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It’s Time for the Mani-Cam to Die


Transaction Wire

Monterey city manager search: If the pick is Pick, he could be getting a raise

No city manager yet for Ridgefield

Damon Announces Run for Oregon State Senate

The search for Minot’s new city manager is starting over

Lewis serves first year as Pismo city manager

BANNING: Council will hire outside interim manager

New Mountlake Terrace city manager to start Monday

29 apply for Lowell manager position

Sund eliminated from N.D. search, now a finalist in Oregon

Sunday Profile: Lobbyist reflects on five decades

Lee Lorch, Desegregation Activist Who Led Stuyvesant Town Effort, Dies at 98

High 5

mani cam

I. SEX! DRUGS! APPS! SXSW INTERACTIVE AT 20 – Twenty years of wild parties, legendary product launches, and heated controversies: how an unlikely mix of “nerds, rock-and-roll hippie freaks, and business suits” grew into the tech world’s most-talked-about annual gathering.

II. Clinton White House Shaped Hillary’s Image – Thousands of pages of records show how shaping Hillary Clinton’s image was a running project in the Clinton White House, reflecting her unique role as both a first lady and a powerful policy adviser.

III. Balanced City: Planning Urban Systems that Work With Nature – The focus of humanity has slowly shifted from biological evolution to socio-cultural revolution. Yet in spite of all our inventions, convenience appears to have turned its back on us, with cities indulged in traffic congestion, urban sprawl, air pollution, inaccessible shops & services, noise pollution and a host of other daily inconveniences. Very often, these problems are the result of bad planning.

IV. The three main barriers to meaningful public engagement – One of the biggest, often overlooked challenges we are facing today is that our traditional debate model of public involvement isn’t working, and it’s probably outlived its usefulness.  There’s at least three reasons for that.

V. How the Fed Let the World Blow Up in 2008 – High oil prices blinded the Fed to the growing danger before the crash

50 Nifty


In D.C. fire department, rancor simmers between chief, firefighters – Chief Ellerbe says employees need accountability, but some firefighters say he has sown a culture of fear.

How Washington lost its appeal – After 70 years, this town wasn’t my town anymore.

Storm Leaves Mud California Cities – Saturated mountainsides loomed over foothill communities on Saturday as a storm centered off California rotated bands of rain into a state that sorely needs the moisture but not at such dangerously high rates.

How Would the Movie Speed Look in Today’s Los Angeles? Twenty years after the movie Speed, which took place onthe Big Blue Bus, Metro rail system, and other transit facilities, Keanu Reeves and crew might not recognize L.A.’s current transit system. L.A. County planner Clement Lau surveys the changes.

Denver airport cuts maintenance as costs of showcase project rise – The $544 million price tag for Denver International Airport’s showcase hotel and train terminal construction project does not include at least $128 million in what airport management calls “additional related” costs, putting its real cost 34 percent over the $500 million budget proposed three years ago.



Democrats go a-courting as the Senate hangs in the balance – If it can get enough unmarried women to the polls, the party believes it can hold the Senate.

Obama’s New Political Chief Tries to Reassure Democrats – The ascension of David Simas is meant as a message that the White House is serious about defending the party’s control of the Senate and mitigating losses in the House.

Big-Money Donors Demand Larger Say in Party Strategy – In both parties, elite donors who once deferred to “super PAC” leaders to determine the best use of their money are now taking a central role in shaping campaigns.

Elected Officials Embrace Preschool, But Funding Is the Catch – From Seattle to New York, elected officials are calling for more children to attend publicly funded preschool.



TriMet rolls out new generation of ‘talking buses’ to fight distracted walking – Hoping to wake up the growing number of pedestrians distracted by smartphones and other electronic devices on the street, TriMet will give “talking buses” another try on five bus lines starting Monday.

Tigard protestors gather at future Walmart site: ‘They can pay better’ – Members of the “Tigard First!” community action group said they expect the Walmart to make already-congested traffic in the area even worse. The store will be on Dartmouth Street south of Pacific Highway.

MOVING ON – Canby City Administrator Greg Ellis is taking a position in the governors office

Tom McCall Waterfront Park a downtown Portland jewel – Being one of the best known parks in Portland, located along the Willamette River, the area is one of the first things you see when you exit off of the freeway to downtown. People use the 37-acre area on a daily basis as a way to get to and from work, and it’s a popular route for bicyclists as well.

