July 31, 2016

We tie-dyed an #ELGL15 shirt at summer camp last week - it's even groovier now than it was last year!

We tie-dyed an #ELGL15 shirt at summer camp last week – it’s even groovier now than it was last year!

I have some big news to share. Huge! Yuuuuuuuge!

If you’ve been following along with these weekly updates, you may have noticed that ELGL is growing quickly. We’re adding an average of 20 new members every week. And our members are incredible, engaged and ready to take advantage of all of the connection, communication and education opportunities that ELGL offers.

Because of this unprecedented growth in the organization, effective August 1, we’ve decided to decrease the annual dues from $30 to $25.

Yep, you read that right. We’re passing along the bounty of our growth in the form of lower dues to our members. Student membership will remain at $0, and organizational membership will increase (slightly) from $230 to $250 for entire organizations to join ELGL.

Why are we doing this? First and foremost, it’s aligned with our strategic vision for ELGL, which states that we’re going to make ELGL resources and opportunities available to anyone with a passion for public service. We do not want cost to be a barrier to engagement with ELGL – and this relates to everything we do, from annual dues, to conference costs.

We also want ELGL members to recognize that the decisions we make for this organization are driven solely by our membership’s best interests. ELGL isn’t a moneymaking venture and our business plan is focused on content, education opportunities, and authentic relationships.

Lastly, another major reason why we’re able to lower the dues for individual members is because we continue to build and grow our relationships with organization sponsors like GovHRUSA and ICMA (and more) who subsidize our major events and activities. We’ve been able to build out these meaningful relationships because of our individual members, who attest to the value and benefit that ELGL provides to them. I am grateful for this and it wouldn’t be possible without all of you.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns you’d like ELGL to address; you can tweet at me to @kowyatt or email me directly. Thank you!


Communicate (ELGL.org Content):

Communicate (By the Numbers):

  • ELGL.org had 8,000 page views on 23 blog posts.
  • The most popular post of the week? #CityHallSelfie Day announcement.
  • Our Tweets from the main ELGL account had 52,000 impressions.
  • We added 16 new Facebook followers and our posts reached 2,900 people from the main ELGL Facebook page.



Final Thoughts:

  • I’d love to know your thoughts about our dues decrease – tweet at @ELGL50 and use the hashtag #ELGLDues to tell me what you think.
  • Here’s my favorite GIF of the week:

glass ceiling

Questions? Comments? Drop me a note and let me know how ELGL can best serve you!