In today’s Morning Buzz read about Simone Manuel making history in the pool, Simone Biles easily winning gold in individual gymnastic, and Micheal Phelps continues his march into the Olympic history books..

The Morning Buzz is brought to you by Michael Phelps and his 13th individual gold medal and 22nd gold overall.  With last night’s gold medal, Phelps pulled ahead of ancient Greece athlete Leonidas of Rhode for the most individual gold medals in Olympic history.

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Rio Olympics: Simone Manuel Makes History in the Pool  Katie Ledecky’s roommate at the Olympics is setting records now, too. Simone Manuel, who is sharing a room with Ledecky in the athletes’ village here, became the first African-American woman to win an individual event in Olympic swimming on Thursday night. She and Penny Oleksiak of Canada tied for the fastest time, an Olympic record in the women’s 100-meter freestyle: 52.70 seconds.

Simone Biles soars above the women’s gymnastics world to Olympic gold If there’s a quibble to make with Simone Biles, it’s that she competes with such joy and weightless effervescence that she does herself a disservice, in a way, by making gymnastics look so easy. You won’t catch her grimacing. She will never double over with exhaustion, tongue dangling, between routines. For Biles, flipping through the air is such fun, such a party, that no theatrics are needed other than the few flecks of glitter she lines her eyes with so they match her sparkly leotard.

Michael Phelps, still the greatest, wins 200 IM for fourth consecutive Olympics  This should be stressful, because he is no longer technically in what would rank as the best racing form of his life. That was years ago, when his body would respond on command. Throttle back, and there would be no problem. The gas was always there. How, then, did Michael Phelps end up hanging on the lane line, in an Olympic final no less, waiting for the rest of the field to finish as a 31-year-old man? He is a graybeard in swimming terms, someone who could gather people round and tell stories of how things once were.



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N.Y. police officer names K9 partner ‘Dallas V’ in honor of slain cops  The five officers slain in an ambush in downtown Dallas last month have been honored with a living reminder of loyal service.

Trump Is In Fourth Place Among Black Voters  It wasn’t that long ago that Donald Trump liked to boast about his support from black voters.

How To Prevent Your Staff From Calling In Sick When They Aren’t  Plenty of workers fib to get an extra day or two off. So ditch sick days for a different policy that can actually boost engagement.

Terrorism Only Works on Nations That Aren’t Ready for It  This is the fundamental question of the nearly 15 years since the terrorist attacks on 9/11: Is America any safer? It’s the most honest way to ask about U.S. homeland security, and what Steven Brill raises in his recent cover story for The Atlantic. It isn’t “are we safe”—a standard that is unobtainable in a nation like the U.S. where the freedoms and flow of people, goods, and ideas are both a blessing and a vulnerability—but whether the country’s progress has outweighed its failures over this decade and a half.

Big alcohol is working to undermine marijuana legalization, Wikileaks confirms  A deeper look into Wikileaks’ dump of Democratic National Committee emails may prove an agenda against both Bernie Sanders and marijuana legalization.

Portable toilet discovered full of pot in Rogue River park  Rogue River police say a man walking through a park discovered a portable toilet filled with marijuana plants.

Wisconsin supper club comes to Lambeau Field  The Travel Wisconsin Supper Club concession stand, unveiled Friday on the ground-level concourse, is modeled after one opened in the Kohl Center in Madison.

Transition manager Steven Rhodes to extend DPS pact  Rhodes: He’ll stay until after residents elect a new school board – the “single most critical issue” the district faces.

Detroit group says water shutoffs add to foreclosures  The group said the policy of shutting off water to those who don’t pay water bills is driving residents from their homes.

Will Donald Trump Hand State Capitols to Democrats?  Donald Trump’s recent plunge in the polls has tempted Democrats to widen their dreams for a big night in November.

Why Planners and Other Built Environment Professionals Should Pay Attention to Pokémon Go  Pokémon Go represents the coming of age of a powerful new technology: augmented reality. PIA Young Planner Nick Kamols applies a planner’s perspective to what today’s anime-based craze might tell us about what’s coming tomorrow.

We’re At Peak Multigenerational  In 2014, more young people were living with their parents than with a romantic partner. And a lot of these millennials’ parents were cohabiting with their own parents.

Tomato-squeezing is ruining farmers markets for everyone  If you must handle them to pick the very best, be gentle, please.

Borderland Trump Supporters Welcome A Wall In Their Own Backyard  Along the U.S.-Mexico border, most people favor Hillary Clinton for president and oppose building a wall. But a small group of Trump supporters demostrates zeal.


Local Government Confidential

Letter demands City Council member resign, threatens daughter  A disturbing letter was sent to a Destin City Council member that threatened her 10-year-old daughter.

Fayetteville City Council receives mixed reaction on proposed baseball stadium  The Fayetteville City Council received a mixed public reaction Thursday night on a proposal to build a minor league baseball stadium downtown.

City Council to Vote on LGBT Protection Ordinance in Wilkes-Barre  Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people living and working in Wilkes-Barre may no longer have to fear discrimination. City council is expected to vote Thursday night on an ordinance that would protect their civil rights.