NASA says it has received a signal from 540 million miles across the solar system, confirming its Juno spacecraft has successfully started orbiting Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. “Welcome to Jupiter!” flashed on screens at mission control at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California. Today’s #MorningBuzz is dedicated to that gassy giant in the sky we call Jupiter.


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FBI Recommends No Charges For Hillary Clinton In Email Server Case: FBI Director James Comey said the agency did not find clear evidence that Clinton intended to violate the law, but that she and her staff were “extremely careless” in handling sensitive information.

Juno begins rendezvous with Jupiter after five years and 1.7 billion miles: Ducking through intense belts of violent radiation as it skimmed over the clouds of Jupiter at 130,000 mph, NASA’s Juno spacecraft finally clinched its spot on Monday in the orbit of the solar system’s largest planet. It took five years for Juno to travel this far on its $1.1 billion mission, and the moment was one that NASA scientists and space enthusiasts had eagerly — and anxiously — anticipated.

Tainted water prompts Capitol officials to offer blood tests: Lead-contaminated water in the drinking fountains at a U.S. Capitol office building has prompted officials to offer blood testing to lawmakers and staff, according to information provided to congressional offices. In a notice Tuesday, Stephen Ayers, the Architect of the Capitol, said the testing will be available on Wednesday at no cost to the individual or the congressional office.





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