Today’s Buzz features Snapchat’s new name, Ted Cruz’s delicate walk, and Detroit’s U-Pick apple tree. The buzz also features all of Andy Dwyer’s secrets. Enjoy!

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This museum ‘is more than a building. It is a dream come true.’ The impressive 400,000 square foot structure, heralded by celebrities and celebrations across D.C., serves to memorialize and educate and to cement the African American story’s place in the American story.


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A new study says Trump would raise taxes for millions. Trump’s campaign insists he won’t. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks to the Economic Club of New York in Manhattan on Sept. 15. (Mike Segar/Reuters) More than half of America’s single parents and one-fifth of its families with

Donald Trump’s Potential Guest at Debate: Gennifer Flowers Mr. Trump threatened to invite Ms. Flowers, who had a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton, and she wrote in a text message that she would attend the debate.

Snapchat is just ‘Snap’ now Snapchat is losing the “chat.” The company has been renamed Snap Inc., the Wall Street Journal reported late Friday night. Cleaner, right?

A key part of Obama’s environmental legacy will get its day in court At issue is the legality of the president’s plan to cut power plant emissions and push the nation toward cleaner energy sources. The outcome could influence how millions of Americans get their electricity.

After Aiding Injured Israelis, A Palestinian Is Targeted For Abuse: When an Israeli family was ambushed in their car in the West Bank, two Palestinians came to their aid. One is paying a price now, seen as aiding the enemy.


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Detroit’s first U-pick apple orchard could become reality: Two blocks of blighted property on the city’s east side are being eyed for the possibility of a U-pick apple orchard spanning 11 acres.

Flooding forces mandatory evacuation in Palo, Cedar Rapids prepares Residents are being told they must evacuate their homes in Palo due to flooding, a Cedar Rapids TV station tweeted Saturday morning.

Mayor invites Black Lives Matter protesters to meet with police chief Chants of “No justice, no peace. No racist police,” “Black lives matter” and “Hands up, don’t shoot” rang out as hundreds of protesters marched through the streets of Portland Friday in response to the shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte.

Baltimore police: 8 people, including toddler, injured in shooting Baltimore police said that eight people — including a 3-year-old girl — were injured Saturday evening in a shooting. Spokesman T.J. Smith said via social media that all injuries were considered non-life-threatening, and that suspects had fled on foot after the shootings.

Scottsdale’s proposed Desert Discovery Center: 5 big questions: Scottsdale’s proposed multimillion-dollar desert attraction has become a heated issue during City Council campaign season.

How to Manage Retreat in the Face of Sea-Level Rise and Nuisance Floods “Strategic retreat” as a response to rising sea levels isn’t an easy sell, but a new report endeavors to make the idea more palatable.