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Spelman lambasts city manager’s leadership

Selma city manager to retire, mayor wants job

Assistant city manager shares highlights of arena plan

Page intensifies search for city manager

Longview Director of Development Services resigns

City manager search narrowed to two finalists

Pleasant Hill promotes development director to assistant city manager

St. Pete Beach looks to fire city manager

Number of applicants for assistant city manger job narrowed to 10


Communication Breakdown: Quotas and Clicks – The Impact on Local Government

Knope of the Week: David Donaldson, Lake Oswego (OR) Assistant City Manager

Local Government Confidential: Scratchin’ a Public Service Itch

Triple Aim: Washington has one of the best Obamacare exchanges

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Trending Remix)

 High 5 


Our Nudge in Chief – How, and why, Cass Sunstein believes laws and public policies should help save us from our irrational impulses

How L.A. Designed Simple Kits That Let You ‘Make-Your-Own’ Park – The People St program helps novices create a parklet, plaza, or bike parking area.

Who Is Dr. Ben Carson? And why is he sort of running for president?

The Supercandidate – Allan Levene is running for Congress in two different states. It may be crazy, but it’s perfectly legal.

The left’s secret club – Some of the country’s biggest Democratic donors — including Tom Steyer and Jonathan Soros — are huddling behind closed doors next week in Chicago with union bigwigs and progressive superstars like Bill de Blasio to plan how to pull their party — and the country — to the left.

50 Nifty


Welcome to Comcast Country – Philadelphia has become a company town where the cable TV giant wields vast influence.

F.D.A. Will Propose New Regulations for E-Cigarettes – The proposed rules, to be announced on Thursday, would extend the federal government’s regulatory authority from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, cigars and tobacco pipes.

Fresno ranks No. 1 on California pollution list— The state’s new effort to map the areas most at risk from pollution features hot spots up and down California.



She Can See This Disaster From Her House – If Republicans lose the Alaska Senate race, they’ll have Sarah Palin to thank.

Elizabeth Warren’s new memoir focuses on personal life, not politics – The Massachusetts senator eschews policy-centric themes in the new “A Fighting Chance.”

Ads Look to Stand Out Amid the Political Clutter – The 2014 election cycle has ushered in a rush of political advertising, with campaign ads airing as early as last spring and record-shattering spending for the first quarter of the election year.

Close Races in 4 Southern States Could Tip Senate Power Balance – Republicans benefit from voter intensity, but Democrats have advantages, too.



It’s the Real Thing – Big soft-drink money is pouring into the Multnomah County Chair’s race.

Talkin’ Bull – Lies and money are flowing fast in the bitter war over Portland’s tap water. Here’s the unfiltered truth.

Ogden weighs in on Southwest Corridor Plan – Despite Tigards vote, Tualatin mayor finds merit in studying options As Tualatin Mayor Lou Ogden sees it, funding the Southwest Corridor Plan is a lot like a college savings plan



Bus backers seek property-tax hike – Less than a day after a King County tax measure lost, the group Friends of Transit announced a proposed property-tax initiative to fund buses in Seattle.

Judge probes marriage issues – With no attorneys arguing against ending the same-sex wedding ban, McShane raises questions himself

Dear Seattle, Careful You Don’t End Up Like Us. Love, Amsterdam – Retail cannabis stores are getting ready to open in Washington state. But at the same time in the Netherlands, decades of permissive pot policies are being eroded.

Mayor’s panel struggles over minimum wage – After the committee considering a $15 minimum wage in Seattle failed to reach a deal between business and labor on Wednesday, Mayor Ed Murray planned to announce his own proposal this week.

Pure Midwest 


At Northwestern, a Blitz to Beat a Union Effort – As soon as a National Labor Relations Board official ruled that scholarship football players had the right to unionize, the university began a wide-ranging campaign to defeat a vote.

Chicago headed toward partial plastic bag ban – Many Chicago shoppers would have to change the way they tote groceries, clothing and other items from store to home under a plan to ban the plastic bags that have become a ubiquitous feature of modern life.

The history of the ‘Nicollet Wall’ and a hamstrung City Hall – 36 years after it was built, city planners have drafted a new development blueprint that could lead to the removal of the wall blocking Nicollet Avenue at 29th Street.

South by Southwest


Voters Could Approve Billions in Debt in May – Cities and school districts across Texas are asking voters to approve more than $6.6 billion in local debt in next month’s bond elections. The elections are drawing attention to the state’s growing amount of local debt, which accounts for 85 percent of the state’s total debt.

Facing an Uptick in Earthquakes, Oklahoma Consults California – After a dramatic increase in earthquakes that puts it behind only three other states in seismic activity, the Sooner State is worried about its bridges.

One Bin For All: Houston Finds Hidden Value in Waste – Almost half of Houstonians cannot recycle curbside.  The City currently struggles to pay for waste and recycling services from its general fund, and thus has one of the lowest residential recycling rates in the nation.

Albuquerque Police Yet to Find Video of Shooting – The police chief said that an officer’s lapel camera had not captured the shooting of a 19-year-old woman, but declined to say whether the officer had switched it on, as required.



Southerners Don’t Like Obamacare. They Also Don’t Want to Repeal It. A poll showed broad distaste for the law, but found that people would rather have it improved than repealed.

Beach accepts light rail grant from state – State Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne told area business leaders Wednesday that Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms had agreed to the general terms for a state grant of $155 million for a light-rail extension into the city.

Roanoke council members want to delay their raise – After seeing the flat budget proposed by the city manager — one that includes no pay raises for city staff — a majority of the Roanoke City Council said they would prefer to postpone their own salary increases, which are set to take effect in July.

 Human Resources


Retirement Remains Americans’ Top Financial Worry – Americans’ top financial concern is not having enough money for retirement, followed by unexpected medical costs and maintaining their standard of living.

The #1 Interview Trap Question – Sure, job interviews are full of awkward questions. There is that one about salary requirements. Naming your strengths and weaknesses is a tried and true one on the questions we dread list.

 Career Curveballs: The Year I Was Diagnosed with Depression – I once read that four of the main triggers of depression are losing your job, moving out of your home, divorce, and the death of a family member or close friend. In 1996, I was four for four.

Arianna Huffington’s campaign against burnout – Arianna Huffington believes that people should tweak their habits to become happier and more productive despite increasingly demanding lives.

The Social Network


NYPD: Taking the Rough with the Smooth – You may have already seen or heard about the recent NYPD Twitter campaign that has gone off the rails where the police department tried to encourage New Yorkers to share great photos of their local officers doing great things.

Twitter’s new oversized profiles: 6 ways to keep it professionaltechrepublic.com – Twitter has launched sweeping changes to its profile pages. Here’s what you need to know and how to keep it professional in the new layout.

Facebook, Google, Twitter in new scrum over mobile app ad gold rush – What once was Facebook’s private mine has created a gold-rush effect with Google and Twitter also now seeking more mobile riches. But there’s only so much money to go around.

F.C.C., in a Shift, Backs Fast Lanes for Web Traffic – Planned new rules would allow an Internet provider to negotiate separately with content companies like Disney or Google and charge for priority service.

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