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Internet still LOL at Texas senator’s Twitter typo


Transaction Wire

Larry Groth’s last day as Waco city manager

City Manager McDaniel to stay in ETexas

Oklahoma City names new assistant transit director

City Of Ketchum Names Interim City Administrator

70+ applicants sign up for Johns Creek city manager job

Mayor: Eureka council close to picking new city manager

City manager addresses the “tremendous” state of Piqua at annual address

Portage city manager backs top assistant to succeed him

Roseville Names City Manager

Councilors are urged to search out of town for Worcester city manager

Brown Seeks Fourth Term as Governor of California

High 5


  1. Obama’s Trauma Team – How an unlikely group of high-tech wizards revived Obama’s troubled HealthCare.gov

  2. Recession leaves public services behind – Many U.S. schools and other services continue to struggle with less as state lawmakers move to make recession-era budget cuts to education permanent, even as the states reap higher revenues or cut taxes further.

  3. Zappos CEO steps on some toes as he remakes downtown Vegas – Critics say Tony Hsieh’s grand plan for a retail and technology hub leaves out mom-and-pop stores and blue-collar residents.Tea Party Group,

  4. Celebrating Its Fifth Anniversary, Is Happy but Restless – Internal differences in the movement were on display as Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee addressed the Tea Party Patriots in Washington.

  5. Why Is the City of New Haven Selling Gift Cards? Some cities are using government-issued prepaid cards to fight poverty and increase public safety. New Haven, Conn., is using them to stimulate the local economy. Should other cities do the same?

50 Nifty


How Driver’s License Suspensions Make Poverty Worse – And what Florida is planning to do about it. 

For starters: Mapping Atlanta’s startup scene – Like everything else here, the entrepreneurial culture is defined by sprawl

Day After Governor’s Veto, Arizona Takes Up Abortion Clinics – Despite being criticized by Gov. Jan Brewer for failing to act on her legislative priorities, the House turned to legislation that would permit surprise inspections of abortion clinics.

Plan to Redevelop Sugar Factory Hits Snag: De Blasio – A $1.5 billion proposal to redevelop Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar plant is in jeopardy after Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration insisted the developer add more affordable housing units.

A Call to Arms on a Vermont Heroin Epidemic – Rutland, a blue-collar town in central Vermont, has begun an effort to attack a deeply entrenched drug problem with social services, as well as with law enforcement.



It’s been 20 years since the Brady bill passed. Here are 11 ways gun politics have changed. Politicians are much more wary of gun restrictions these days.

After Ariz. vote, conservatives vow to press on – The battle to allow denial of services to gays may be over in Arizona, but similar measures are pending in 4 other states.

Wall Street threatens GOP on bank tax – Private equity and investment firms in New York are telling key Republican players in D.C. that commitments for big-dollar fundraising have been “canceled for the foreseeable future,” according to one GOP lobbyist with knowledge of the conversations.

Post-Filibuster, Obama Faces New Anger Over Judicial Choices
 – After Senate rules were changed, some Democrats thought President Obama would have less trouble with his nominations. Now, they are the ones trying to block his latest choices.

Outrage Over Sexist Remarks Turns Into a Political Fund-Raising Tool – With a record number of women in Congress and dozens more on the ballot, attacks on figures like Wendy Davis, Claire McCaskill and Hillary Rodham Clinton can instantly generate contributions.



Gigabit IPA revival? With Google Fiber on tap, Hopworks says the beer could be, too – When Google arrived at Portland City Hall last week to declare that the company will consider the city and its suburbs for a new high-speed Internet service, much of the talk was of beer.

Portland sidewalk ordinance wasn’t supposed to be included in downtown nuisance cleanup – Multnomah County prosecutors started a pilot project with Portland police last summer to crack down on people who urinate in public, drink from open containers in public or litter.

Milwaukie: Marijuana out, Riverfront Park project in – Milwaukie City Council, by 4-0 votes, passed an emergency ban against marijuana dispensaries this week and agreed on the previously contentious terms of leasing Clackamas County’s land

Mayor Hales proposes overhaul of city’s urban renewal program. Plan would scrap project around PSU championed by his predecessor.

AFSCME Kicks in to Block Water Bureau Measure – Organized labor has a financial interest in preserving the status quo at the City of Portland’s Water Bureau



Could a religious protection bill like Arizona’s happen in Oregon? As the ink dries on Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s veto of a law protecting businesses from lawsuits if they turn away same-sex couples for religious reasons, Oregon advocates say they’re preparing for the same fight.

