We Be Buzzin’

VgP7E26981The ELGL Morning Buzz is going to be swarmed by guest bloggers over the Memorial Day weekend! While ELGL is participating in the #3CMABend conference, our ELGL team from across the nation will be sharing with you the latest and greatest local government news and management tips. Here’s the roster of your Guest Buzzers:

  • Thursday – Rafael Baptista – SE ELGL
  • Friday – Ben McCready – Midwest ELGL
  • Saturday – John McCarter – SW ELGL
  • Sunday – Timothy Clark – SW ELGL
  • Monday – Megan Messmer – NW ELGL

Take a moment to read the Buzz each day and then thank you guest Buzzers on Twitter for their hard work!  The Morning Buzz is a service that our members appreciate because it fills them in on the latest news and information about local governments and community building.

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