take a look – Three years later, what became of the men photographed with Rob Ford?

“The photo gave the media and the rest of Toronto an opportunity to write their own violent narrative about the area,” he said. “But many families here paid a steep price too. … The whole community would be in a far better place if Rob Ford had never shown his face around here.”

For a deep dive into the life of Rob Ford, check out Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story



I am pro-surveillance. My view is steeped in knowing that I have nothing to hide and a belief that the “government” would be bored out of their mind if they monitored my activities. Depending on their sense of humor, they may laugh at a couple of GIFs included on a recent text string that I was on.

I am less comfortable with surveillance if, for example, the AirBnb house that we stayed at in Kansas City was covered with cameras. The poor cameras would have witnesses a couple of ELGL members (who will remain nameless, for now) karaoking to Mariah Carey Christmas songs.

The reason for bring up the issue of surveillance is today’s Buzzfeed article, Inside Donald Trump’s Surveillance Operations. A couple of memorable quotes from the article:

“Trump security can look up any camera,” the former employee said. “They have a strong monitoring system.” If workers are in a spot where they are not supposed to be, this person said, the office in New York would call: “They will call and say, ‘What are you doing there?’”

These details are no laughing matter. When Trump showed up one June, according to three sources, the air conditioning unit was off and the heat was on, making the home uncomfortably warm. Trump fired the club’s general manager.

The takeaway here is obvious – when Trumps starts renting his properties on AirBnb you might think twice before renting.