26 Reasons to Love Portland Right Now – What comes to mind when you think about why you love Portland? 



U.S. Open will bring a bounty of big business to Pierce County – Where golf and business meet, money flows. As business warms to the realization of a U.S. Open golf tournament in Pierce County 16 months from now, money jumps.

The Plan for Uniting Oregon Republicans: Tea Party Leader’s Manifesto Includes Examining Obama’s Heritage – “Many of us are ‘birthers”

Eugene looks to bright future on the waterfront – EWEB is about to put its surplus riverbank land on the market

Oregon’s same-sex marriage battle divides people of faith – Organizers on both sides of the issue have been working to get measures ready for the November ballot.

Up close and personal with medical marijuana dispensaries – Walking into the Human Collective medical marijuana dispensary, the first thing you notice is the absence of marijuana.

Pure Midwest 


Inequality is growing among communities, not just individuals – This just in: A brand-new report on the future performance of the U.S. housing market. Called  A Tale of 2000 Cities: How the sharp contrast between successful and struggling communities is reshaping America,” it analyzes housing market data for states, metropolitan areas and 2,200 of America’s largest cities and towns.

FBI clams up on role in Harvey mayoral election – The FBI said it won’t release records to the Tribune that could explain how and why it helped re-elect a controversial suburban mayor — prompting one former Justice Department lawyer to call the refusal “highly questionable.”

Met Council data show strong growth ahead for Hennepin and Carver counties – Older, close-in suburbs are poised to reverse long-standing population losses and return to robust growth in coming decades, new Metropolitan Council projections show.

South x Southwest


Final Four preparations in their final month before AT&T Stadium games – After years of planning, organizers have a few weeks to ready the area for one of the nation’s premier sporting events.

As Dallas’ infrastructure needs soar past $10 billion, city council will be asked to consider all options – We were warned just days ago that there are no good choices when it comes to addressing Dallas’ $900-million streets-fix price tag. Among the options: another bond program (which ups the debt service), raise taxes (never a popular suggestion) or do nothing (and look out below). But it’s not like potholes are the city’s only problem: You’ve got aging or long-promised cultural facilities begging for $200 million in attention. And the city’s traffic signals are more stop than go — again, to the joyless tune of $200 million.

In one county, gas boom put hopes on hold — On a dreary December day, Buddy Eller stood against the railing atop a giant concrete building that housed a steam-driven turbine, critical to the operation of South Texas Project’s two nuclear reactors.

Democrats want Patrick in the general election – Ask Democratic Sent. Leticia Van de Putte which Republican candidate for lieutenant goveror she would like to battle in the general election: Houston Sen. Dan Patrick “would probably be more fun.”

Remember the Alamo? Fewer are, these days – If attendance figures are an indicator, the Alamo, a renowned symbol of courage and sacrifice, may be losing its allure.

With Vacancies High, G.O.P. Primaries in Texas Set Up a Scramble to the Right – With Gov. Rick Perry leaving office and Senator Ted Cruz ascendant, the races have taken on a no-rules tenor amid a barrage of fiery attack ads and accusations.

Human Resources



02.25.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Ramis Remix)

The expert view: what does the future hold for our working livesYou are reading an article from the rise of flexible working series, to read more about this you can visit theseries homepage.

Picking Up the Pieces – After a long period out of work, there are steps you can take to start getting your finances back in order.

The Office Of The 21st Century Will Be Your Self-Driving Car – THE FUTURE OF SELF-DRIVING CARS MEANS WORKING IN GRIDLOCK. JOY?

The Social Network

Dear Mani-Cam

Is Online Social Networking Harder Than We Thought? Recently, you may have noticed a story from Cleveland about a marketing professional managing an online group for jobs and her rude responses to some folks who tried to connect with her via LinkedIn and other places.

Nonprofits Are Taking a Wide-Eyed Look at What Data Can Do – Free for 24 hours. Big data are changing the way charities make decisions about programs, solicit contributions, and push for social change.

Social media predicts ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ will nab Best Picture Oscar – Want to know who’s going to win at Sunday’s Oscars? Don’t we all! Though you’ll just have to wait until the actual ceremony to find out who walk away with the iconic statuettes this year, social media has its predictions.

5 things you had no idea your iPad could do – No matter how long you have owned your iPad, it probably has a few tricks to surprise you.

Tech Industry Builds Its Monuments in Its Offices – The workplaces of Facebook, Twitter and Google may look whimsical. But each is designed to mirror its company’s culture.

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