I Love BBQ: Amber Snowden, ICMA

Kansas City

ELGL is co-hosting the hottest social event at #ICMA16 in Kansas City, MO – the Sunday evening BBQ Mix & Mingle. No one likes to attend an event when they don’t know anyone else attending, so ELGL is publishing daily “I Love BBQ” profiles of our registered attendees to give you a sneak peek and preview of your fellow local government BBQ aficionados. Learn more about the creative and innovative local government leaders you’ll meet at this ICMA mixer:


Amber Snowden

ICMA public policy coordinator



When I think of Kansas City, I think about… Jazz

The biggest issue facing local government is… Emerging leaders

My pro tip for getting the most out of professional conferences… Network!

If I had to create a presidential ticket with my top two mentors, I’d select… Bob O’Neill and Beth Kellar

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