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04.17.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Prom? Remix)

Growing Up in City Hall: Life as a City Manager’s Child with Jeanna Troha

Local Government Confidential: Sitting at the Little Kids Table

Knope of the Week: David Donaldson, Lake Oswego (OR) Assistant City Manager

RI: Rich Kerbel, Town of North Kingstown, Former Town Manager

Transaction Wire

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Tomball appoints police chief as new assistant city manager

Former Portland Finance Director Plans To Sue City

Vancouver city attorneys lead way in pay increases

City of Cleveland hires new director for convention and visitors bureau

Zephyrhills city manager submits severance proposal

City manager urges additional training for Santa Rosa council members

DOC deputy director given no reviews for 10 years

Allen hoping to serve on Hillsboro City Council

Three finalists picked for Hartsfield-Jackson airport manager

Elissa Gertler Q&A: Metro’s new planning director discusses her vision

Andrusko already missed at Happy Valley City Hall

High 5


The South’s Red-Hot Town – Nashville and its economy are on fire, sparked by a booming cultural scene, world-class health care, rising universities–and a really good spot on the map

Napster billionaire’s next mission: Conquer politics – These days — in the age of the super PAC and Citizens United — a campaign donor with a million dollars to spend isn’t cool.You know what’s cool? A donor with a billion dollars.

Bankrupt City Fighting to Open a Crack in California’s Pension Agency – After having declared bankruptcy, San Bernardino wants to make a deal with Calpers to reduce the amount of money it owes the pension system.

50 Years Into War on Poverty, Hardship Hits Back – McDowell County, W.Va., has been a public face of hardship for more than a half-century. But today, it is burdened with a different, less tractable kind of poverty.

A culture of fitness at the White House – At 1600 Pennsylvania, there are no more Tex-Mex Thursdays or unhealthy vending machines. But there are veggies and hummus.

50 Nifty


Security lessons from Boston, one year later – Last year, on the day that two suspected terrorists shocked Boston and the world with bombs near the race’s finish line, Garza had just resigned as one of the top anti-terrorism officials with the Department of Homeland Security to take the SLU job.

Actually, cyclists make city streets safer – In the hysteria that predated the launch of New York’s bike-sharing system last year, many critics cried that the bikes would make the city’s streets less safe. All those cyclists wouldn’t be wearing helmets! They’d have no insurance! Accidents would skyrocket, and with them lawsuits against the city. Fatalities would triple!

NYC Bike Share Riders Are Overwhelmingly 30-Something Dudes, But The Gap Is Narrowing – These maps show Citi Bike users still skew young and male. But the imbalance is improving as the streets get safer: The number of female cyclists has almost doubled in the last five years.

Las Vegas losing main water supply even as it cuts use – Lake Mead, the reservoir that supplies 90% of Las Vegas’ water, is ebbing as though a plug had been pulled from a bathtub drain.

In Colorado, a pot holiday tries to go mainstream –  As Colorado residents celebrated the pot holiday of 4/20, Denver police issued 63 citations or arrests for public consumption Saturday and Sunday at the official 4/20 rally at Civic Center Park in Denver.

Federal Sandy Aid Could Leave Region – Federal officials are considering spending more than $1 billion of the remaining $3.6 billion of rebuilding aid on disasters other than superstorm Sandy.



GOP targets U.S. Senate post – Republicans will test their strategy of opposition to the new health care law as the May primary approaches

A Rare G.O.P. Battle Forces an Incumbent to Look Left – In California, Art Moore’s bid for Representative Tom McClintock’s Fourth Congressional District seat has drawn anger from members of the Tea Party.

Jeb Bush’s Rush to Make Money May Be Hurdle – Mr. Bush’s efforts to capitalize on his résumé and reputation have thrust him into situations that may prove challenging to explain should he mount a campaign for the presidency.



Arrested at Age Nine – The police bureau says it’s perfectly fine to handcuff a young girl and take her to jail.

“No Clear Answers” About How City Property Would End Up in a Water District’s Hands, Internal City Hall Memo Says – Measure backer says City Attorney’s memo is wrong.

Put a Label On It – It’s Oregon’s turn (again) to debate the labeling of GMO foods.

Study: Portland 5th funniest city – Despite Portland’s embrace of the satiric Portlandia TV series, the Rose City is only the fifth funniest city in the country, according to a study by the University of Colorado Boulder.

