If Winnie The Pooh Were Actually Regina George From “Mean Girls”


Happy Hour Making a Dry Topic Wet – Financial Documents as Communications Tools – May 7
What does Parks and Rec do all day? – May 13
Southwest Lunch Forum with Tom Muehlenbeck – May 15
Webinar: Engaging Your Community with MindMixer– May 21

11#Trending on ELGL

The Nature of the Job Search by Russell Bither-Terry
Grand Bargain, Perfect Turn, Drop-Crotch Pants, & Rip City
Steve Hoyt-McBeth, Portland Bike Share
Clackamas County Manager’s Panel
Triple Aim: Washington has one of the best Obamacare exchanges
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Trending Remix)
Life as a City Manager’s Child with Alex McIntyre
Local Government Confidential: Scratchin’ a Public Service Itch

10Transaction Wire

Jeannette council agrees to new city manager position
Rye City Manager Scott Pickup leaving
Zephyrhills, city manager close to parting ways
Bethel City manager slapped with administrative leave
High Point City Manager Strib Boynton to retire
Contract approved to hire Merucci as Wayne city manager
Diamondhead, MS City Council votes 4-2 to remove City Manager Richard Rose
Contract finalized for new Sebastian city manager
Wellington names interim city manager
Gaithersburg Appoints New Public Works Director

9High 5

  1. 15 Social Media Trends Govies Need To Know Many people think that social media is sort of easy, like, just send a Tweet out or write a blog and it’s done.
  2. Requiem for the Middleman Why are governments so afraid of Uber and Airbnb?
  3. Robert Moses Vs. Jane Jacobs: The Opera It’s the urban planning equivalent of Rinaldo. Except instead of the siege of Jerusalem, it’s the battle for Greenwich Village.
  4. The Easy Way to Fix Your City’s Transportation System Ok, so it’s impossible to achieve a perfect commute, let alone build a perfect city mobility system.
  5. What Does ‘Livable’ Mean to Older Americans? People in the United States are getting older. But increasingly, they don’t want to live in some old folks’ community. Nearly 20 percent of Americans will be over 65 by 2030, up from 12 percent in 2009.

8ELGL Northwest

Top 10 recipients of Oregon PERS benefits (photos) Many of the top 50 recipients are retired educators. Mike Bellotti, former athletic director for the University of Oregon, remains the top recipient of Oregon Public Employees Retirement System benefits
Oregon will drop its Obamacare exchange. What now? After failing to launch a fully functioning Obamacare enrollment Web site, it looks like Oregon’s health insurance exchange will be taken over by the Obama administration.
Are zoning codes to blame for rising rents? North and NE Portland University of Portland will host its annual $100K Challenge Venture competitionSaturday. The expanded business plan competition provides students with the opportunity to receive feedback from experts in the entrepreneurial community, win money and acquire legal services that will help advance an idea to the next stage.
Washington State Archives in Olympia flooded by water leak; minimal damage to documentsWorkers arriving at the State Archives Friday morning in Olympia found several inches of water on the floor.
Google fiber nearing Portland; Oregon PERS; Portland’s rent values: Top Oregon business stories (weekly review) A weekly roundup of most viewed business stories on www.oregonlive.com. Topics included Airbnb lobbying against inspections in Portland; John Gleason, Oregon State Bar’s disciplinary chief, stepping down
State Marine Board rejects petition to move ‘dead line’ for kayaks, motorboats at Willamette Falls However, the board said it may reconsider the idea in the future, if part of a master planning effort carried out with help from additional state, federal and tribal agencies.
Oregon City, Metro, maybe Clackamas County may make offer on Blue Heron mill; details sketchy for now Concern over a potential buyer’s plans for the property prompted public officials to consider purchasing the historic 23-acre industrial site
Oswego Lake access lawsuit heading back before judge The appeal will be heard in November or December at the earliest, plaintiff Mark Kramer said.
Damascus residents respond to city council’s House Bill 4029 lawsuit The Damascus City Council is trying to stop seven property owners from leaving the city under House Bill 4029, which was passed in February.

7ELGL Midwest

Detroit retiree panel reaches deal with city to cap pension losses A new deal between Detroit and an official committee representing the city’s retirees would provide significant new caps on cuts to pension checks and guarantee lifetime health care stipends, officials involved in the agreement said late Friday.

Convicted former Rahm aide on the lam, sought fake passport Facing up to 15 years in prison and stripped of his U.S. passport, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s former city comptroller ordered his wife this week “to get him a fake birth certificate from Pakistan for a passport,” according to court records obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times.

6ELGL Southwest

Dallas County Dental Society asks city council to consider facts, not ‘fear,’ before flushing fluoride On Wednesday Dallas City Council member Sheffie Kadane told his colleagues that it’s time to flush fluoride from the city’s water supply. On Friday the 106-year-old Dallas County Dental Society, with ties to the American Dental Association, sent a statement lambasting that proposal.

Dear Texas: Enjoy The Oil Boom. Just Don’t Blow It This Time. You used to see a bumper sticker from time to time on old trucks trundling down Texas highways. The top line read: “Please God, give me one more oil boom.” Underneath: “This time I promise not to piss it away.” But it’s been a long time since I’ve spotted one — for the simple reason that the Great Amerian Oil & Gas Boom has replaced the old trucks with new ones.

4ELGL Southeast

For first time in decades, Wake County voters face choices for district attorney The district attorney is one of those elected officials whom few people relish meeting – at least inside the courthouse.

Citing crowded schools, Cary leaders may reject residential proposal The Cary Town Council may shoot down plans for a subdivision in western Cary because they say the area’s rapid growth is overburdening roads and schools.

Brüeprint Brewing Co. opens in ApexEric Wagner spent more than two decades turning wastewater into drinking water.

Planned business park in Apex upsets neighbors Some people who live in Ashley Downs are upset about a planned business park on Olive Chapel Road, saying the project doesn’t fit with their residential neighborhood.

350 Nifty

Hate your state? You probably hate your state government too. Don’t like your state? Chances are you also don’t trust your state government.

City Hall Memo: For de Blasio, Carriage Horse Ban Is No Walk in the ParkThe New York City mayor has seemingly avoided Central Park and is struggling to turn public attention toward other issues on his agenda: housing and wages.

The True Future of Transportation Has Two Big Barriers to Entry In the wake of the automobile’s 20th-century boom, the next notable shift in urban transportation may largely be defined by the digitization of mobility, including public transit and shared-vehicle services.

A Radical Approach to Adding Density in New York’s Outer Boroughs The urban planning community is constantly touting the benefits of building dense communities around public transportation.

Which states have the highest levels of student debt? Graduating with a few thousand dollars of debt has become so commonplace that it’s now a standard feature of attending college, sort of like bad dorm food

A5HR Stuff

Jimmy Fallon Asks Folks About Equal Pay And Makes Them Dance Their Answers. Really. See For Yourself. Now if only congressional votes were determined by dance battles.From the appropriately-titled segment “Questions and Danswers” on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

2Social Media, Yo

Be a Social Media Rockstar in Minutes… I’ve been receiving a lot of “social love” lately. It’s proven two things to me

Millennials are undercutting their own influence on social policy Much has been made of the vaunted “youth vote” in the Obama era, of the surge in voters younger than 30 who’ve turned out — many for the first time, all defying expectations

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