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Return of Shamrock Shake Inspires Selfies


Transaction Wire

Search underway for new Hardeeville city manager

Half Moon Bay city manager resigns

Phoenix’s New City Manager Shares His Goals

Shelena Hawkins best-qualified for Community and Economic Development position, city manager says

Plano appoints Lisa Henderson city secretary, announces staff changes

City of Andrews Looking For a New Leader After Sudden Death of Mayor Bob Zap

Windcrest city manager involved in car accident

Evans planning Ward 6 campaign

High 5


  1. Google Fiber and the Kansas City experience – Here’s a roundup of some local coverage about the company’s progress in the Kansas City market, its first U.S. market for high-speed delivery.

  2. 4 Cities Developing The World’s Best Sustainable Transport Systems – The winner is Buenos Aires, which took the widest avenue in the world and devoted half of the car-lanes to a new “surface subway.” Crossing the city now takes less than half of the time.

  3. What the Stimulus Accomplished – Though ridiculed by Republicans, the 2009 Recovery Act saved the American economy.

  4. Can millennials elect a governor? THERE HAS been a lot of hand-wringing recently about the plight of America’s young people. They get too many trophies. They’re far too willing to move back into their parent’s basement. They’re so plugged into their smartphones that they’ve become incapable of forming meaningful human relationships. Nowhere has this tendency to bemoan disinterested millennials been more pronounced than in government. It has become received wisdom that young people don’t care about politics, or if they do, they only care about abstract injustices that play out on the other side of the world.

  5. Pot legalization push gains support again, but is this time any different? While previous efforts have failed, today’s leap toward legality is entwined with financial desperation.

50 Nifty


Q&A: The Man Who Wants To Split California Into 6 States – Venture Capitalist Tim Draper is the inspiration behind an ambitious, unlikely proposal

It takes more than open space to make a great urban park – The Silver Spring Transit Center isn’t finished yet, but there’s already support for turning vacant land next to it into a big park. However, this really isn’t a good place for a park. There are also lots of small, underused parks nearby, and with some alterations, they could help quench the demand for open space.

At city hall, Oakland can follow Berkeley’s lead – One of the reasons I chose to live in Oakland instead of Berkeley was the long history of political shenanigans and guerrilla theater at Berkeley City Hall.



Scott Brown, man of mystery – Scott Brown performed with the band Cheap Trick at a concert in Massachusetts last weekend, strumming his guitar along as they played “Surrender.” Two weeks earlier, a shirtless picture of him at a polar bear swim appeared on the cover of New Hampshire’s largest newspaper. On Thursday, a conservative blog reported that the former senator will keynote an April GOP fundraiser … in Iowa.

Romney to fundraise with Christie for GOP governors – Joint appearance in Boston is signal to GOP establishment of continued support for embattled N.J. governor.

GOP Governors Rely on Their Records – Republican governors huddling in Washington this weekend are touting their ability to create jobs while repairing their states’ fiscal outlook, hopeful of replicating their success in the 2010 elections.



Portland once looked like a Google Fiber loser, but years of work may now pay off – When Google held a national competition four years ago to choose a city where the company would build its first super-fast fiber-optic network, communities across the country fell all over themselves trying to win the company’s attention.

South Cooper Mountain: Land use ruling may delay, but not halt, Beaverton development – The area’s 2,300 acres encompass North Cooper Mountain and South Cooper Mountain Annexation Area, which are both inside the urban growth boundary, as well as an urban reserve area outside the boundary. Here’s what you need to know.

Hall Monitor – The auditor publicly smacks the mayor over police oversight reforms.

An Empty Mandate – Police reform hearing makes it clear: New mental health centers are merely “aspirational.”

Traces of Fluoride – The fate of the city’s water and sewer systems will be decided in May. Cue name calling.



Medical marijuana permits eyed in Keizer – Not many licenses are needed in Keizer. An exception expected to come soon: a permit for those planning to have a medical marijuana facility in the city.

Falls City charter debate heats up — Even before it has been placed on a ballot, Falls City’s proposed new charter is the subject of debate — starting with a member of the charter committee that led the revision process.

C-Tran is nearer to electronic fare model – An overhaul to C-Tran’s fare system could soon allow users to pay single-ride fares electronically, marking a dramatic shift away from the cash-only model the transit agency has used for decades.

