Today’s Buzz takes a look at the Soviet Union in World War II.  Many do not realize this, but in World War II the USSR lost 11m soldiers and ~7-20m civilians.  In contrast, the United States lost a little over 400,000 soldiers and almost no civilian lives.   The Soviet Union saw 800,000 women serve during the war. 200,000 were decorated and 89 were awarded the highest award possible, Hero of the Soviet Union.  They served as snipers, gunners, tank crew members, and pilots.

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Texas city council rules that a town’s library is no place for puss and books: Nevermind that Browser has effectively dealt with the library’s rodent problem, the White Settlement city leaders say he’s got 30 days to find a new home.

Facebook to Change News Feed to Focus on Friends and Family: News content posted by publishers will show up less prominently, resulting in less traffic to companies that have come to rely on Facebook audiences.

Wakanda And The Black Aesthetic: Black Panther #3 drops today and I thought I’d say something about the poetry that both opens and closes the book. The poem we used is Henry  Dumas’ “Rootsong.”  I first encountered this piece during one of my many study sessions with the poet Joel Dias-Porter. This would have been somewhere around 1995 or 1996. Joel is a tremendous poet in his own right, but at that point (and perhaps even today) he was mentoring a whole crop of young writers—Terrence Hayes, Yona Harvey, Jelani Cobb—who happened to be in the DC area. Terms like “study session” and “mentor” make all of this sound more formal than it was. Usually it was a crew of us at a restaurant or a cafe discussing anything from sports to politics to poetry. At one of these sessions, Joel whipped out a collection of Dumas’ work and turned to the poem “Rootsong.”


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June 30 – New (Fiscal) Year’s Eve Party at Lucky Lab Beer Hall, Portland OR

July 12 to 15 – OCCMA Summer Conference at Mt. Bachelor Village Resort, Bend

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A Romanian Newspaper Offers to ‘Adopt’ Post-Brexit Brits: If you’re not loving Brexit Britain, why not move to Romania? This is the somewhat tongue-in-cheek suggestion made by the Bucharest-based daily newspaper Gândul. Aware that 48 percent of British voters actually voted to stay in the E.U. last Thursday, the paper has set up a tongue-in-cheek website called “Romanians for Remainians.” It encourages anti-Brexit Britons to sign up to be “adopted” by a volunteer Romanian family. Once accepted into the collective Romanian bosom, applicants get a “passport” to print off, complete with a new Romanianized name.

Nightmare at the Istanbul Airport: At least 41 people are confirmed killed and 230 injured following a combined gun and bomb attack on Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport Tuesday night, Europe’s third busiest. A Turkish media blackout on reporting of the attack has made it difficult to confirm full details as yet, but this is what we know so far.

The Escape Tunnel Discovered Beneath a Nazi Death Camp: A group of researchers have discovered a tunnel dug by Jewish prisoners to escape a concentration camp in the forests of Lithuania during the Holocaust.

Study: A third of Iowans don’t earn enough to pay for basic living: In Iowa, a family of four needs to earn $46,680 per year just to survive, according to results of a new study.

Michigan fireworks, burning ban being considered by state fire marshal: Michigan has had an extremely dry month of June.

Let the gun bill veto override campaign begin: Gov. Jay Nixon likely to use surrogates to spread the word about safety while GOP and NRA focus on allowing people to defend themselves

Gov. Nixon signs new restrictions on TIF incentives for developers: Cities could issue the tax breaks only for demolition and land clearance if TIF for the project is opposed by regional commissions.

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Missing records, improper fees: Audit says Pine Lawn probably owes state $400,000: The Pine Lawn Municipal Court assessed improper fees, had missing and incomplete records and likely owes the state more than $400,000 for drawing too much of its general revenue from traffic fines, according a report Tuesday from Missouri Auditor.

St. Louis County Elections Board move from Maplewood sparks questions about proposed lease: Property manager asks why county didn’t advertise for other office spaces.

Senate committee passes plan for Delta Queen to again steam on the Mississippi: Federal exemption on ship requirements would be restored.

4th of July Parades, Fireworks, and Fests!: Wondering how to celebrate our country’s Independence Day? You don’t need to go far, as there are parades, fireworks displays and community festivals in almost every town on the North Shore. Here’s a round-up of 4th of July Weekend events along the North Shore.  To see a full listing of events, please visit the Daily North Shore calendar here, and to submit an event,  click here.

TV reporters charged with child abuse after their baby tests positive for cocaine: Krystin and Somchai Lisaius brought their baby to the hospital when the child became limp and stopped eating normally last month.  Though they resisted blood tests on the child, hospital staff discovered the child had tested positive for cocaine.  The mother told police officers that she had breast-fed her baby after snorting cocaine but said she did not think the child would be hurt

Tigard to vote on authorizing Southwest Corridor project: The stage is set for a local election in Tigard that officials say will likely determine the fate of the Southwest Corridor transit project this November.

Chicago Kinda Sucks, If You Ask Kristin Cavallari: Living here has taken her “completely out of the limelight,” she said recently.