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Groupon mistakes Hamilton as a U.S. president


Transaction Wire

Malin a finalist for Fort Worth job

Killeen to move several city departments

City manager, clerk job performance reviews on Watertown City Council agenda

Ex-Bell council members weigh deal for guilty pleas

 High 5


  1. The protests at the Supreme Court’s door – Case challenges justices on just where demonstrators get to protest when it comes to the courts.

  2. As government goes digital, a pro-paper group pushes back – A lobbying group created by the paper industry hustles to slow the move away from printed checks, forms and other paper communication.

  3. The logo for these warm-weather Games should have been a stretcher –  Sochi may have been a dangerously idiotic place to hold a Winter Olympics based on the quality of the snow.

  4. Magnet Schools Find a Renewed Embrace in Cities – In Miami and many other cities, public schools that admit students districtwide and focus on themes like art, law or technology are gaining popularity after largely falling off the radar.

  5. Saving an Endangered Species: The Pub – Changing economics and tastes in Britain have claimed roughly one out of every five “locals” in the last 20 years.

50 Nifty

Re-imagining the landmark Silver Lake Reservoir – People are pitching and debating ideas of how to get the area freed up and transformed into something more park-like.

Cities head to D.C. in search of conference bookings – Conferences accounted for $115 billion in U.S. spending in 2012.

Florida Self-Defense Law Complicated Jury’s Job in Michael Dunn Trial – The jurors in Dunn’s murder trial wrangled with knowing when lethal force is justified, where nothing is straightforward and perception counts as much as fact.

In Kansas, Right Joins Left to Halt Bill on Gays – The legislation would have allowed the denial of business services to same-sex couples because of religious beliefs.


Barack Obama’s paragraph – Ten leading historians assess Obama’s rank in the pantheon of American presidents.

Washington lawmakers older, richer than their constituents — A Seattle Times analysis has found Washington state’s 147-member Legislature is wealthier, older and less diverse than the people it represents.

McCain Presses for Immigration Overhaul This Year – Sen. John McCain rejected the notion that an immigration overhaul can’t be accomplished in 2014.

On Health Act, Democrats Run in Fix-It Mode – To address the unease with the heath care law, party leaders have urged Democratic candidates to talk openly about the law’s problems while also offering their own solutions.

Does John Boehner still want to be House speaker? The operative question within GOP circles is how long he can — and wants to — hold his coveted perch.



Throwing money at the homeless is no solution: Editorial Agenda 2014 – The speed with which Right 2 Dream Too, the homeless tent camp at the gate to Chinatown, has found itself parked on big money is breathtaking.

City gets help keeping streets clear – Forest Groves meager snow-clearing resources struggle with huge snowfall 

Council to consider Portland Streetcar realignment – Portland’s City Council will consider Wednesday realigning a portion of the westside Portland Streetcar line near Portland State University.

County takes on inequalities across local park system – Most children who live in Milwaukie or Happy Valley have their choice of walking to at least two parks



Peter Callaghan: Piece of Tacoma rail history could go by the wayside – Dave Burns thinks he knows what goes through people’s minds when he starts talking about his dining car. “People think I’ve got a screw loose,” he said last week. “But some people have Harleys.

777X wing will also be built in Everett – Boeing has decided to build the new 777X wing facility next to its final assembly plant in Everett, ensuring more than a decade of work for thousands of people in the area.

Same-sex marriage campaign makes stop at Silverton mayor’s home – About 20 people gathered at Silverton Mayor Stu Rasmussen’s house on Sunday to support Oregon’s same-sex marriage campaign.

New court model seeks opinion of residents – Eugene officials want the public’s help to determine which minor crimes should be prosecuted in a new court.

Washburne debate rises – Some residents say a historic neighborhood in Springfield is at risk from development

Ashland pares down proposed gun laws – Council to discuss issue on Tuesday

Pure Midwest


A ‘cool building’ in north St. Louis County struggles to regain its footing – It was planned as a scaled down, north St. Louis County version of Marina City, the mid-20th century matching towers that stand sentry over the North Branch of the Chicago River. A falling out between business partners ensued.

Same-sex marriage still divides GOP voters in Illinois – Tribune/WGN-TV poll:Heading into next month’s primary election, Republicans in Illinois are more unified on pocketbook concerns but remain divided on social issues- a split accentuated along geographic and ideological lines.

Winter is taking a toll on some Novi roads – Overall, the road fixing season will start come spring with warmer temperatures, so in the meantime things will be bumpy and slow.

Can a Twitter Bot Capture Chicago’s Essence? When established in 1833, the Town of Chicago incorporated fewer than 200 people into its new borders. Within seven years—the city’s first decennial U.S. census—more than 4,000 people lived there; after another 10 almost 30,000 people did.

South x Southwest


Fracking brings oil boom to south Texas town, for a price – Since 2008, hydraulic fracturing oil drilling technology has been tapping the rich Eagle Ford shale formation, transforming Carrizo Springs in good ways and bad. Nobody knows how long it will last.

Those who vote will do so early for Bexar County primaries — Bexar County and party officials predict low turnout for the upcoming Democratic and Republican primaries and expect most voters to cast ballots during early voting which begins Tuesday.

Fire department bolstered as energy boom presents hazards, demand – Richard Prado has learned a number of rules in his six years as a firefighter. Among the most important, he says, is to know your equipment. If only he had some.

Human Resources: 02.13.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Shirley Temple Remix)

Infographic: Is the rise of flexible working a myth? You are reading an article fromthe rise of flexible working series, to read more about this you can visit theseries homepage. So, is the apparent change in our working culture not all it’s cracked up to be?

More Reflection, Less Action – The more complex and demanding the work we do, the wider, deeper and longer the perspective we require to do it well, writes Tony Schwartz in the Life@Work column.

Before You Open Your Mouth Ask These Four Questions – Leaders rarely have enough time to prepare for the communicating they have to do. Here’s a shortcut.

Information Technology



What social data can tell you (and why) Pretty much everything. In a fascinating piece of research, Facebook’s data scientists were able to determine a very particular pattern when couples were courting, and when they had started a relationship simply.

5 Social Media Habits of Highly Annoying People – Counterproductive social-media use is like pornography – it’s tough to detail, but you know it when you see it. Here are five things we hope we never see if your social feeds.

How to Spend Only 10 Minutes Per Day on Twitter – The No. 1 complaint from businesses new to social media is: “I just don’t have time.” What these people don’t realize is that social media doesn’t always require a huge commitment, especially Twitter.

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