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Marijuana Trade Offered Credit Relief in Colorado – Colorado has finalized plans to create the nation’s first financial cooperatives for the marijuana trade, even though few expect the necessary approval from the Federal Reserve.

A government rip-off? Freddie, Fannie investors may be left with nothing. Even as the companies are cranking out billions in profits, some investors may not see any rewards.

Which Cities Have the Biggest Police Presence? Police staffing levels vary greatly across U.S. cities, averaging about 17 officers per 10,000 residents. View and compare employment data for each jurisdiction.

The World’s Unlikely Leader in Plastic Bag Bans – While still recovering from genocide, Rwanda implemented a national ban on plastic bags — a feat that only one U.S. state has accomplished.

Sprawled Out in Atlanta – What happens when poverty spreads to a place that wasn’t built for poor people?

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In California, Spigots Start Draining Pockets – To encourage conservation, districts have been rationing water and imposing fines that will quickly double, triple or quadruple typical water bills. But doing so may violate state law.

Clippers’ Potential Sale Kicks Up Relocation Debate – In the aftermath of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racially derogatory comments, some are urging the team to move 30 miles south to Orange County.

This City is Heading Down Detroit’s Path – North Las Vegas could be the next city to risk bankruptcy if its current trends continue, a new report warns.

De Blasio Budget Projects Raises for City Workers – Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed a nearly $74 billion budget that predicts a 10% raise for New York City employees over seven years and provides retroactive pay increases to tens of thousands of workers, blowing wider than expected holes in future budgets.



GOP woos Mike Pence for a 2016 run, and Ind. governor says he’s ‘listening’ – Pence could wait four or eight more years, but a wide open potential field might prompt him to enter the fray.

The N.C. Senate race is the most important in 2014. Here’s why.  No election this year so neatly captures all the conflicting currents as the Hagan-Tillis race.

Center Ring at the Republican Circus – House Republicans don’t have time to pass a serious jobs bill or reform immigration, but they are happy to go all-out in whipping up their party’s base.



Road Work Ahead – Transportation funding might be Portland’s next big debate. Here are the basics.

Declaration of Independence – When the cops flubbed a retaliation probe, the Independent Police Review stepped in.

Sparks fly as Multnomah County Board approves Sheriff Dan Staton’s overtime hours, begrudgingly – The mood grew tense at Thursday’s Multnomah County Board meeting when a commissioner showed visible frustration at Sheriff Dan Staton’s lack of progress reducing his reliance on overtime.



New poll shows voter discontent with Gov. John Kitzhaber, Cover Oregon – According to the statewide survey, nearly half say the Democratic governor should not be re-elected, but he has a double-digit lead over his likely Republican opponent Rep. Dennis Richardson.

City’s budget looks bright – Independence plans to add back staff positions in 2014-15

The key to strong regional transit: Uncircle the wagons, Seattle! – Guest Opinion: Seattle’s isolationist response to Prop 1’s defeat won’t get us anywhere.

Longview: New water supply ‘continuing to stabilize’ – The good news came from city engineer Amy Blain, who presented an update to the city’s water supply, saying “the system is continuing to stabilize” in terms of metal content.

The Terror Camp That Wasn’t – Were these 160 acres of Oregon farmland a jihadist training ground, or an elaborate scam?

Pure Midwest

Regionalism revives the future of Northeast Ohio and cities such as Euclid: editorial – Yet in places like Cuyahoga County, with 59 separate municipalities serving a shrinking population, a more innovative and inclusive approach to local governance is critical. Such cost-effective civic collaborations can reduce redundancies and stabilize budgets gutted by state cuts, the foreclosure crisis and job loss.

St. Charles County, St. Louis County officials call a Chesterfield move unrealistic – Nation complained that Chesterfield will get only about $6.4 million of the $14.5 million expected to be generated this year by a one-cent countywide sales tax at stores within its boundaries. The rest goes to a pool shared by the county and other municipalities.

South by Southwest

Can the Voters Cure Phoenix’s Public-Pension Sickness? A measure on the city’s November ballot may not be a perfect way to fix its retirement system, but doing nothing is not an option.

‘Friday Night Lights’ high school rocked by scandal and suicide – It’s not fiction this time as Permian High School in Texas confronts a real tragedy.

Dallas’ new bicycle coordinator eager to turn route plans into reality – The city of Dallas has been without a bicycle coordinator for almost a year following the June adios of Max Kalhammer, who came to Dallas from D.C.



NC marks 2nd anniversary of same-sex marriage ban – The second anniversary of the passage of North Carolina’s constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage was marked Thursday with same-sex couples unsuccessfully seeking licenses to wed, and amendment supporters rallying to preserve the ban.

Airport to discuss controversial cab contract with City Council on Monday – City officials have said they will consider letting more cab companies pick up passengers at the airport in the wake of the allegations, though any changes would likely take many months. Currently, three companies have the exclusive contract.

The Polaris Comes Full Circle – The Hyatt dome spins again, 22 floors above Downtown

Documents show Braves and Cobb close to final deal – The Atlanta Braves announced in November they would build and move to a new stadium in Cobb County by 2017.

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Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Names Will… Build My… – Business lessons come from all kinds of strange places. Some of the most valuable things I’ve ever learned as a business owner were taught by people who were acting badly, being overly critical and even getting personal

How To Hire A Great Project Manager  – Entrepreneurs and businesses require finding people that can be critical to their success. Unfortunately, too many seem to go about it in the wrong way, especially when hiring project mangers.

How to Overcome a Survival Mode Culture – Secure bases are environments that protect, nurture — and most importantly — provide motivation. They allow us to take intelligent risks and challenge ourselves.

For More American Moms, Kids Are a Late-30s Thing – More American women are putting off becoming moms until after their best child-bearing years, a shift that reflects both the expanded role of women in the workforce and the nation’s shrinking fertility rate, according to an analysis by the Pew Research Center.

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5 Design Tools to Create Pinnable Images – Ever wondered how to create pinnable images? You’re in luck. Check out these 5 user friendly tools that can turn anyone into an amateur designer!

Tested Tips for Creating Awesome Email Newsletters – I recently wrote an article on some of the basics for creating email newsletters, things like starting with a greeting and getting all of your formatting the same because as more and more businesses use their email databases.

Why You Should Connect with People You Don’t Know on LinkedIn – Imagine this. You’re at a networking event and a professional approaches you extending their hand to introduce themselves. You quickly turn your back on them and walk away.

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