I don’t play Pokemon Go, however there seems to be some pretty convincing evidence that the virtual reality critters may be able to be seen by our own critters. I’ll let you decide.

Right Now With Emily Morrison (LinkedIn, Twitter)

What I’m Doing – Spending too much time out at our county fair.

What I’m Listening To – Kaleo

What I Want to Know From You – What’s your take on Pokemon Go?


We’re Buzzin’

What Instagram Reveals About Inequality in New York City. The researchers behind “Inequaligram” mined more than 7 million photos to distill how social media reflects inequalities in the city.

Google Maps Adds New ‘Areas of Interest’ Overlay. A new Google Maps redesign hopes to help make it easier to explore your surroundings. As with everything based on a mobile phone, the potential exists that it might also help ignore your surroundings.




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Mayor Rahm cuts school budget while the city’s TIFs are flush with money