UPDATED: Can I Bum a Ride to the Ben Petrick Forum?

Oregonian: Former MLB player Ben Petrick to talk about Parkinson’s

RSVP: Former MLB Player and Author, Ben Petrick Lunch Forum

ELGL is excited about our next event with Ben Petrick, here’s a summary of next Thursday’s lunch forum:

Ben, a native of Hillsboro, Oregon, was a professional baseball player for the Colorado Rockies and Detroit Tigers.  His career was cut short when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and could no longer perform at a high level.  He has recently released a book talking about his diagnosis and finding the strength to battle Parkinson’s and be a father and coach.  This is sure to be an interesting talk about perseverance and dealing with adversity.



To help our members get to know one another a little better and save money on gas at the same time we offer a list of people who have RSVP’d to upcoming lunch forums so you can ask for a ride. So take a look remember that one of these people works down the hall and ask them if you can bum a ride.


Free passes aren’t just for batters, just ask for a ride from your coworker.

Kent Wyatt, City of Tigard

Linda Compton, City of Tigard

Lisa Shaw, City of Tigard

Dan Englund, Portland State MPA Student

Marissa Grass, City of Tigard

Ben Kittelson, Oregon Metro

Nancy Lof, City of Tigard

Ken Warner, City of West Linn

Liz Lutz, City of Tigard

Tom Pessemier, City of Sherwood

Nadine Robinson, City of Tigard

Kirsten Wyatt, City of West Linn

Joe Walsh, City of Gresham

Liz Newton, City of Tigard

Joe Gall, City of Sherwood

Sara Doughty, City of Tigard

Russell Bither-Terry, UNC Chapel Hill Ph.D

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