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Shot through the heart


15 Reasons Every Single American Should Be Rooting For The Portland Trail Blazers



It’s Not a Mall World After All by Graham Sheridan

04.30.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Resume Fail Remix)

ELGL Connects Launches “Who’s Who in Local Government”


The Nature of the Job Search by Russell Bither-Terry

Transaction Wire


Irving city manager search shifts to three men, including two Surprise candidates

City manager hits one-year mark in Miami Beach


The United Cities of America: What Seattle’s Minimum-Wage Deal Means – An agreement to raise the wage floor to $15 per hour heralds a new sort of national politics, where local officials network to bypass Washington.

Using Citizens As Human Sensors To Improve Public Services – An innovative SMS service allows citizens to report on whether city workers are actually doing their jobs.

Is it time for the public sector to stop talking & start innovating? Does the public sector have some catching up to do in terms of innovation when compared with the private sector? Today’s guest blog argues that true innovation is no longer given the chance to occur in taxpayer funded bodies

A Timely Call for Bike Trails – After a U.S. official called for more bicycling space, the decline of the rail industry provided an opportunity.

The Latest Pennsylvania Town That Can’t Pay Its Bills – Times are so tough in Shamokin, City Hall had its gas cut off last month.

50 Nifty


Las Vegas’ binge drinking days are over. Can it survive the hangover? The next time you stay out late in Las Vegas and inadvertently imbibe a few too many cocktails — an exceedingly unlikely scenario, I know — rest easy knowing that help is just a bus ride away. A ride on the hangover bus, that is.

The future of smart guns is targeted – With vicious backlash against a Md. store that wants to sell them, experts and legislators wonder if the guns can be sold anywhere.

The Kentucky Derby tax break – Congress is expected to renew a multimillion dollar tax break for thoroughbreds later this year.



The amazingly shrinking Sarah Palin – A second act for the former vice-presidential nominee is unlikely because her influence is eclipsed.

Sriracha sauce becomes a hot political issue with bipartisan backing – California’s latest political darling comes in a clear plastic bottle with a green top and tastes good on eggs.

Casino License Bidders Line Up Lobbyists – Those vying to acquire a casino license in New York State appear to have one thing in common: a willingness to use political, financial and public-relations muscle to win one.

Tea Party Candidate in Kentucky Hits Snags – Matt Bevin was supposed to be able to capitalize on Senator Mitch McConnell’s low approval rating and a general anti-Washington mood, but Mr. McConnell seems to be thriving.



Transit activist, urban scholar Benjamin Ross says Portland is a model for how cities should grow (Q&A) – Benjamin Ross’ new book is all about the end of suburban sprawl and the rise of smart growth, so the spot at which I reached him on his cell phone the other day seemed especially ironic: He was sitting in his car, air conditioner humming, outside a McDonald’s somewhere in California’s Central Valley.

Portland narrows home demolition notification exception – Neighbors frustrated with the number of houses being torn down without warning won a small victory this week when the Portland Bureau of Development Services instituted a change that limits when developers can avoid notifying neighbors about upcoming demolitions.

Ballot measure would take utility away from the Portland City Council – A coalition of neighborhood activists and large industrial users wants an independently elected board to govern water and sewer rates.

Damascus de-annexations will proceed after Marion County judge declines to stop them – Four property owners will no longer live in Damascus at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, after a Marion County judge declined to halt their de-annexations.

Pure Midwest


CPS issues $423M capital plan – Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s cash-strapped Chicago Public Schools on Friday unveiled a $423 million construction and renovation plan for 2015 that directs nearly half of the money toward facilities on the city’s North and Northwest sides.

East Chicago Police Offer Up Their Lobby, Parking Lot for Craigslist Transactions – Dubbed “Operation Safe Sale,” authorities in the town said the program is in response to tales of Craigslist-related assaults and robberies.

Can You Guess Which U.S. States People Most Want to Flee? – Everybody wants to get out of Illinois and Connecticut, it seems, and nobody wants to leave Montana.

South x. Southwest

Okla. residents’ reaction to botched execution: He had it coming – Many in the state say Clayton Lockett got exactly what he deserved; anything else “wouldn’t be right.”

In Texas, Obamacare Enrollment Spiked Before Deadline – Texas enrollment in the federal health insurance marketplace more than doubled in the month leading up to the deadline, according to figures released Thursday by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

San Antonio Clears a Hurdle for Google Fiber – Google imposed a May 1 deadline to hand over troves of information that will help it decide where to roll out its super-fast fiber-optic network.

East Coast


McCrory wants to sell the state’s helicopter – To save money, Gov. Pat McCrory wants to sell the state’s helicopter. The 1998 Sikorsky S-76 cost $265,000 to operate and maintain in 2013, even though it logged only 14.3 hours in flight. The governor is putting it on eBay.

Mayor: Council send ‘wrong message’ on Shockoe – The administration of Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones said the City Council sent “the wrong message” in its Thursday vote to strip funding from the city budget tied to the Shockoe Bottom stadium plan.

Do the financial projections for the new Braves stadium add up? Cobb commissioneers tout a consultant’s rosy economic forecast—and downplay costs to the county.

Human Resources


3 Reasons Industry Leaders Advise Serving on a Board – We have all faced the “prior experience required” dilemma. You want to advance your career, but you lack the required experience.

A Framework for Managing the “Let Down” – Frameworks can be nice. They provide a mechanism for taking something that “makes sense” and framing it in terms that make it easy to discuss, digest, and drive forward with.

8 Killer Opening Lines To Use At Your Next Networking Event – Do work events give you a serious case of agita? These clever one-liners can help you strike up a conversation with anyone.

What Makes a Leader? Recently I gave a seminar for the top 100 or so leaders of a global manufacturing company, at the invitation of the head of HR.

The Social Network


5 Tips to Optimize Your New Twitter Profile – Twitter is currently rolling out a profile redesignto all users, a redesign that puts an even greater emphasis on the great Twitter content that you share and one that provides some bonus opportunities to make a branding splash.Visual content will get a big boost. Top tweets will get a bump. And we’ll all be scrambling to find out what works best on this extreme makeover of our Twitter homes.

Five of the Internet’s eeriest, unsolved mysteries – A scavenger hunt leading to nowhere. Endless strings of senseless code. What does it all mean? No one knows.

Social media users loosen up with anonymous apps – Say a smartphone user wants to post something about an embarrassing moment. Apps like Secret let him speak freely with no fear of backlash.


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