Today’s Buzz features the economics of our crumbling infrastructure, the history of Detroit’s street grid, and a documentary covering 20+ years of Chicago’s Cabrini Green housing projects. With the USA’s 2-1 defeat of Ecuador, the team moves on to the semifinal this Tuesday – last time we reached the semifinal was 1995. Go USA!

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A Requiem for Chicago’s Cabrini Green Housing Projects: “70 Acres in Chicago” chronicles what happened when the city tore down the Cabrini Green projects to replace them with mixed-income housing.

A Generation of Bad Blood: New research suggests a strong link between the public revelation of the Tuskegee Study and poor health outcomes for black men.

Tiny SuperPAC Trolls Donald Trump About His ‘Tiny Hands’: The latest superPAC attack ad against Donald Trump checks all of the boxes when it comes to campaign tropes. There’s stock footage, an ominous soundtrack, “real” Americans.

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Oregon Tech quietly offers free tuition to Umpqua shooting survivors: In the months following the state’s deadliest mass shooting in modern times, Oregon Institute of Technology President Chris Maples quietly set up a new scholarship program.

The Economics of Our Crumbling Infrastructure: What is the truth we find in The Onion‘s very funny post “‘There Is Beauty In Decay,’ Says Head Of Federal Highway Administration While Surveying Nation’s Crumbling Roads“? The fact is this: The world around you will make no sense if you do not understand or recognize the fundamental economic changes that have occurred over the past 40 years. Many speak about maintaining our infrastructure with little idea of the kind of post-War economy that built is no longer in existence.

San Antonio hits the sweetest spot when it comes to homeownership across the country: What can you find at the intersection between job growth and the point when a buyer breaks even on a home purchase? It’s what Zillow calls the homeowner’s sweet spot, and according to the Seattle-based research firm, San Antonio’s residential market lands squarely in the middle of it, ranked No. 1.

How Detroit Got Its Street Grid: A 1965 educational film explains.

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The Secret Economic And Career Benefits Of Taking Vacation: Taking vacation isn’t just a stress buster. Using paid time off boosts the economy as well.

How to Build Inclusive Cities: “Economic growth is easy, but inclusion is harder.” How do we build cities in which everyone—regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, age, or ability—can live and thrive?

Semi-Automatic Weapons Without A Background Check Can Be Just A Click Away: “With recent events and political environment, these weapons will be harder to get a hold of.” “This is what your AR-15 dreams it could be when it grows up.” “I can meet … near the FL Mall in Orlando or any other time.” “Cash is king.” These classified advertisements for semi-automatic weapons were listed this week on Armslist, a website where anyone can advertise a firearm they’d like to sell, and anyone can contact a seller with an offer to buy.

Russian track and field athletes banned from Rio Olympics by IAAF: Russia’s track and field athletes will not be able to compete in the Rio Olympics, the International Association of Athletics Federations announced Friday, but individual athletes do have a way forward to compete as a neutral athlete.

A Million-Mom Army And A Billionaire Take On The NRA: Yesterday on Capitol Hill, Tina Meins and other survivors of gun violence joined Democratic senators to push for tougher gun control laws. In the San Bernardino mass killing last year, Meins’ father and 13 of his co-workers were shot to death.