PBOT Shows Businesses Their Possible Street-Fee Bill – How much would a brewpub pay into the new transportation fee? $604 a month.



Tips a top concern for some in minimum-wage debate – Employees and restaurant owners differ over whether tips should be counted if Seattle sets a $15 minimum wage.

Oregon gay-marriage issue returns to court this week — The future of Oregon’s ban on same-sex marriage goes before a federal judge this week.

Corvallis, Oregon’s Heart of the Valley, is now ‘Corvallis: Beer, brains, bicycles’ – Not only did one of my readers suggest the winning slogan, but Corvallis readers also collectively hammered Eugene and Salem in the city slogan voting tally and also easily topped Bend.

Pure Midwest


PARODY TWITTER ACCOUNT OF PEORIA, ILL., MAYOR LEADS TO POLICE RAID – Police officers trying to find out who was behind a fake Twitter account set up in the name of Jim Ardis, the mayor of Peoria, in Illinois, have raided a home, seizing computers and phones and hauling several people in to be questioned.

‘Quinnocchio’ latest example of trolling in Illinois politics – The moniker may be inspired by a fairy tale, but the constant presence on the campaign trail has been far from enchanting for Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn.

Ex-Mayor Daley’s law firm losing City Hall grip under Emanuel – Under former Mayor Richard M. Daley, City Hall paid millions of dollars in legal fees to Katten Muchin Rosenman, the law firm where Daley now works. The firm has seen its City Hall business fall sharply under Daley’s successor, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, records show.

South by Southwest


Drought is ravaging another Texas lake – Water resources across the state are being devastated. Here’s the latest threat.

Grand jury considers whether Gov. Rick Perry went too far in seeking DA’s ouster – The case involves his threat to veto $3.7 million for the Travis County DA’s office unless the official, a Democrat convicted of drunken driving, stepped down.

Texas’ biggest gang threats – Gang membership in Texas is growing, according to the DPS, with the reach of the state’s most dangerous gang stretching beyond the prison walls that once contained it (w/video).

The Southeast


Va. ethics measure is seen as inadequate – Lawmakers return to Richmond on Wednesday to consider Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s amendments

North Hills to open 1-acre, $10.5 million Midtown Park and amphitheater – The North Hills development will unveil its latest addition on Saturday: A 1-acre park and amphitheater that can the developer says can accommodate more than 10,000 people for summer concerts, its developer said.

Greenway changes in response to sprawl – Anne Springs Close Greenway has launched a $15 million campaign to preserve 2,100 acres in face of rapidly growing area development.

Human Resources

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04.17.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Prom? Remix)

How Leaders Can Overcome Obstacles for Change – We’ve all heard the saying (or myth): people resist change. Of course, the main task of many leaders is to bring about change – sometimes unpopular yet necessary adjustments.

Time for reflection, planning – and fun! That’s certainly the case around Virgin. I’ve been jealously looking on at the photos coming through from Virgin Management office, where Sam and Bellie’s new puppy has been melting hearts.

10 Cities Where Americans Are Pretty Much Terrified to Live – According to Gallup, 70.5% of Americans surveyed in 2012 and 2013 said they felt safe walking alone at night. This is effectively unchanged from 2011, when 71% of respondents said they felt safe.

It’s not just the young moving back in with their parents – The number of Californians 50 to 64 who live in their parents’ homes has surged in recent years, reflecting the grim economic aftermath of the Great Recession.

The Social Network


Google retakes crown as U.S. desktop traffic king – Google was the most visited desktop website last month, after being number two to Yahoo.

U.S. Promotes Network to Foil Digital Spying – The State Department and other agencies are spending millions to finance local systems, known as mesh networks, around the world as more secure alternatives to the Internet.

Students Deploy Riot-Ready Social Media – At least 10 riots have rocked colleges in the past two months, resulting in hundreds of arrests and dozens of injuries amid a growing sense that social media are helping to fuel misbehavior at student mass gatherings.

Here’s how Washington is preparing for a future of wireless everything – The FCC expects to set aside at least 18 megahertz of spectrum for unlicensed uses in its upcoming broadcast auction.

Three Pillars Of Social (And Pro Tips On Each) – Let’s pull back the curtain on the basics. Social networks basically can be boiled down into three fundamental categories and each is as important as the next.

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