Membership Advantage #9: Resume Book

What is ELGL? What does it stand for? Why should I consider joining ELGL? We’ll answer these questions and others in this series. Hold onto your seats.

This series is intended for current and potential members. Current members may learn about new ELGL benefits and those considering joining ELGL will learn about all of the member only benefits.


Because of unprecedented growth in the organization, effective August 1, we decreased the annual dues from $30 to $25. Student membership will remain at $0, and organizational membership will increase (slightly) from $230 to $250 for entire organizations to join ELGL. And yes, ELGL member is open to anyone with an interest in government from city managers to private sector companies. Link: Join ELGL.


Number 9: The Resume Book


Each year ELGL collects resumes and then compiles them into a book that gets shared with our members, executive search firms, HR professionals, and other key local government stakeholders. This is a great opportunity to gain exposure, find out what other members are up to, and connect with people who have worked on a project you are interested in. ELGL members receive priority placement in the resume book.

Recent Resume Book postings: The First Installment of the Living Resume Book and Now Open 24/7: The Resume Book

Number 8: ELGL 24/7 Jobs Facebook Group

ELGL members have access to a private Facebook group where they post job opportunities and view job openings posted by other members. Recent postings in the group include job opening for Downtown Revitalization Manager, City Administrator, and Finance Director. ELGL members join the group today – ELGL 24/7 Jobs.

Number 7: Private ELGL LinkedIn Group


A place for ELGL members to share news articles, job postings, and career advice. More than 1,000 members are part of the LinkedIn group. Current member can join here. Speaking of LinkedIn, here’s an article on improving your LinkedIn profile – Rethinking Your LinkedIn Profile.

Number 6: The Local Government Confidential


Each month, ELGL co-founder Kent Wyatt maintains a running blog with the latest job openings, hiring announcements, local government news, pop culture, and dad life experiences. The Confidential keeps ELGL members connected to the local government profession, and arms you with information that will eliminate the awkward elevator silence between you and your boss on the next elevator ride.


Number 5: Exclusive Access to the ELGL Jobs Twitter Handle

We love jobs, you love jobs, your dog loves jobs so we create a Twitter handle that loves jobs and posts jobs 24/7. ELGL members have the ability to post jobs on the Twitter feed and view the jobs posted on the feed.

Here are a few examples:


Number 4: Discounted Event Registration

ELGL members receive discounted registration for events including #ELGL16. Speakers for #ELGL16 include:

  • Bonnie Svrcek, City of Lynchburg, VA City Manager and Past ICMA President
  • Geoff Durham, President & CEO at Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce
  • Theresa O’Donnell, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Dallas, TX
  • Jim Russell, Cleveland State and Pacific Standard Magazine
  • Michael Karlik, City Council Chronicles14067550_10154653164237780_808122461201386895_n
  • Kelly Brough, CEO of Denver Chamber
  • Mayor Joe Goethals, City of San Mateo
  • Councilmember Christopher Clark, City of Mountain View
  • David Evan Harris, Institute for the Future
  • Amelia Boone, one of the world’s most decorated obstacle racer


Number 3: Members Only Facebook Group


Our members only Facebook group is a private space to share news articles, ask for career advice, and request information on how other cities are handling a particular issue.

There are 613 members in the group. When you join ELGL, you receive information for opting into the group.

Here’s a sampling of recent discussions:

  • Arlington native is first woman to head city’s public works
  • Why it’s difficult to recruit in local government.
  • If you were a government enthusiast who is elected to city council in one city and on staff in another city… what would be a good birthday gift?
  • How government can foster a startup culture
  • Should employee evaluations include a self-assessment?


Number 2: The Webinar Library


Anyone can register for our webinars, however, only ELGL members have access to the webinar library which includes more than 50 webinar recordings. Here is a sample:

Watch San Francisco’s Public Wi-Fi Webinar: Miguel Gamiño gave a great presentation that gave us the scoop on San Francisco’s free Wi-Fi initiative chock full of tips for other cities as they consider similar programs.

Relive the Code for America Webinar: Garrett Jacobs from Code for America gave a great presentation that covered a variety of topics from what innovation initiatives he’s seen at local governments to the mission of Code for America and the kinds of open data efforts that are out there.

Rick Usher on Bringing Google Fiber to Kansas City: This week we had the opportunity to hear from Rick Usher the Assistant City Manager of Kansas City, Missouri about the efforts he and others went through to bring Google Fiber to Kansas City. It was an informative webinar and Rick even brought on a special guest to give her point of view.

Webinar Library: Building Workforce Equity with Julie Nelson: This webinar focused on policies, practices and real stories from two jurisdictions focused on workforce equity, St. Paul Minnesota, Seattle and Portland, Oregon.

Rewind: City of Dayton, OH Take the Lead on Leave: Like cities across the country, the makeup Dayton’s workforce has changed substantially in the past few decades. We have a younger workforce with a greater focus on a life that balances work and home. And yet, America is one of the few countries in the world without guaranteed paid leave for working families.

ELGL members can view these webinars via The Webinar Library and More Webinars.

Number 1: Job Postings

Individual members can submit an unlimited number of job postings.


Job postings submitted by individual members are included in the Jobs, Jobs. Jobs post which is updated throughout each week.

Organizational members can submit an unlimited number of job postings. The job postings from organizational members will be included as a stand-alone post. This increases the visibility and traffic for the job posting.


Job postings on ELGL are exposed to the more than 40,000 weekly views on our website and the visibility of ELGL’s social media network, which includes more than 6,200 Twitter followers.

Questions? Email Ben Kittelson, ELGL Job Czar,