Weekly Update

Weekly Update

I can’t believe that #CityHallSelfie day is tomorrow, and that y’all are as excited about it as I am! I’ve been singing “Let Me Take a Selfie” all weekend, much to Kent’s chagrin.

The interest in taking a city hall selfie is surging and it’s pretty amazing to see the enthusiasm from across the country. We love this quote in the Texarkana Gazette about #CityHallSelfie day:

“We want to encourage citizen engagement. We want people to know where City Hall is, where to come if they have a question or want to attend a meeting, participate in the decision-making process, especially younger people who may not have been there before,” said Lisa Thompson, Texas-side public information officer. “We know it’s kind of silly, but people are taking selfies anyway.”

ELGL wants to promote pride in local government careers. And yes, selfies are silly, but being proud of your work in public service is important. #CityHallSelfie day is another way for our members to share their excitement about public service.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns you’d like ELGL to address; you can tweet at me to @kowyatt or email me directly. Thank you!


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Communicate (By the Numbers):

  • ELGL.org had 13,256 unique views on 40 blog posts.
  • The most popular post of the week? The ELGL Choice award.
  • Our Tweets from the main ELGL account had 52,800 impressions.
  • We added 39 new Facebook followers and our posts reached 5,630 people from the main ELGL Facebook page.



Final Thoughts:

  • Here’s my favorite GIF of the week:

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