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Today’s ELGL Morning Buzz is dedicated to Dion Jordan, in memory of his father, Charles Jordan.  ELGL is proud that Dion was our first conference keynote speaker.  He is in our hearts and we fondly remember his father.  Rest in peace.


In Memory

Charles Jordan remembered: Portland’s first African-American commissioner and longtime parks director was ‘a giant in this city’  Charles Jordan, Portland’s first African-American city commissioner and one of the architects of the city’s nationally renowned parks system, died Friday morning of a long-term illness.

Charles Jordan, former Portland city commissioner and parks director, has died at 77 Charles Jordan, Portland’s first African-American city commissioner and one of the godfathers of its nationally renowned parks system, has died.




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Top 5

  1. Beaverton closing in on goal of 2,014 Twitter followers in friendly competition with other cities Beaverton is currently in second place in a race to 2,014 Twitter followers.
  2. It Helps to Like Your Neighbor During a Natural Disaster Research suggests that “resilience” isn’t just about constructing better buildings—it’s also about strong communities.
  3. This Former Mozilla Engineer Turned London Into SimCity, With Real Data A London startup aims to make big data accessible by all by turning the world into SimCity.
  4. Can Free College Save American Cities? For weeks there were whispers. And then one night in November 2005, hundreds of parents, teachers, and students crammed into a boardroom at a drab administration building south of downtown. Janice Brown, the superintendent of the Kalamazoo schools, had an announcement to make, and it was even more surprising than the rumors that had been flying around town: Kalamazoo, small, struggling Kalamazoo, best known for its strange name and the industries it was no longer home to, was about to launch the most generous municipal college scholarship program in the country, an audacious experiment not only in education reform but in re-engineering a troubled town.
  5. ‘Dinosaur roar contest’ posters pop up in Portland, soliciting entries by phone Tune up your vocal chords and channel your inner T. Rex, somebody in Portland is soliciting contestants for a dinosaur roar contest.


50 Nifty

Top Urban Instagram Feeds  For the uninitiated, Instagram is a social media app that allows users to edit and share photos, and it’s become a popular place for plannersarchitects, and, yes, politicians to share their eye with the rest of the world. It’s a recommended platform if you’re looking for inspiration, trying to improve your photo documentation skills, or just like to see new places. (And, of course, here’s a few words of caution about the dangers of too-shameless self promotion.)

The Most And Least Sprawling Cities In America Tracking changes in the shape of American cities over 10 years reveals which cities pack the most into a small space. But don’t worry, sprawlers: Los Angeles shows you can change your fate.

The Real Reason Mass Transit Fares Are Rising Across the U.S.  Hardly a month goes by without a city transit agency announcing a fare increase. That’s the unequivocal conclusion from a quick Google search of large U.S. cities. Boston’s MBTA proposed an increase just last week. The D.C. Metro presented a plan for one the month before that, at the same time San Francisco’s Muni riders prepared for one. The Los Angeles MTA chimed in with a recommended hike the month before that. And on and on.

A Wind Turbine Inside A Floating Blimp Can Bring Power Anywhere Designed to rise 1,000 feet in the air and deliver electricity to the ground, the Buoyant Airborne Turbine is a blimp on a mission.



Clackamas County chairman says arbitrator might have made mistake in ruling on wrongful dismissal by WES director  John Ludlow voiced doubt about an arbitrator’s ruling that found the director of one of the county’s largest departments wrongfully fired an employee for whistleblowing.

Clackamas County strengthens representation in Salem for next Oregon Legislature sessio To be more nimble during the legislative season, the Clackamas County lobbying staff is making a few changes.

Cover Oregon consultant: fix for health insurance exchange could take $40 million, 21 months  The Cover Oregon health insurance exchange is so bug-ridden and far from completion that it would take nearly two more years and more than $40 million to finish if the state sticks with its original plan using technology developed by Oracle Corp, according to a consultant’s report.

Another Blue Heron mill buyer drops out; Tacoma developers offer $2.2 million and a quick closing  The long-running effort to sell the Blue Heron mill site took a couple more twists as one buyer dropped out and another popped up.



Layoffs possible as Cincinnati budget decisions loom Cincinnati city government is looking at 7 percent to 10 percent budget cuts across most departments as it faces a $22 million gap between expected spending and revenue, according to a draft memo obtained by The Enquirer.

Be Better Storytellers  MML story about telling your municipality’s story more effectively.

Detroit bankruptcy plan calls for revitalizing Detroit city airport Detroit’s aging city airport could gain new life and again provide passenger service if a plan is approved to spend millions on a terminal, Jetway for passengers and major upgrades.

The Extent of Public Participation Local governments use a variety of strategies and techniques to encourage public involvement in local planning and decision making. The International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) describes public involvement as occurring at five levels ranging from informing all the way to empowering.

Love Muskegon  A group of young residents, looking to promote their hometown and attract new business, started a grassroots promotional campaign.

Shocking heating bills follow frigid Michigan winter When Angelia Suppon opened her DTE Energy bills late this winter, she freaked out.



Editorial: New Mexico Localities Devise New Way to Skirt Transparency  The city of Clovis and Curry County, N.M., have recently employed new techniques intended to keep the sun from shining on the records of their activities.

Undercover Houston Cops On Bikes Are Nabbing Drivers Dangerous To Cyclists Be careful which bikers you buzz by super closely on Houston’s streets. One of them might arrest you.



Charlotte To Have New Mayor on Monday It was a vote that was supposed to happen Monday, March 31st, until Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes said, “I would move to select the next mayor by motion and vote at the council’s next regularly scheduled meeting, which is April 7th, 2014.”


Social Media 4-1-1

U.S. Adults Spend 11 Hours Per Day With Digital Media  Here’s a stat we’ve heard over and over: 58% of American adults own smartphones. Pair that with the fact that digital culture permeates almost every aspect of our lives, and we can already assume the average person spends a lotof time with gadgets.

Updated White Paper on Online Public Engagement Platforms  Over a year ago I did my last update to a white paper summarizing online public engagement platforms that I had been updating through most of 2012.  I stopped doing it for a variety of reasons — there were a whole lot more platforms than I knew of when I started, it was starting to get very messy figuring out what should be included and what shouldn’t, and while it seemed to be of some benefit, I was always worried about not giving the right information, or writing something that is incomplete or inaccurate.  And trying to do all that research and keep it up to date was, to be honest, a real pain in the butt.


Toby Flenderson Advice

Admitting Your Weaknesses and Hiring to Support Them One of the most difficult tasks for any leader is hiring someone for a job you can’t actually do yourself. Whether you’re a founder of a new company or growing your team, at some point the skills needed for your expanding organization exceed your own experience.

WHAT SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO WITH THE FIRST HOUR OF THEIR WORK DAY Remember when you used to have a period at the beginning of every day to think about your schedule, catch up with friends, maybe knock out a few tasks? It was called home room, and it went away after high school. But many successful people schedule themselves a kind of grown-up home room every day. You should too.

The Best Leaders Make Unforgettable First Impressions Leaders that try too hard to win people over are the ones that end up losing the respect of their employees – especially when it’s not genuine.    The most memorable leaders know how to naturally make a good first impression. They are mindful of what most employees do and don’t expect of them and want to create for them a safe environment that enables engagement.   Leadership success is all about people and when leaders forget this fact, they are headed down a path of self-destruction.

7 Things Really Resourceful People Do  It’s nice to be told that you’re smart, creative or driven. But if you really want to offer the ultimate compliment to an entrepreneur, the word you’re looking for is, “resourceful.”

Our hearts are with your family, Dion:


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