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Communication Breakdown: Quotas and Clicks – The Impact on Local Government

The Nature of the Job Search by Russell Bither-Terry

Triple Aim: Washington has one of the best Obamacare exchanges

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Trending Remix)

Scratchin’ a Public Service Itch



Doral City Manager Joe Carollo says he’ll be fired on Monday

Barron to become Lewisville’s first female manager

St. Pete Beach roils over firing of manager

Meet your city manager finalists

Marathon council appears to be leaning toward keeping Puto as city manager

Ed McNamara, Mayor Charlie Hales’ Urban Renewal Advisor, is Leaving City Hall

High 5

1. How a Gulf Settlement That BP Once Hailed Became Its Target – In ads, interviews and court filings, BP officials have insisted that their good intentions in settling the 2010 Gulf of Mexico spill were being hijacked by greedy lawyers and underhanded claimants.

2. In Poorest States, Political Stigma Is Depressing Participation in Health Law – Officials say the health care law has been stigmatized for many it could help, especially in states that are medically underserved but hostile to President Obama.

3. If a Bubble Bursts in Palo Alto, Does It Make a Sound? Silicon Valley’s isolation from the rest of the economy guarantees it can’t hurt us (or help us) much.

4. The big slide of ‘Meet The Press’ — and questions for David Gregory – With the marquee Sunday political talk show’s ratings falling, the network last year commissioned a psychological consultant to assess the show’s host.

5. The fast fall of a Washington career – As head of the GSA, Martha Johnson was in charge of 13,000 employees. But then scandal broke.

50 Nifty


Wyoming town ‘cowboys up’ to deal with landslide threat – A slow-moving slide in Jackson is just the latest from Mother Nature, and residents say that’s the trade-off for living near rugged wilderness.

In California, a Fevered Rush for Gun Permits – The flood shows the frustration of California gun owners and the complicated politics of weapon regulation in a state with a large catalog of gun control legislation.

Twenty years of downtown D.C. development in one GIF – The latest State of Downtown report is out today from the Downtown D.C. Business Improvement District, and the state of downtown is — as has been the case for some years now — pretty darn good.

‘Post-college towns’ brim with youth, jobs – Growing up in this starchy historic city in the 1990s, Jessica Duggan remembers field trips with her mother to the historic Battery neighborhood, watching tourists “doing the horse thing and the market thing.” She dreamed of staying here as an adult, but had to admit: Her hometown was hopelessly uncool.

Highways to hell – Dirty deeds done dirt cheap ONLY the drunk, they say, drive in a straight line in Chicago.


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Governor With Eye on 2016 Finds His Rise Under Scrutiny – Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a potential Republican contender for president, has steadily gained prominence assisted by his knack for recognizing and seizing political opportunities.

The Real House Candidates of Beverly Hills – Inside the race to represent California’s absurdly wealthy — and sometimes just absurd — 33rd District.

Tea party PACs are spending big, but not on races – Some of the groups spend lavishly on large salaries and consulting fees, but they are putting only a fraction of their cash into candidates they’ve endorsed.

A ‘transparent’ law that serves only to hide the true cost of your flight – A proposal that looks likely to pass would allow airlines to quote you a deceptively low airfare.

Is the tale in the book titles? Clinton’s “Hard Choices” and Warren’s “A Fighting Chance” reflect differing worldviews.

Pols, NBA players hit racist remarks – The L.A. Clippers owner reportedly tells his girlfriend not to bring black people to games.



An Act of God… or Racism? The lost city of Vanport: How a flood and racism changed Portland.

“It’s Not Rocket Science” – Maybe Portland should ban its cops from handcuffing children?

Damascus market chastises mayor for using logo – First, Leslie Shalduha made a general announcement that the market was being moved to St. Paul Lutheran Church. Later in the meeting, Catherine Veraghen read aloud a letter to the council chastising it for unauthorized use of the market’s logo to promote the mayor’s comprehensive development plan.

Portland should fix parking mess city created: Guest opinion – The apartment/condo developments on inner Southeast Division are about to be finished. The city of Portland allowed developers to build these large units without providing parking for the renters and owners of these new habitats.



Washington State Government Cashes In on Ad Space – The state Department of Transportation’s Website Advertising Pilot Project has evolved from manually posted images to a sophisticated system that allows government agencies to target various factors, generate more revenue and adapt to more modern civic strategies.

