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Billy Ray Cyrus Releases Hip-Hop Sequel to ‘Achy Breaky Heart’

Transaction Wire

Archdale’s city manager to retire

Decision on new Flushing city manager could come during special meeting

Middaugh receives council endorsement as city manager

Minot city manager candidates narrowed to three

Coos Bay seeks a temporary city councilor

Oakland Tribune editorial: Four years later, former Hercules city manager still walks free

Howard M. Terpenning, longtime general manager of Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District, dies at age 83

Paul Hoffman Becomes New Bellaire City Manager

Orange County, Calif., CIO Mahesh Patel Retires

High 5

  1. 8 New Jobs City Hall Needs Now – To do that, city governments must have the right people employed, and the right skills and focus in house. In the age of big data, and big storms, the onus is on City Hall to fill new and emerging positions that speak to the challenges of the 21st century. What follows are eight jobs we at Future Cities believe are City Hall “must-haves,” accompanied by examples of where we’re already seeing this work in action, as well as salary estimates where applicable.

  2. The Millennial-Industrial Complex – Does anyone really understand the politics of young people today?

  3. What Cities Really Need to Attract Entrepreneurs, According to Entrepreneurs – Hint: It’s not favorable tax rates.

  4. A World Without Car Crashes – Connected vehicles — the so-called “internet of cars” — could be the biggest transportation advance since the car itself.

  5. Cuba’s Reward for the Dutiful: Gated Housing – A new housing development in Havana will have apartments for military and government families, a reward for loyalty and a sign of the island’s hybrid economy.

50 Nifty

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States Reinvest in Once-Abandoned Freight Lines – In the past year, several states have either created or rekindled grant programs dedicated to improving freight service.

We Finally Have Metro-Level Numbers From States That Refused the Medicaid Expansion, and They’re Really Bad – More than 350,000 uninsured poor in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area alone are missing out on health coverage.

The ‘Rocky’ of Bridges Is Still Knocking Out Trucks – North Carolina’s worst-designed underpass shows no signs of ending its automotive carnage.

The Importance of a Giant Doughnut – Why Long Beach rallied to preserve a roadside icon.

Silicon Galley? Seeking innovation off-shore – Could Silicon Valley become more of an island? An island is both an outpost with its own rules that’s also a bit cut off from the wider society

Nebraska City Votes to Keep Rule Aimed at Illegal Immigrants – Fremont is one of a handful of cities to take independent action over the past decade to restrict illegal immigration.



How Boehner told the GOP the debt fight was over – The speaker bucked his own leadership, saying flatly: “We’re not going to make ourselves the story.”

Republican Councilman Faulconer is elected San Diego mayor – Councilman Kevin Faulconer will serve out the remainder of disgraced ex-Mayor Bob Filner’s term, returning the city to Republican leadership.

In an underdog campaign for governor, Donnelly expresses high hopes — Tim Donnelly aimed a Glock 19 at a paper target, the image of a zombie dressed as a British Redcoat, and fired.

 In Governors’ Races This Year, Lessons for Parties in 2016 – Closely watched elections are approaching in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where white working-class voters were once solidly Democratic but are now up for grabs.

Automaker Gives Its Blessings, and G.O.P. Its Warnings – Tennessee’s Republican lawmakers are warning Volkswagen employees that the Chattanooga plant could lose future incentives if they vote to unionize.


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Beaverton city councilors preview plans for proposed upscale apartment complex at First and Angel – Associate city planner Liz Jones said the project is still in the design phase. It is geared toward adding new rental housing and creating an accessible, walkable community, she said.

Legal marijuana is inevitable in Oregon, so do it right, two retired Multnomah prosecutors say – Norm Frink and Mark McDonnell, two former Multnomah County prosecutors with tough-on-crime reputations, say they decided after the 2012 election that marijuana legalization was coming to Oregon.

Portland commissioner Steve Novick says he ‘messed up’ on $300 million snow-plow estimate – Well, on Tuesday afternoon, he sent an email to The Oregonian, saying that amount was actually way off the charts of reality. 

