SGR Announces Collaboration with ELGL

Our friends at Strategic Government Resources recently sent this out to their members announcing a the partnership between SGR and ELGL. Thanks to this partnership ELGL will be able to offer recordings of our webinars for free to our members! That way the next time you get pulled into an important lunch meeting or are on vacation you can still experience the glory that is our webinar series. Thank you SGR!


SGR is excited to announce an innovative collaboration with Emerging Local Government Leaderswhich will benefit ELGL members, as well as SGR LMS subscribers. SGR is collaborating with ELGL to underwrite the production of their outstanding webinars on a variety of thought-leading topics which are provided free to ELGL members. In exchange, ELGL has licensed SGR to upload all ELGL webinars into the SGR online Learning Management System where they will be available at no additional cost to SGR LMS subscribers.

sgr confAdding ELGL’s thought-leading webinars into the SGR LMS is an exciting new development for SGR.

ELGL is the leading association of emerging local government leaders in the nation, and is clearly comprised of some of the most innovative thinkers among this next generation of leaders. Membership is only $30 per year, and in addition to a lot of other benefits, membership provides free access to the ELGLwebinars. Check out ELGL membership at

SGR’s online Learning Management System offers the leading technology platform in the nation (compared to both public and private sector platforms), and is the only local government online learning management system in the U.S. with such a comprehensive array of content developed specifically for local government. In addition to over 40 SGR custom-developed courses on customer service, compliance, supervision, and management, it is available for only $29 per user per year (organization price). SGR also offers courses in various supplemental libraries available at a small additional cost. Contact Krisa Delacruz, SGR’s Director of Member Services, at, for more information or a demo of what the SGR LMS can do for your organization. SGR also offers individual subscriptions at only $99 per person per year. Visit the SGR website for more information on SGR online learning by clicking here.

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