Today’s Buzz features the floods in Louisiana, a new Zika outbreak in Miami Beach, and the NBA’s announcement that it is moving the All Star game. Today is Portland’s adult soapbox derby race, so the buzz features some fabulously designed cars from past years.

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What I’m Doing: Wishing I didn’t have to work so I could watch Portland’s adult soapbox derby races

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Catastrophic Floods In Louisiana Have Caused Massive Housing Crisis: Devastating floods in Louisiana have left an estimated 40,000 houses damaged; some 86,000 people have applied for federal disaster aid in the wake of the disaster. It’s a crisis some people are comparing to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

NBA moves All-Star Game from Charlotte to New Orleans over North Carolina’s anti-LGBTQ law: It’s official: North Carolina’s leaders have lost the once-promised 2017 NBA All-Star Game by refusing to change or repeal the state’s anti-LGBTQ law. The NBA previously announced it would pull out of North Carolina, and on Friday it announced that the new location for the All-Star Game will be New Orleans.

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Why Women Are No Longer Catching Up To Men On Pay: If you were an American man working full-time in 1984, you earned, on average, a bit more than $22 an hour (adjusted for inflation to 2014 dollars). If you were particularly ambitious, or particularly in need of cash, you could make more money by working more hours, but on a per-hour basis, you’d still be making about the same — a bit more than $22 per hour.

A Brief History of Cheating at the Olympics: The ancient Olympic Games didn’t travel from city to city as they do now. Starting in 776 B.C., the Olympics were held quadrennially in Olympia, the sanctuary city of Zeus. Statues of the god were everywhere, and one in particular, a bronze icon holding two thunderbolts, was named “Zeus the Oath Giver.” Before competing, athletes from as far away as modern-day Spain and the Black Sea stood before this icon and swore an oath to the god of thunder vowing they would follow the regulations of the Olympics and play fair.

Usain Bolt caps Olympic triple trifecta; U.S. women’s relay runs to 4×100 gold:  Usain Bolt crossed the Olympic finish line and went through the motions for a ninth and final time. It began at the starting blocks in Beijing eight years ago and ended in front of an adoring crowd in Rio de Janeiro. He posed; he kissed the track; he danced; and he waved the green and yellow flag. All the things track fans had seen before and all the things they’d loved.

Local Gov Confidential

San Francisco Wants You to Design Its Future Transit System: The city is asking for ideas on where to build future subway lines.

Pay restored for 6 employees suspended over Flint water crisis: The State of Michigan has restored full pay to six employees who are suspended from their jobs while they await trial on state criminal charges filed in connection with the Flint drinking water crisis.

New Zika Outbreak Hits Popular Tourist Destination Of Miami Beach: Mosquitoes have begun spreading the Zika virus in a second part of Miami — the popular tourist destination of Miami Beach — Florida officials announced Friday.

Austin home sales take a dramatic dive as prices continue to skyrocket: Home prices in Austin are scorching, but summer sales have cooled off significantly. The latest monthly housing report from Austin Board of Realtors says that Central Texas home sales dipped 3.1 percent in July 2016; in Austin proper, the drop was much more dramatic.

How NCDOT’s Fortify project changes your commute – again: Interstate 40 drivers, your commute is about to change – again.