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Report: Warner Bros. is developing a Space Jam sequel


Transaction Wire

Phoenix chooses from within for new city manager

Third challenger for Schrader emerges

Ex-Longview official takes Ennis city manager post

Public Invited to Meet Burien City Manager Finalists

Manhattan Beach asks residents to envision new city manager

League City narrows down search for city manager

Hackensack’s former city manager tapped for North Arlington post

West Linn City Manager Chris Jordan finalist for Lane County administrator

Former Spruce Grove city manager John Stasiuk leaves lasting legacy

City manager given power to kick mayor, council from city buildings

High 5

  1. Mexico becoming a driving force in auto production – Mexico accounts for about 18% of North American auto production, and auto industry employment there has soared 46% to about 580,000 jobs since 2009.

  2. How the “Six Californias” proposal would shake up the electoral map – It’s not going to happen. But what if it did?

  3. Pew maps Twitter conversations, finds 6 types – People take to Twitter to talk about everything from politics to breakfast to Justin Bieber in what feels like a chaotic stream of messages.

  4. The Power of Mapping – Geospatial information is changing the way we approach the world around us. Here’s an example. 

  5. The Case for Corruption – Why Washington needs more honest graft

50 Nifty


Ten things planners need to know about demographics and the future – Professor Arthur C. Nelson, of the University of Utah, has made a career out of studying the relationships between demographic and real estate market trends. 

Why Income Inequality Is So Much Worse in Atlanta Than Omaha – Of all the forms of diversity inherent in big U.S. cities, there is inevitably vast diversity in incomes, too. New York City is home to investment bankers and busboys, San Francisco to Internet entrepreneurs and grocery clerks, Boston to biomed engineers and the janitors who pick up their offices.

Strong L.A. economy boosts inequality, study says – The Brookings Institution finds that rising inequality may be a byproduct of a robust local economy that plumps the incomes of coveted workers.

Copper and Robbers – More than half the states enacted laws to combat metal theft last year, but there’s little analysis of which legislative policies actually work.

Farewell, Fulton? Over the past decade, Fulton County has undergone a Tilt-A-Whirl as chunks broke away and formed their own cities. (Hello, Sandy Springs, Milton, and Johns Creek.) Now a Gold Dome lawmaker has proposed a bill that would create a city from the last unincorporated vestiges of Fulton County and give its residents a voice in self-governance and the power to determine their future.



Kentucky Challenger Sets Sights on Senate G.O.P. Heavyweight – Democrats are coalescing around Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky’s secretary of state, who is seeking to unseat Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader.

Religious Right Hails Bill Derided by Gay Rights Groups – Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona must decide whether to sign the legislation that would allow religious beliefs as a legal justification for denying service to same-sex couples.

G.O.P. Congressman Takes a Risk on Immigration – Representative Mike Mulvaney of South Carolina could face the ire of Tea Party conservatives if he moves too far on a push for immigration reform.



Mayor: The state of Lake Oswego is good – Studebaker says he is coming through on promises for change 

Arts need a public lifeline, supporters say – The Wilsonville City Council is considering a request from the Wilsonville Arts and Culture Council for up to $10,000 in grant funding to help both the Wilsonville Festival of Arts and the Wilsonville Theater Company survive ongoing financial difficulties.

Gresham develops apps to attract business – The Gresham Economic Development app connects site selectors, brokers and other interested parties with “relevant and regularly updated information about industrial development in Gresham,” according a press release issued by the city.

Planning head slams Damascus mayor, council, then resigns – The Damascus City Council meeting got off to a rancorous start this week when the first speaker, the head of the planning commission, accused the mayor and council of being a “cabal of patriarchs” who don’t want citizen input and don’t respect city staff.

Land use debate heats up in Salem – Washington County officials and land use watchdogs headed to Salem on Friday to talk to legislators about how to respond to the Oregon Court of Appeals decision rejecting the designation of urban and rural reserves in the Portland metropolitan region.



Mayor backs SPD chief’s about-face on 7 officers – Interim Police Chief Harry Bailey’s overturned misconduct findings, calling into question the city’s effort to comply with federally mandated reforms to curb excessive force and biased policing.

Inslee says he may raise minimum wage himself – Gov. Jay Inslee is considering ways he could raise the minimum wage for state employees – even as legislation to raise pay for all Washington workers is stalling in the Legislature.

