Today’s Buzz features taco sales to Trump supporters, California’s climate policy, and new road to relive congestion in the south Denver suburbs. The Buzz features Twitter’s response to the Trump campaign’s outreach to students and millennials.

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What If Schools Abolished Grade Levels?: “In an ideal school, there will be more diagnosis and detailed reporting on what students know and can do in relation to the academic objectives that are identified at their grade level, complemented with reporting on students’ strengths on social and emotional skills that are valuable for career readiness and civic engagement. This information will be readily available to the student, parents, and teachers at any time to allow all stakeholders involved to offer remediation and enrichment where necessary. There will be less emphasis on grading for specific subjects than there would be for accomplishing learning objectives. The key is to have a rich, detailed view of what the student knows and can do. Advancement will then be at the student’s pace, but there will be  expectations for how quickly a student should advance. With flexible scheduling and more time in both the day and the year for schooling, students will have more opportunity to catch up during, before, or after school.”

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Taco Truck Owner Racks Up Sales At Trump Event In Detroit: Straddling the worlds of political symbol and internet meme, an immigrant’s taco truck did brisk business — even raising the price of a taco from $1.50 to $2.50.

Not Doomed Yet: The Audacity of California’s New Climate Policy: Last week, California passed the most stringent carbon-emissions-reduction plan ever attempted in the United States. The state will attempt to cut its emissions by 40 percent by 2030. (The European Union is striving to make the same levels of cuts.) Brad Plumer of Voxlooks at what that kind of jarring transition will take, and how the entire world will be watching how California fares.

Trulia: The U.S. Housing Market Drives Regional Economic Inequality: New research from Trulia finds that an “economic convergence” of housing markets is not happening: the housing rich are getting richer, while the housing poor are getting poorer.

On outskirts of Nairobi, lions are escaping from wildlife refuge, unnerving village residents: The collision between humans and wildlife is nothing new in much of Africa, but Nairobi, Kenya, has come to represent the extreme difficulty inherent in trying to preserve wildlife while an urban population booms.

Local Gov Confidential

Flint Councilman Wantwaz Davis arrested on drunken driving charges: Shortly after midnight on Saturday, Sept. 3, Wantwaz crashed his vehicle on westbound Interstate-69.

RealNetworks left its mark as a launchpad for tech entrepreneurs: The early Seattle streaming pioneer is long past its heyday now, but it proved a good training ground for a generation of startup executives.

Police arrest man linked to social media posts that threatened South Florida gay community: Sun Sentinel Police arrest man linked to social media posts that threatened South Florida gay community Sun Sentinel A man linked to social media posts threatening a Pulse-style attack against the LGBT community in South Florida was arrested Saturday by the Florida Highway Patrol on an unrelated charge.

A New Road to Relieve Congestion on Denver’s Southern Periphery: Castle Rock Parkway, which connects US 85 and I-25 south of Denver (or north of Colorado Springs, depending on your perspective), opened service to the public this week.