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Today’s Buzz is all about missing the best parts of Summer.  For most of you, it’s Fall but for those of us in the Deep South…Summer drags on.  And we’re stuck between dressing for the season and dressing for the weather.  It’s really not that bad.  I can buy clearance items at my favorite stores and still actually wear them.  Cha-Ching!  But besides 12+ hours of daylight the other thing I’ll miss is Music Festivals!  So put ya lighters (cell phones will do) up to your favorite song as we reminisce on the concerts we probably don’t remember too well!  Also this is the only art I can afford.

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Beltline founder Gravel resigns from board:  Two prominent board members of the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership turned in their resignations Monday, saying not enough emphasis is being given to the issues of equity and affordability.

Big classes violate Constitution, voters’ will:  I have a confession: I really like school open houses. I like walking the halls, hearing the bells ring and scurrying from class to class to meet the teachers who inspire, challenge and sometimes madden my kids. Heck, I even like sitting in geometry … if only to bask in the fact that I’ll never have to take geometry again.

Date set for first Cuba flight from N.C.A historic flight is set to depart from Charlotte Douglas International Airport en route to Havana later this fall. American Airlines, one of eight U.S. carriers to receive federal approval for commercial air travel to Havana, will offer its first direct flight from Charlotte Douglas International Airport to Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport on Nov. 30, American’s spokeswoman, Katie Cody, said Tuesday afternoon.

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  • Why Colombia’s Peace Agreement Is an Opportunity for Cities:  This story was first published in Spanish on our sister site, CityLab Latino.  Marina Rodriguez’s cinderblock house sits in a dense, crowded slum on the southwest outskirts of Bogotá. She built it herself, brick by brick slowly replacing recycled plastic and wood over 20 years to build the permanent structure she lives in today. Since her kids have grown and left her, Marina says she sleeps alone in the house with God.
  • London Housing Prices Drive 30-Year-Olds Out of the City:  Study finds 30-somethings in London leaving the city in increasing numbers.  A renters’ advocacy group called Generation Rent recently found “65,890 people in their 30s moved from London to another part of the UK in 2014-15, a net loss of 30,410 in that age group.” These departures represent a dramatic increase over previous years, Hillary Osborne reports.

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  • The Measles-Free Americas:  Measles, one of the world’s most infectious diseases, was once everywhere. Two decades ago, North, Central, and South America committed themselves to rid the region of the disease.  The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) on Tuesday said the Americas had accomplished this goal, making it the world’s first region without endemic cases of measles.
  • Understanding the Many Crises of Student Loans:  “There’s a lot of talk about the student-debt crisis, and I’m going to tell you that I don’t think there really is a student-debt crisis,” said Debbie Cochrane, the vice president at The Institute for College Access and Success. “What there are are multiple student-debt crises.”
  • What the Criminal Justice System Looks Like Across the Globe:  In 2010, Jan Banning made a trip to Uganda to photograph prisons. A Dutch photographer , Banning had spent much of the previous decade traveling between eight different countries to document the lives of civil servants.  Backgrounding that project was a more difficult subject that Banning found increasingly impossible to ignore: the criminal justice system.
  • Growing tide of protectionism threatens already weak outlook for global trade:  Shipping containers are seen at the Yangshan Deep Water Port, part of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, in Shanghai on Sept. 24.  Global trade is experiencing a dramatic slowdown, just as leading political figures in the United States and elsewhere show an unusual level of hostility toward globalization.

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Local Gov Confidential

Barcelona’s First Superblock: Fighting the Power of Habit and Wavering Political Will:  Two weeks ago, after nearly two decades of waiting, Barcelona urban designer Salvador Rueda finally saw the first “Superilla” (Superblock) installed in the city. The superblock faced fierce opposition from unhappy residents and local businesses.

MIT Has a Clever Way to Map Streetlights:  For many neighborhoods across the U.S., streetlights are reminders of the nation’s aging infrastructure. Some have been around for decades, which means frequent breakdowns due to outdated technology that can cost cities millions—money that isn’t always in the budget. The result: slow response times for outages and repairs that have left residents in the dark for weeks, months, and even years.

Cleveland–East Cleveland Merger Plan Overlooks Main Issue:  East Cleveland, a struggling suburb of Cleveland, has ended up in so much fiscal distress that it is considering allowing Cleveland to annex it as a desperation move. We may need to rethink our decades of assumptions about home rule in the Northeast.