Sorry, Oregon, Kurt Vile is Not Your Favorite Artist – Now we know who is, though.

Los Angeles developer has big plans for Chambers Bay golf course – Pierce County and a California hotel developer are negotiating to build a 220-room hotel and a second 18-hole golf course near where the 2015 U.S. Open will be played.

 Locke reflects on time in China as he heads home to Seattle – Ambassador to China Gary Locke, in his farewell news conference, stressed such accomplishments as increasing trade ties and decreasing visa-processing times but also voiced concern about China’s lack of freedom of expression and its record on human rights.

Both sides agree: Seattle rideshare rules ‘a mess’ – After months of jam-packed meetings, a new City Council plan for regulating rideshare companies brings universal disapproval.

Oracle Pulls 100 Programmers from Oregon Health Insurance Exchange – The company’s work on finishing the site has largely ceased — whether or not it’s a permanent move remains unc

Florence examines pause for pot outlets – The Legislature may let local officials ban medical marijuana dispensaries

Pure Midwest: Twitter


Chicago’s Big Bet on the Bus – The Ashland BRT line has become a referendum on the city’s evolution.

Historic Dundee house reduced to rubble – People in Dundee are used to the sight of dumpsters in driveways outside the Omaha neighborhood’s historic homes; it’s a sign that major renovations are underway inside.

Rauner again takes brunt of criticism during debate – The four Republican candidates for governor intensified their attacks with the primary election less than three weeks away.

Oberweis pushed to raise speed limit, has 11 speeding tickets – U.S. Senate candidate Jim Oberweis, who cites his successful push to raise Illinois’ speed limit as the top accomplishment of his first year as a state lawmaker, has been ticketed for speeding 11 times since 1988.

Columbus seeks Dem ’16 convention – Their pitch: “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.”

David Spielfogel — Mayor Emanuel’s go-to guy — is ‘mini-Rahm’ – Then-chief policy adviser David Spielfogel legally cemented his decadelong partnership with Lee Crandell, then a top official at the Active Transportation Alliance, which shares the mayor’s affinity for bike lanes, bike-sharing and pedestrian-friendly streets.

Emanuel to lead first ‘coordinated’ Chicago contingent at SXSW – The Chicago contingent will be organized around the theme Chicago Made, focusing on Chicago’s emerging prominence in new manufacturing and highlighting local music and culture.

South x Southwest: Twitter


Could Texas Stadium site become a high-end destination? But Irving officials say they want residents’ input before finalizing the master plan for the 78-acre development.

A look at The Pearl via Google Glass – A San Antonian takes his specs for a spin at the retail hot spot.

The world’s 50 most admired companies – One former S.A. company made the list. See what other Texas brands scored a spot on Fortune’s 2014 list.

Public-safety website inflames messaging war with city – The city’s police and fire unions have taken their messaging battle with City Manager Sheryl Sculley to the Internet. On Feb. 19, the political action committees for the unions launched a new website (PublicSafetyFacts.com) devoted to debunking Sculley’s recent PR offensive on the hazards of rising public-safety costs.

Family fights are serious business for Dems, GOP— The Texas Democratic Party is fighting a candidate for U.S. Senate whose key tenet is removing President Barack Obama.

Arkansas Governor Speaks Up About Chances of Medicaid Expansion Repeal – His state may become the first to repeal Medicaid expansion after becoming the first to enact it with a privatized model.

Human Resources


02.25.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Ramis Remix)

Learn something new everyday – My biggest motivation? Just to keep challenging myself.

Dream Big. Hustle Harder. What makes success is simple, it’s people. It’s the DNA you inspire, you create, that magnifies into something greater than you ever imagined. It’s infectious as it can cross boundaries without your presence.

5 Ways to Finish What You Start (and Why You Often Don’t) – These 5 precautions should keep you progressing toward a goal.

The Social Network


It’s All About Swag in Social Media – Social media is a very important marketing tools. Utilizing sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & more can take your campaign to the next level.

Beware of the social media “guru”! – Years ago, I worked for Canon USA as a color systems specialist. It was my job to travel over the western United States and teach our dealerships how to sell our color systems.

Nasty LinkedIn rejection goes viral – When you’re a city’s “Communicator of the Year” you probably ought not blast one of those job-seekers in a rude, dismissive e-mail.

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