ELGL and SGR Launch the Cookingham Connection

Capping off an MPA Program

Job Postings – City of Lake Oswego, OR

05.21.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Metal Detector Guy Remix)

Twittersation: #GreatDebate Assistant City Manager vs. City Manager with Julie Underwood

Transaction Wire

Washington County Considers Shift to Administrator Model

High Five

  1. Smoker’s Shelters: A Hot New Design Frontier? A shelter designed specifically for smokers at Corinthian Gardens in Des Moines, IA has people talking. A refuge for smokers may be coming to a City near you. It almost makes smoking col again… almost.
  2. Five Cities, Five Solutions. Boston and New York are not the only cities innovating creating solutions to difficult problems. Park City, UT; Charlotte, NC; Philadelphia, PA; Phoenix, AZ; and Madison, WI are taking it upon themselves to be the new laboratories of democracy.
  3. SolarCity Snaps up Another Partner.  SolarCity envisions solar panels on every roof. This week they got one step closer to that vision, partnering with Capital One. To date the firm has financed over $4 billion in solar power systems. Billion. With a B.
  4. Three Problems Talking Can’t Solve. Beware these three pitfalls when managing other people and building relationships.
  5. 26 Schools Could Close in Detroit. In the face of mounting debt, Detroit Public Schools may be forced to close 26 schools starting the next school year.

50 Nifty

Dunkirk City Council approves “Complete Streets” plan. In an effort to boost safety for pedestrians while maintaining traffic flows and accessibility Dunkirk, NY has adopted an official Complete Streets policy.

Government Workers Owed $3.3 Billion in Delinquent Taxes in 2013. Oops.

Janey Says Muni Sales Will Drop Every Year Through 2017.

Portlandia and Cascadia

Oregon IT Manager Quits Following Obamacare Debacle

 Portland Water Boil Alert: What You Need to Know

Transportation week in Oregon

Outside Software Blamed for Oregon Secretary of State Breach


Pure Midwest

Detroit, Chicago Stop Covering Retired Workers’ Health Care

Illinois Law would allow Chicago to Make Its Own Marijuana Rules

 City to Crack Down on Teens’ Parkour Activities

Water Mains Breaking in Milwaukee

South by Southwest

Seaweed Back in Galveston for Holiday Weekend

Food Truck Park Gains Following with Diverse Array of Cuisine

New Home Raises Concerns in Austin

Austin City Council Casts Symbolic Vote Against New Toll Road


Bill Targets some Fat NC Pensions for Highly-Paid State, Local Employees

Natural Gas Leak Leads to Evacuations in Raleigh

Tax Increases would repave Streets in North Raleigh

Contracting Official’s New Jobs Raises Questions

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