Gun policy could alter Clark County’s insurance rate – A proposed Clark County policy that would allow public employees to bring concealed firearms to work could affect the amount the county pays in insurance premiums.

Pure Midwest


Greater Cleveland’s sewer tunnel project already has taken thousands from your pocket — Is there a cheaper, greener way? The approach the sewer district adopted more than a decade ago — boring giant tunnels to store the contaminated water and sewage for later filtering and cleaning — already has siphoned nearly $3,500 from your wallet by way of annual rate hikes. And the project likely will cost you thousands more before the work is done 25 years from now.

Chicago picked as site for Obama’s manufacturing initiative – Chicago will be the site of a digital manufacturing institute backed by $70 million in federal money and another $250 million in private and other government funding, giving the city, once a factory town, a better chance to re-establish its credentials as a modern maker of things.

Wisconsin’s Legacy for Unions – Could a law that so swiftly deflated unions’ power become the pattern for other states? It’s labor’s worst fear.

A Lesson for Detroit in Efforts to Aid a New Orleans After Katrina – Detroit can learn from New Orleans, where a fix that appeared rational to some was thrown aside for a way forward that has been messier but politically more palatable.

Monumental effort to tear down blight would improve neighborhoods and Detroit’s image – Detroit emergency Manager Kevyn Orr’s plan to spend more than half-a-billion dollars in blight removal creates a Marshall Plan-style vision to change the very face of Detroit in the next few years. Like the rebuilding of Europe with U.S. aid dollars after World War II, Orr’s effort could bring extraordinary benefits: higher property values, less crime, a better national image for Detroit.

Stephen Henderson: Detroit is seeing the light to recovery, but it can’t be just a flash – But the new lighting authority installed LEDs up and down Jefferson Avenue, and the plan is to do the same throughout the city over the next 18 months. Within a few days in my world, darkness gave way to floods of brilliance.

South x Southwest


Oklahoma City Manager: ‘The Steelyard’ will bring some definition to east end of Bricktown – The Oklahoman’s Steve Lackmeyer and City Manager Jim Couch took questions from readers in today’s OKC Central Live Chat.

A bucket list for Houston – Since Ragnarok didn’t happen and there was no sign of Thor or Loki, which of these Houston activities did you indulge in to prepare for the apocalypse? Our readers and staff present 39 things to try.

Who has the highest rent? – A small town up north has Houston beat in living expenses.

Justices to hear arguments in test of EPA authority – The Supreme Court will hear a challenge by Texas and others on EPA regulation of emissions under the Clean Air Act.

Human Resources: 02.18.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Zoe Barnes Remix)


5 dating clichés, applied to PR – Whether you’re playing the field for a potential soul mate or for the perfect client, much of the same wisdom applies.

10 Anger Management Lessons No One Should Miss – Anger management is easier said than done. We talked to experts around the country to put together this Lifehack for dealing with anger.

5 Timeless Techniques Rock-Star Speakers Use – Riveting preachers to the one-and-only Steve Jobs, the best public speakers have mastered these classic skills.

5 reasons why you shouldn’t work too hard – “Why do we work so hard? For stuff?” actor Neal McDonough asks in the commercial that has been playing without cease. “Other countries work. They stroll home. They stop by a café. They take the entire month of August off. “Off,” he says again, to reinforce the point.

3 Lessons from the 2014 Winter Olympics to Boost Your Job Search – We’ve all been watching Team USA take on the 2014 Winter Olympics and have seen some truly inspiring determination and drive. Our USA Olympians can teach us a lot in regards to going after our career dreams and not giving up.

The Social Network


To Be More Productive, Leave Nothing Hanging  – You don’t have to resolve everything immediately, but you can keep expectations on track if you respond to messages within 24 hours.

5 YouTube Facts That Will Surprise You – In the one minute it takes you to read this text, 100 hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube. That’s 250 days of video every hour, 16.4 years of video every day, and six millennia of video every year.

Facebook Will Make ‘Look Back’ Videos for Deceased Users – Facebook is changing its policies regarding profiles of users who have passed away. Facebook on Friday altered its privacy settings on memorialized profiles so that all functions operate as they did when the user was active on the platform.

Social Media Traffic to News Sites Has Increased 57% Since 2009 – More than half of all Internet users are plugged in to some form of social media, which means they’re most likely coming into contact with the breaking news other users share on those platforms. This is especially true of Twitter, where stories can go viral long before they see print.

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