03.30.14 Your Morning Buzz

Happy Sunday!  This is your Tearable Puns edition of the Buzz (and today we start a new format for your Sunday Buzz where we look back on ELGL stats, the week’s most popular posts, and highlight a few key articles for Sunday dinner table conversation):




#Trending on ELGL


ELGL Blog Stats, March 23 – March 30

  • Total blog visits: 2,721
  • Average visitors per day: 451


Most Popular ELGL Blog Posts, March 23 – March 30

  1. Local Government’s New Normal with Eileen Stein, City Administrator of Mt. Angel
  2. The Great Debate: City Manager vs. Assistant City Manager
  3. 03.27.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (#RuinAChildrensBook Remix)
  4. Knope of the Week: Dan Englund, Engineering Business Administrator and ELGL Columnist
  5. Webinar: The End of the Suburbs with Leigh Gallagher


In Yo Face(book) Stats, March 23 – March 30


Twitter Reflections, March 23 – March 30

  • Total tweets: 202
  • Total retweets: 85
  • Total original content tweets: 117
  • Total tweets using #EndOfTheSuburbs during Leigh Gallagher webinar: 51


ELGL.org Top Search Terms, March 23 – March 30

  • omfoa jobs
  • you can do it waterboy
  • dancing gif
  • oregon elgl
  • assistant city manager jobs


Five Interesting Articles to Think and Talk About Tonight at Dinner

Wal-Mart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard This year’s Ivy League admissions totals are in. The 8.9 percent acceptance rate is impressively exclusive, but compared to landing a job at Wal-Mart, getting into the Ivy Leagues is a cakewalk.

How to Sell Poor, Inner-City Families on a Life in the Suburbs If you want to help poor families escape poor neighborhoods, paying them to move isn’t always enough. Many studies show that when given the chance, people tend to relocate to similarly disadvantaged, racially segregated areas.

The importance of growth as workforce ages: Editorial It hardly qualifies as a news flash that Baby Boomers are leaving the work force and that the exodus will have economic implications. Those born in 1946, on the front edge of the post-war generation, turn 68 this year and already are eligible for Social Security. Those born in 1964, the last year of this demographic era, turn 50 and qualify for AARP membership.

Teen to government: Change your typeface, save millions An e. You can write it with one fluid swoop of a pen or one tap of the keyboard. The most commonly used letter in the English dictionary. Simple, right? Now imagine it printed out millions of times on thousands of forms and documents. Then think of how much ink would be needed.

Getting downtown back on its feet  In the early 2000s, Mitch Cornett, the recently reelected mayor of Oklahoma City, saw a problem in his city’s design. With interstates 35 and 40 bisecting the urban landscape, and a tremendous suburban area surrounding the city proper, he admits Oklahoma City was built for cars. “We never put the pedestrian high on the priority list,” Cornett says.


What do you think about this new format for the Sunday Buzz?  Do you like geeking out on blog and social media stats? Or do you wish the Sunday Buzz would be the same as the other days? Tell us what you think and we’ll adjust as needed.



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