What Are We Doing?

02199649_what_are_you_doing_today_we_are_1_enjoying_th_L_eJbr0IELGL is pleased to launch a new feature to connect our members to each other – a series called “What Are We Doing?” The aim of this post is to identify the books, music, projects, and trends that our members are playing attention to, and then sharing them with each other so we can all learn more about the world around us.

Our members will complete the below survey and then we’ll share the responses. The “What Are We Doing” posts will become your go-to resource for the best things that ELGL members are doing in their local government lives.

Respondents: Thanks for sharing your thoughts with ELGL! The below survey is not meant to be difficult or time consuming.  Just quickly think of the book, article, blog, etc. that you’re reading; the music that you’re most “in” to right now; the projects that you are working on; and the issues or trends that are capturing your attention!