Polk County loses round-the-clock patrols in another sign of rural Oregon retrenchment – Polk County voters last November turned down a property tax levy that would have halted the erosion of the sheriff’s office. The department has money for 22 people in patrol currently, but loses two of those slots in July as a new budget cycle kicks in. Patrol strength peaked six years ago at 29.

Surveys detail Oregonians’ quirks – Oregonians tend to be an independent lot. 

Ride-along gives insight into Station 3’s down time – I had been a on couple with police and I’m familiar with a handful of the firefighters at the Salem Fire Department, but I had never gone on calls with a crew simply as an observer — until Thursday.

City manager plans to appeal fine – Albany City Manager Wes Hare said Thursday he’ll appeal a $75 fine levied by the secretary of state’s office over an October 2013 press release regarding a bond election that was in progress.

Pure Midwest


02.21.14 Pure Midwest with John McCarter

Bike delivery services springing up around St. Louis – At one time, St. Louisans were hard-pressed to find restaurants that offered inexpensive delivery, aside from pizza joints and sub shops.

Plan for DIA rescues both art and Detroit retirees – The proposed cuts to Detroit pensioners, the real people most affected by the city’s historic bankruptcy, aren’t what Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr proposed back in June.

Detroit’s worst-case scenario should motivate Wayne County – If Bob Ficano is looking for a proverbial club to wield to keep Wayne County out of bankruptcy court, the executive should point today to the federal courthouse in downtown Detroit.

Neighborhood Development Awards salute ‘miracle’ incubator – The University of Chicago’s Arts & Public Life initiative connects art and creativity to the city’s South Side. In terms of community strategy, you could call the initiative a masterpiece.

Ice Caves Prove to Be a Hot Draw – Lake Superior has frozen over enough this winter for people to walk to its ice caves along Wisconsin’s northern shoreline, creating a major tourist destination.

Detroit bankruptcy plan includes deep pension cuts – The blueprint to manage Detroit’s $18-billion debt asks current and retired city employees to bear the brunt of cost-cutting measures. Unions aren’t happy.

Enough already: Fix the roads – Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence, supported by the City Council, recently urged shutting down a badly deteriorating section of Greenfield Road.

South x Southwest


Google impressed with San Antonio leadership – San Antonio may be among nine metro areas under consideration to receiveGoogle Fiber’s gigabit-per-second Internet and TV service platform.

El Paso city manager position posted, will remain open 30 days – Once the posting closes, consultants will review applicants’ resumes and forward their top 10 candidates to the mayor and City Council for review. The mayor and council will then select finalists to be interviewed, and make the final appointment. A deadline for the selection has not been set.

Cruz Control – The junior senator from Texas is a smart political operator—so why can’t he resist picking so many losing fights with members of his own party?

Nugent backlash leaves Texas GOP in a campaign bind — Mitt Romney rallied with Kid Rock and President George W. Bush

Human Resources


Weekly Job Listings: 02.18.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Zoe Barnes Remix)

What You Need to Know About Hiring Now – Whether you’re an HR pro or a first-time hiring manager, check out this infographic to make sure you have what it takes to get the best talent on your team.

One-Percent Jokes and Plutocrats in Drag: What I Saw When I Crashed a Wall Street Secret Society – Recently, our nation’s financial chieftains have been feeling a little unloved. Venture capitalists are comparing the persecution of the rich to the plight ofJews at Kristallnacht, Wall Street titans are saying that they’re sick of being beaten up, and this week, a billionaire investor, Wilbur Ross, proclaimed that “the 1 percent is being picked on for political reasons.”

16 Things Every Leader Should Know – Short on time and in need of some inspiration? Leadership advisor Lee Colan shares some of the insights he’s gleaned from 25 years in the business.

5 reasons you should stop hiring based on titles – The time comes for every young company when the addition of a COO or a dedicated IT specialist is required. In the face of a growing talent shortage and a war for the best employees, however, adding the right people to your team can be a large task for a growing company.

The Social Network


​15+ Awesome Google+ Tricks You Might Not Know About – Google is slowly but surely improving Google+ and trying to bring the social network to the masses. 

Communicating Visually… It Works! – We live in a visual world. People aren’t finding the time to read a book, so they wait until there’s a movie about it.

How Converse uses social media: Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Vine – Converse operates the third most popular branded page on Facebook, with 39.6m fans and 76,000 people talking about the brand.



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