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Tax Day Freebies 2014



South Carolina: Katherine Hendricks, City of Pickens Administrator

Local Government Confidential: Sitting at the Little Kids Table

Help an ELGL Member Complete Their MPA Capstone

Communication Breakdown: Quotas and Clicks – The Impact on Local Government

Growing Up in City Hall: Life as a City Manager’s Child with Jackie Schwerm

Transaction Wire


RGC city manager suspended with pay

Sherwood City Councilor Krisanna Clark announces candidacy for mayor

State scolds former Troutdale mayor

California: Ex-City Manager Sentenced to 33 Months in First of Two Cases

Search plods along as local candidates eyed for city manager post

Santa Rosa seeks input on city manager search

High 5


Congressional Inaction on Road Funding Hits the States – Concerned that Congress won’t find enough money for planned projects by summer, Arkansas and Tennessee have scaled back transportation work. Other states are pondering similar moves.

Eleven Days to November – The key primaries leading to the 2014 midterms.

A Year After the Boston Bombing, a Day of Reflection and Hope – Services and a tribute to the victims, survivors and first responders begin a week of events leading up to the race on Monday.

The Bixi Bike-Share Bankruptcy Saga Just Got Even More Interesting – It’s looking like Canadian furniture magnate and adventurer Bruno Rodi will step in to save the troubled firm.

In Many Cities, Rent Is Rising Out of Reach of Middle Class – More households are being priced out of more areas: An analysis found 90 cities where the median rent is more than 30 percent of the median gross income.

50 Nifty


Restoring Sheriff’s Dept. morale by not doing too much or too little – At the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department headquarters, a winding hallway leads to an unexpected oasis.

Palo Alto, Calif., Expedites Permit and Inspection Process through Apps – Officials put building permits and inspection process online using a civic cloud platform and innovative apps.

The U.S. Cities Where College Grads Are Most Segregated From Everyone Else – The highly educated tend to live apart in college towns like State College, Pennsylvania, and big cities like Birmingham and Houston.

The Golden Gate Bridge Could’ve Had a Submerged ‘Boat Tunnel’ – Anybody see any problems with this weird underwater design?



GOP Senate may run purple – Republicans on the campaign trail say they’re going to take control of the Senate in November.

John Boehner’s primary opponent just hit him for ‘electile dysfunction.’ Yes, seriously. Bet you haven’t seen a campaign video like this before.

Political Divide Slows U.S. Action on Climate Laws – Efforts to tackle climate change have collided with politics in Washington, where Republicans question the science of global warming, and lawmakers’ ties to the fossil fuel industry have made them resistant to change.



Could MLB team hop to new home in Hillsboro? Lynn Lashbrook took his pursuit of major league baseball in Portland to another level on Monday.

Portland slides down ‘smart growth’ list – Land-use calculations change, but other cities are catching up Has Portland lost its planning mojo?

Medical marijuana in Oregon: Which cities have moratoriums on dispensaries? At least 71 Oregon cities have imposed moratoriums on medical marijuana dispensaries and more than 40 others are considering one, according to data provided Monday to The Oregonian.

Mayor, Fish float water panel proposal – Supporters of public water district say idea is more empty promises Mayor Charlie Hales and Commissioner Nick Fish are offering Portland voters a deal:



Cottage Grove sidesteps pot limits – The City Council takes no action on a moratorium or regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries

Council endorses new tax break – Eugene hopes the move will attract a buyer for the empty Hynix plant

Editorial: New city manager in Lebanon should listen first – The new city manager in Lebanon, Gary Marks, starts his tenure at a time of challenges for the city. But it’s also potentially a time that could be auspicious for Linn County’s second-largest city – and, considering how far this community has responded to similar challenges over the last few decades, we’d be surprised in Lebanon didn’t work through its current difficulties.

No ‘quiet zone’ in Turner – City of Turner residents took a look at Salem’s work on establishing a ‘quiet zone’ for neighborhoods near the Union Pacific tracks

Pure Midwest 


Editorial: If Walgreen moves its HQ, blame Washington – If Walgreen moves its HQ from Illinois to Switzerland, blame Washington Republicans and Democrats who talk about tax reform but don’t deliver.

FBI director in Chicago: ‘Painfully aware’ of city’s gun violence – In his first visit to Chicago since becoming director of the FBI, James Comey said today he is “painfully aware” of the city’s seemingly intractable gun violence and plans to direct more federal resources at the problem.

It’s Time for Illinois to Make Some Big Financial Decisions – A new report says the state faces key questions in 2014 that could have a lasting impact on its financial future.

South by Southwest


Analysis: Property Tax Irritation Includes a Fairness Question – Not everybody who is upset with property taxes wants them abolished. A new group that started in Houston wants to increase appraised values on commercial property.

Ahead of November, Both Parties Hone Women’s Health Messages – With last session’s divisive abortion debate as a backdrop, Democrats are getting help from the newly created Planned Parenthood Texas Votes Action Fund. Republicans say they don’t expect much of a challenge, but they’ve established their own group to tackle women’s issues.

Texas Takes First State Steps to Regulate Bitcoin – A new memo from the Texas Department of Banking says that the state will not treat Bitcoin as money but that some companies will fall under the state’s banking regulations.

East Coast


Meet the Military Man in Charge of Transportation in North Carolina – After 28 years in the Army, Tony Tata landed a job for which he lacks the traditional credentials. Is the ability to command more important than substantive knowledge when it comes to high-level government jobs?

Innovation Center Helps North Carolina Tackle Tech Challenges – The state’s iCenter simplified the transition away from Windows XP and has proven a reliable testing ground for new technologies the state wants to deploy.

As Maryland relaxes pot law, O’Malley cautions against full legalization – The new law removes the threat of jail time for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Florida Lawmakers Proposing a Salve for Ailing Springs – An effort to clean up waterways plagued by agricultural runoff and other pollutants is meeting some legislative opposition.

Human Resources


 Traits of a Motivated Leader – If there is one trait that virtually all effective leaders have, it is motivation – a variety of self-management whereby we mobilize our positive emotions to drive us toward our goals.

Be A Manager or Be Managed – Most companies think that “management” is simply a title given to someone in charge of a particular area of their business.

7 Ways to Achieve Work/Life Harmony – Establishing and maintaining a healthy work/life balance is something many of us aspire to but struggle to achieve.

The Social Network


Rookie Management Mistakes That Make You Look Like a Jerk – Congratulations! You just received your first big promotion. Woo hoo!! Chances are you’re about to make one of these mistakes.

10 Ways to Use Social Media to Virtually Crush the Competition – Blog post at Rebekah Radice : In a social media world where a cookie-cutter approach is the norm, creating differentiation is a must.

Social Media Lessons from US Airways (and Tide and Oreo) – US Airways tweeted a pornographic photograph today in response to a customer complaint. If that’s not shocking enough, try this: it took a full hour for the tweet to be discovered and removed.


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