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Local Government Confidential: Sitting at the Little Kids Table

The ELGL Strategic Plan: From Strategery to Tenawesome

05.13.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Unanswered Questions Remix)

The State of Employee Performance Evaluations

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Conference Speakers

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Manhattan Beach taps Silicon Valley administrator as new city manager

North Carolina executive tapped to be Fort Worth’s next city manager

Cherie Murphy retires from Elgin city manager’s staff

Scappoose council picks new interim city manager

 Marble Falls whittles down list for city manager position

Ellensburg search for city manager over

Texas Mayor Is Said to Be HUD Pick in Cabinet Reshuffling

Amid Tumult, N.A.A.C.P. Elects 18th Leader

Political Reporter Harry Esteve Leaving The Oregonian

High 5


Santander: The Smartest Smart City – The Spanish city is embedded with more than 12,000 sensors to help the government operate as efficiently as possible. It’s changing the way Europe thinks about cities.

Deep Ties, Tested on Mexico’s Border – Laredo, Tex., along the Mexican border, where Interstate 35 begins its path, faces extreme challenges to meld two cultures, an evolution occurring nationwide.

Mix of older, smaller buildings boost communities’ vibrancy, historic preservation study says – While small, older buildings might not make for an impressive skyline, they may be better for cities than massive, gleaming office towers, according to a study released Thursday.

Partially Banning Cars for a Day in Paris Actually Worked – Road traffic dropped by 18 percent, and PM-10 pollution dropped by 6 percent.

Johnson’s domestic vision continues to define politics, power in the U.S. – His legacy is woven into the fabric of America, but the backlash against it has been just as enduring as its successes.

50 Nifty

WaltBayes_IdahoGovDebatesLynwood city manager marks 100 days on the job – In her first 100 days on the job, new City Manager Sarah Magana-Withers — the first Latina ever to serve as city manager here — is celebrating more than what the calendar reads.

11 Simple Ways to Speed Up Your City’s Buses – All across America, city buses are waiting. Waiting at stoplights, waiting behind long lines of cars, waiting to pull back into traffic, waiting at stops for growing crowds of passengers.

Arizona’s All-Points Bulletin: Who Can Take in a Chihuahua? The popular breed is overpopulating areas where spaying and neutering are not embraced, and groups are getting creative to find homes for the dogs.

The people of Miami know about climate change. We’re living it – Politicians who refuse to acknowledge global warming should visit Florida where climate change is all too real.


Quixotic ’80 Campaign Launched Kochs’ Network – David H. Koch, a 40-year-old bachelor living in a rent-stabilized apartment in New York City, and his brother Charles helped mount an assault on the political establishment.

Billionaire Democrat Sets Eye on Senate Races – Tom Steyer, whom Republicans have depicted as a one-man special interest group, plans to raise $100 million to run campaigns on climate issues and efforts to block the Keystone XL pipeline.



Hall Monitor – Politics complicate the mayor’s budget as much as math.

Local, state governments lead way on global warming: Guest opinion – This month, the White House released a report on climate change that national news outlets framed as a wake-up call to the nation on a long-brewing problem.

Portland Street Fee Would Create Big Bills for Other Local Governments – Mayor Charlie Hales says city won’t collect fee until July 2015


Seattle Tunnel Project Isn’t Boring – For a multibillion-dollar public-works project called the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement, this city brought in a digging machine touted as the largest deployed anywhere: a 7,000-ton behemoth nicknamed “Bertha.” The problem is the project stalled out shortly after starting.

Sick leave proposal getting the business – Some business owners think Eugene’s council put the cart before the horse

Raymond becomes port for pot entrepreneurs – Inside his warehouse at the Port of Willapa Harbor, Richard Montoure unzips one of the grow tents, exposing the “mother plants” that he produces for cloning. Montoure is one of the growers getting set up to produce pot at the Port in Raymond, Pacific County.

Pride Before the Fall – Oregon’s gay rights campaign just quietly scored a major win.

Sentence Structure – Nearly a year in, Oregon’s prison reform has produced some unexpected results.

Pure Midwest


Royal Oak needs new millage to upgrade crumbling roads, city manager says – That’s the gist of the message City Manager Don Johnson presented to City Commissioners in a recent budget meeting.

Reimagining Detroit: Fixing our roads means more than patching potholes – There’s a photo that I often show in my talks that I call “Rush Hour Detroit.” It shows an empty stretch of East Jefferson Avenue near Belle Isle, shot about 8 a.m. on a Wednesday morning. I took it by standing in the middle of the street.

Editorial: Illiana Expressway would be state’s top road fund priority – Gov. Pat Quinn wants lawmakers to make the Illiana Expressway the state’s top priority for road funding. Illinois doesn’t need this road.

South by Southwest


An Uber important vote: City Council OKs ridesharing pilot program – Austin’s City Council approved a resolution on Thursday, May 15 directing City Manager Marc Ott and team to examine, among many things, the possibility of bringing ridesharing services into Austin.

Contractors Have A Tough Time Finding Experienced Workers – States like Texas are enjoying a boom in commercial construction. But that’s underscoring a new problem: builders are having a tough time finding enough skilled workers to fill jobs.

King: Keeping roads clear can ease traffic congestion – After I read the depressing statistics from Texas A&M University’s Transportation Institute that traffic congestion in Houston had more than doubled since the early 1980s, I decided to call and see if they had any ideas

Dallas Farmers Market lands its first restaurant tenant – The Dallas Farmers Market has landed its first restaurant tenant as part of its $64 million redevelopment of the landmark 74-year-old market.



North Carolina Governor Tested by Own G.O.P. as Legislators Return – Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina, often brushed aside in his first year by conservative lawmakers, will try to exert more influence this season.

In North Carolina, a 20-fold increase in fines for seed piracy – The increase in fines reflects the rise of agricultural research as intellectual property, and highlights the growing importance of royalties as a way to pay for innovations that guarantee a stable food supply.

In Va.’s 10th district, a GOP blueprint to reconcile the base with moderates – Republican Barbara Comstock tries to win over the swing voters who have been flocking to Democrats.

Human Resources


Dealing with Career Curveballs: The Career Coach – Find yourself in an untenable work situation? Reach out to a trusted mentor who can help.

Should Paid ‘Menstrual Leave’ Be a Thing? For most American women beyond the age of high school gym class, “I’ve got my period” isn’t considered much of an excuse for anything. We’re meant to pop an Advil and get on with things, Red Devil be damned.

Study Your Team Now to Make the Best Hire Later – The hiring process will always have too much guesswork if it is all about the candidate.

The Social Network

Target’s Jeff Jones’ LinkedIn message: Cowboy move or brilliant… What I thought was most interesting about this whole scenario was this: Jones posted this all on his own.

The Key to Success on Twitter: Don’t Talk About Just You – Before you create a Twitter account for your company, there’s something you need to know: you must follow join the conversations.

The Secret to Hiring a Savvy Social-Media Manager – Learn how to avoid the hype and get serious about hiring the right person to manage your social media.

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