Neighborhoods: How Seattle can turn a confusing moment into a better future – With most of the City Council elected by district, the role of neighborhoods is changing. But the changes can be good.

Landslide data goes online – Updated information on slide locations across Oregon is posted by the state geology and mineral department

GOP hopeful may have easy race – State Rep. Dennis Richardson will run for governor in the primary against five newcomers

Pure Midwest

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Here are 4 interesting thoughts on regionalism from the Gund Foundation’s David Abbott – Abbott, a former Cuyahoga County administrator who now heads one of the area’s most prominent philanthropic organizations, addressed a packed room at the City Club of Cleveland’s downtown headquarters. He said in some ways, he’s an unlikely champion for the cause.

As its people prosper, the Minnesota town of Hector hollows out – The convenience store out on the highway might have a tablet or a legal pad, but if they didn’t, the next option was Olivia, a 15-minute jaunt down US 212, which has a few more stores that might be open at 8:30 p.m. Failing that, I’d have to turn around and drive the half-hour to Walgreen’s in Hutchinson.

Despite ‘Rehab Addict’ offer, Minneapolis City Council dooms 2320 Colfax – It was almost a year ago that the Minneapolis City Council stepped in to save a house constructed in 1893 by master builder Theron Potter Healy.

Chicago headed toward partial plastic bag ban – Many Chicago shoppers would have to change the way they tote groceries, clothing and other items from store to home under a plan to ban the plastic bags that have become a ubiquitous feature of modern life.

Tables turn as political novice becomes mayor of Poplar Bluff – The sea change was expected since Angela Pearson helped get three allies elected to the City Council April 8. The city’s government is set up in a way that elected council members pick a mayor from their ranks each year.

South by Southwest


Dear Texas: Enjoy The Oil Boom. Just Don’t Blow It This Time. Lone Star oil production has more than tripled since 2007, closing in on 3 million barrels per day.

Vaporland Is Hopping – Regulators may be starting to circle, but in Oklahoma, the e-cigarette industry is going full steam ahead.

Tea party eats its own in Oklahoma – They anoint their candidate to replace retiring Republican Sen. Tom Coburn.

In El Paso, Newcomer Faces Underdog Hoping for a Political Comeback – César Blanco, an El Paso native and former congressional staffer, came close to beating his Democratic primary opponents outright, though they had a combined 18 years of experience representing the border region in Austin. This sets up a match between the newcomer and feisty veteran Norma Chávez, a community organizer trying to convince voters she’s changed her ways.


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Georgia’s new gun law and Jason Carter’s conundrum – Last week, two days before Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law the gun bill that has brought our state so much national attention, his Democratic challenger appeared before a friendly MSNBC camera.

Why you pay more rent than your neighbor – You may be paying hundreds more in rent than your next-door neighbor. It’s because apartment companies in Charlotte are turning to the same pricing software that lets airlines charge you hundreds of dollars more than the stranger sitting next to you.

Patrick Cannon faces difficult defense in corruption case – Thirty days after Patrick Cannon’s arrest shook the city, the former mayor’s corruption case has become a public waiting game.

Crescent Communities embraces the gospel of ‘placemaking’ – With Tryon Street project and others, Crescent Communities hopes to build city’s most beloved gathering spots.

The secret that Stallings councilman Harry Stokes couldn’t live with – Stokes took his own life last summer. A lawsuit filed after his death claimed he ran a Ponzi scheme for years. Now investors are trying to see whether their life savings are gone.

Human Resources


How Good Managers Manage Emotions – Managers can’t help but shape the emotional life of an organization, given their starring roles. And whatever is happening in the manager’s emotional life spreads virally.

Do You Have a Culture-Killing Virus? In treating companies with sick cultures, the key is to find the host and moment when the virus jumped. Most culture problems can be tied back to a point of origin.

In a creative slump? Take a walk. Want to get creative? Get up and go for a walk.

More Stay-At-Home Dads Finding Jobs – Stay-at-home dads are going back to work.

The Social Network


Here’s The ‘Secret Sauce’ That’s Making Facebook More Addictive – How is Facebook getting more addictive over time, instead of less?

How The Most Successful Brands Dominate Instagram, And You Can Too – While Instagram is one of the fastest growing apps, it is also surprisingly one of the most underutilized by marketers.

A Permanent Tweet – Now your favorite Tweets can become a lasting work of art: Permanent140 immortalizes great Tweets by laser etching them onto wood or metal. What a fun gift. Two swissmiss thumbs up.

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