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What independent coffee shops say about where we live The Social Computing Group at MIT’s Media Lab has been posting a lovely series of maps this week of the independent coffee shops in U.S. cities. Indie coffee shops are more prevalent than you may think, given the supposed domination of Starbucks. Here’s a map of Portland, Ore., with each coffee shop painted within a one-kilometer “walkingshed” (using the Google Distance Matrix API)

The most important fact we rarely admit in talking about segregation and poverty  Concentrated poverty and racial segregation in American cities are tremendously knotty problems, problems inherited across generations that are hard to solve for unspoken reasons of politics and history and race.

Your taxes are really low, in one chart Taxed enough already? Hardly. According to the Congressional Budget Office, your effective federal tax rates are near historic lows.

Why Cities Are Key to Fighting Climate Change It is already taking shape as the 21st century urban nightmare: a big storm hits a city like Shanghai, Mumbai, Miami or New York, knocking out power supply and waste treatment plants, washing out entire neighborhoods and marooning the survivors in a toxic and foul-smelling swamp.

American Teens Don’t Hang Out at Malls Anymore The suburban shopping mall has been part of American adolescent life since at least the 1950s, as the default location where teens hung out.

States try to block cities’ transit plans As more cities come to terms with Americans’ shifting desires to get out of cars and onto mass transit, we are beginning to see bus and rail projects in some unexpected places. Mass transit isn’t just for your Europhile socialist coastal enclaves anymore. Cities in the Midwest and the Sun Belt are trying to develop well-planned transit systems such as light rail and bus rapid transit.

There Goes the Neighborhood Gentrification “has become shorthand for an urban neighborhood where muggings are down and espresso is roasted,” wrote Times reporter Andrea Elliot. A Salon piece described it as the result of “sweetheart deals” between the public and private sectors “that never pay off for the public.” And don’t even mention the word around Spike Lee.

Local News, Off College Presses In January, residents here learned the news that the senior place-kicker for the University of Michigan’s football team had been permanently “separated” from the college for violating its student sexual misconduct policy. In addition, the violation, what the authorities said was a sexual assault, occurred in 2009, when the kicker was a freshman, and his punishment was not determined until his athletic career had ended this past winter.


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Say ‘No’ on water district measure: Editorial endorsement The quote assigned to Mark Twain, though there is no proof he ever said it, now more than ever seems true: Whiskey’s for drinking, water’s for fighting. The water war in Portland this year is over who runs the city’s water and sewer bureaus – and whether the city’s antique form of government has allowed rogue commissioners overseeing the bureaus to saddle ratepayers with stratospheric costs supporting pet projects having nothing to do with water services.

West Linn City Council to debate medical marijuana dispensary moratorium The West Linn City Council will on Monday debate a resolution to enact a one-year moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries.


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Austin Is the New Brooklyn When Jeni Putalavage-Ross started dating the man who’s now her husband, they were forever schlepping between her one-bedroom apartment on Manhattan’s Lower East Side and his fifth-floor walk-up on the Upper West Side. “Every date had to be an overnighter,” she says. “I felt like a pack mule.” They wanted to buy a place together, but even stretching their budget to $700,000 they could afford only a two-bedroom in the far reaches of Brooklyn. “We started talking about marriage and kids, and we just couldn’t figure out how to make it work in New York,” she says. In 2009 they gave up and ditched the East Coast for Austin, Tex.

North Texas city awaits word on wastewater re-use Wichita Falls is so far behind on rainfall that city leaders are asking state regulators for permission to use treated toilet flushes as drinking water.

Rio Grande City commission calls meeting to consider suspending city manager City commissioners will consider whether to suspend the recently hired city manager at a special meeting set for Sunday morning.

Top 10: Tyler community heads lists of best place to live, retire Tom Mullins saw something unexpected when he arrived in Minnesota. Mullins, president and chief executive officer of the Tyler Economic Development Council, was there to see family, and was told to get a copy of USA Today when he got off the plane.


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Time Management Secrets Anyone Can Use If you’re reading this article instead of doing your work, chances are good that you have trouble managing your time efficiently. You’re not alone. According to a survey by Salary.com, 90% of workers waste at least a half hour each workday, not including lunch or scheduled breaks. While computers have dramatically increased efficiency, they have also provided the ultimate in distraction. The Web is like the next-door neighbor who keeps asking us to play when we know we have homework to do. It and e-mail offer so much distraction on a minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour basis that we find it nearly impossible to give our full attention to higher-level tasks. Because there are no defined edges to most of our projects–and certainly not to our workdays–we live in an endless jumble of work and life. We can book a trip to Mexico while participating in a conference call. We can send work e-mails from a chairlift above the ski slopes of Vermont. It’s tough to establish boundaries and focus on any one thing.

Ten Powerful Lessons Learned From a Bad Boss Successful leaders turn problems into opportunities. Your bad boss is an opportunity to develop ten essential leadership qualities.

Why We Have Our Best Ideas in the Shower: The Science of Creativity “I’m not really a creative person”, always struck me as an odd sentence. Could it really be that some of us are born to be more creatively gifted than others?


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