What is IAMMA? An Interview with David Fitzgerald

The Illinois Association of Municipal Management Assistants (IAMMA) is hosting their annual conference on April 25, 2014. In light of the upcoming conference ELGL project assistant Alex Buckles interviews David Fitzgerald, Management Analyst at Village of Deerfield and Communications Chair for IAMMA. David share his perspective and experience regarding IAMMA, as well as what to expect from the upcoming conference.

David Fitzgerald

david fitzgerald IAMMA

Occupation: Management Analyst for the Village of Deerfield (IL)
Education: Northern Illinois University – MPA, University of Illinois (Springfield) – Master’s of Public Affairs Reporting

What is IAMMA and how did you start getting involved?

IAMMA is a professional organization that’s focused on assistant managers and other people in local government in administrative roles who aren’t the Village (or City) Manager. IAMMA helps build the skills sets of its members whether they’re a student, an intern, an entry level employee, or an experienced assistant manager looking to advance to the primary manager’s desk.

I joined IAMMA as a student a little four years ago. I served as a general member while I was a student and upon graduation I applied for the Communications Chair position. I’ve been in the position for the past two years

What is your role as the Communications Chair?

I run the social network aspect of the organization such as the LinkedIn and Facebook page; I promote upcoming events (such as the conference), I work with different committees within the organization and help promote their events as well

Why is IAMMA special to you? 

iamma logoI think IAMMA is special to me because it is a really good way to network. I’ve made a lot of friends in the organization that have been invaluable to me in growing as a professional, building my skill sets, and having someone to work with as a sounding board when I have questions that they have probably come across in their jobs.

What should attendees of the conference expect?

We have topics that cover a range of different interests. I feel like anyone who comes can find something that is applicable to their job or internship.

Topics Featured at the Conference are:

Performance Management (Hosted by Cook County Chief Performance Officer Andrew Schwarm)

iamma conference picCreating the Next Generation of Managers

Local Government Ethics

Taking Charge of Your Career

Performance Appraisals

Creating Wellness Programs

Sustainability Practices in Local Government

We have topics that focus on job related professional development and we also have topics focused on building your personal skill sets.

In your own perspective what do you feel the next generation of managers needs to have?

I think the next generation of managers should be well rounded and well versed in what’s going on in the local government community.  Through events like our conference, they’ll be able to learn what’s going on in these various communities and meet the people who are solving these problems. Those are the same people you’ll look too for guidance and help in the future when solving problems within your own municipality.

Can you describe a time when IAMMA has helped you in your career?

Definitely! I met my current boss at an IAMMA event while working in a different community. Through that professional connection provide by IAMMA he got to know me personally and I believe it helped put a face with a name when my resume came across his desk.

How does one become a member of IAMMA?

A lot of people become a member through their school or internship. Also through their workplace can help cover the cost of membership. You can become a member at our website.

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Alex’s note:

I appreciate the time and information provided by David. The Illinois Association of Municipal Management Assistants (IAMMA) conference will be educational and a great resource for people at all levels within local government. Be sure to arrive early for the IAMMA Breakout Session presented in partnership with Emerging Local Government Leaders (ELGL). The session will highlight the tools of the trade needed for next generation managers. Mr. Kiraly, Mr. Lockerby, and Mr. Kalmar are all newly minted city managers in their respective jurisdictions and will share their insight on developing the right habits and using the right tools to be successful in your organization. The conference is April 25 from 8:00 AM – 4:15 PM @ Northern Illinois University (NIU) Naperville (1120 E. Deihl Road, Naperville, IL).

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