Man Nails Awkward Napoleon Dynamite Dance Routine 100 Times in a Row It takes a lot of confidence to perform the awkward dance routine from Napoleon Dynamite.



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California’s metros take the prize for 2014’s most-polluted U.S. cities Citizens of California, take out your Kleenex and hack up some phlegm in victory! Your state has once again beat out the rest of the nation in sheer quantities of air pollution, according to new report from the American Lung Association.

California city turns to the ocean as possible source for fresh drinking water As the state again grapples with historic dryness, the city nicknamed the “American Riviera” has its eye on restarting the idled facility to hedge against current and future droughts. Officials in Santa Barbara thought they had the perfect solution the last time California withered in a severe drought more than two decades ago: Tap the ocean to turn salty seawater to fresh water.

Why America’s Essentials Are Getting More Expensive While Its Toys Are Getting Cheap In the last ten years, what’s gotten more expensive? And what’s gotten less expensive? Here’s a fascinating snapshot of the last decade in American prices… It comes from Annie Lowrey’s look at U.S. poverty, which is appropriate, because you occasionally hear conservatives say that poor people aren’t really poor because, you know, they have refrigerators and TVs, don’t they?

How to Make a Map Go Viral Where do we live—or, rather, where do we not live? In the map above, you can see all the Census districts of the United States for which the government records no residents. According to researchers, at least, no one lives in the green parts of the map. I like this map. When so many maps turn out to be glorified population profiles, it shows an inverse.

The Latest Pennsylvania Town That Can’t Pay Its Bills Shamokin, Pennsylvania, wants to enter a join financial oversight system which many enter but few leave. Known as “Act 47,” the “Financially Distressed Municipalities Act” gives Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development help cities and towns restructure their debt and control their ability to receive government funding.


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New city manager focusing on one-year plan

City manager worth study

New Eureka city manager on the job: Greg Sparks brings decades of experience

Two hats: New Bern’s public works director fills in as city manager

Former D’Iberville City Manager Michael Janus seeks delay in sentencing in corruption case 


West Coast ELGL

Damascus de-annexations will proceed at midnight after Marion County judge declines to stop them Damascus city attorneys argued that the de-annexations will create unstable voter rolls as the May primary election nears, screw up the property tax base for budgeting season and make a mess when the city argues that the state law allowing the de-annexations goes to court.

Klamath water-sharing deal gets startup funding A landmark water-sharing agreement between the Klamath Tribes and cattle ranchers is getting startup money as continuing drought promises more irrigation restrictions this summer.

Shortage of lots in the suburbs drives builders to infill in the city As the region has emerged from recession, Portland and even some of its suburbs are seeing a rush of individual homes in single lots being torn down and replaced, usually by bigger or more expensive houses. Until recently, redeveloping houses in the urban core was a business of last resort for big builders.

A rap video on use of commas — really?; fireside dining at a restaurant on fire: Clackamas County Roundup (links) A dozen North Clackamas teachers have pledged to arm wrestle for the strongest arm and philanthropy. The North Clackamas Education Foundation’s All-Women’s Teachers Arm Wrestling event takes place Friday at the Warrior Room, 1928 S.E. Washington St., in Milwaukie from 5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.

Damascus residents, councilors split on future of city at de-annexation hearing Frustration and despair came through in almost every speech at Thursday night’s de-annexation hearing. Many people, though, still are ambivalent about how to make residents happy and how to balance the desire to find unity again.

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue says Measure 34-211 could help increase staff, decrease response times Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue is asking voters to replace a local option levy to help fund the agency’s operating budget and meet growing service demands in Washington, Clackamas and parts of Multnomah counties past 2014.

Milwaukie residents to consider general obligation bond to help city refinance light rail debt The city is proposing a measure that will let it issue $4 million in general obligation bonds to refinance the city’s debts from light-rail construction.


Midwest ELGL

With Lyft, Uber and Zipcar, The Motor City Has New Alternatives To Car Ownership A growing number of alternatives to traditional car ownership are popping up on cell phones throughout the Motor City, writes Michael Martinez in the Detroit News.

City Council to interview three finalists The McCook City Council has narrowed their search for a new city manager down to the final three, including one local man. City Attorney Nate Schneider will join Douglas Schultz of Curtis, Nebraska, and Malcolm Tilberg of Pierre, South Dakota, for public interviews coordinated by City Council Monday evening.

Wausau could hire professional administrator Some Wausau City Council members are reviving an on-again, off-again discussion about whether the city should hire a city administrator, and the idea is gaining more traction than ever before.

Maplewood city manager to retire The city manager in Maplewood is retiring.Chuck Ahl, 59, gave notice of his decision April 25 and plans to step down from his post at the end of May after a 30-year career in city government, according to Karen Guilfoile, director of citizen services and communications for Maplewood.


Southeast ELGL

Raleigh assistant city manager Dan Howe to retire After nearly 30 years working for Raleigh, assistant city manager Dan Howe announced his retirement Friday amid efforts to reorganize city administration.

North Raleigh neighbors blast Publix developers Developers of a controversial North Raleigh grocery store faced off with more than 100 neighbors in a heated two-hour meeting.

Wake County schools to discuss policy on zeros An advocacy group for minority students is urging the Wake County school system to ban teachers from giving zeros while school leaders say that doing so would reward kids.


Southwest ELGL

Eloy hires Krauss as its full-time city manager Harvey Krauss was hired as city manager last week and his employment contract approved Monday.

Irving city manager search shifts to three men, including two Surprise candidates After restarting their failed search for a city manager, Irving City Council members settled on three new finalists for the job.


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