DCTU vote: City of Portland’s largest union rejects contract – The District Council of Trade Unions is the umbrella group that represents about 1,600 city employees in seven distinct unions – AFSCME Local 189 has about 800 employees, Laborers’ Local 483 has about 700, and five other unions representing electrical workers, machinists, mechanics, operating engineers, plumbers and painters have about 100 employees.


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Attention Tacoma-area techies: Consider applying for the StartupBus – An intense, three-day “hackathon” comes to the Seattle-Tacoma area for the first time this year. StartupBus is a competition that begins with a bus trip where teams of coders, developers and entrepreneurs try to create the next big tech company.

Clark County extends pot moratorium – The Clark County commissioners Tuesday extended a temporary moratorium on marijuana-related businesses until later this spring, a move intended to give the county more time to draft a long-term zoning ordinance regulating the growing, processing and selling of pot.

County reconsiders concert venue – Commissioners will entertain a motion in two weeks to end big events at the Buford Recreation Area

City may test bike-friendly design of Willamette Street – How about taking a new Willamette Street for a test drive before buying it? City officials will suggest temporarily restriping five exceptionally busy blocks of the street in south Eugene to see how a controversial, bicycle-friendly design would work.

Lawmakers drop local improvement district changes, target Keizer Station deal – But they still want to address a specific LID associated with the Keizer Station shopping center.

Fight over medical marijuana dispensaries is likely to end up in court – Regardless of whether a bill to allow cities and counties to restrict medical marijuana facilities passes Oregon’s Legislature, both sides think this fight could ultimately wind up in court.

Executions Are Suspended by Governor in Washington – The move makes Washington the latest in a series of states to step away from capital punishment and makes Gov. Jay Inslee the third Democratic governor in recent years to say something similar.

Pure Midwest 


Get Covered Illinois puts ads on The Onion website – Trying to sell young adults on the idea of health insurance before an upcoming deadline, Illinois officials announced Monday they are launching an ad campaign with the satirical online newspaper The Onion.

Detroit building renovations bring past out of vault – Vintage elements of Detroit’s old saloons, auto factories and warehouses — many of which have sat empty and crumbling for years — are finding new life as entrepreneurs preserve the historic structures that house them.

Harsh winter putting a strain on cities, counties across mid-Michigan – With weeks of winter weather likely still ahead, the city of Lansing already has spent most of its $2 million winter road maintenance budget and might have to seek budget amendments, said Chad Gamble, the city’s public services director.

Christie in Chicago: Full-speed ahead – He is confident moving forward with his agenda.

Detroit water deal not close, Oakland County says – Suburban leaders say they’re far from agreeing on joining a regional authority that would run Detroit’s Water and Sewerage Department, despite pressure to reach a deal to facilitate the city’s bankruptcy restructuring.

Mpls. reclaims control of – and potential income from – bus shelters – Despite resulting revenue loss, city will end deal with CBS Outdoor over maintenance complaints. 

Star Tribune completes land sale to Ryan, stadium authority – Five blocks of land on the east side of downtown Minneapolis will be rebuilt as offices, apartments, parking and a park next to the new Vikings stadium. 

South x Southwest


Texas takes the lead in technology exports – Technology exports from Texas increased 7 percent from 2011 to 2012, the latest year that figures are available, to total of $45 billion.

Bexar County on short list for national health prize –  A dozen U.S. communities, including Bexar County and Brownsville, are on a short-list for a national prize that will award $25,000 to six health-conscious areas in June.

Can Wendy Davis Have It All? Her Texas-size tale of being a single mother who bootstrapped her way into Harvard Law School and possibly the governorship is politically exquisite. It is also far from tidy.

Career Center: 02.11.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Shirley Temple Remix)


Why I, Conan O’Brien, Turned Down The Microsoft CEO Job – LinkedIn Influencer Conan O’Brien here, and I’d like to belatedly congratulate Satya Nadella, the veteran executive who will be replacing Steve Ballmer as CEO of Microsoft.

Understanding the Science of Moods at Work – A growing body of research on the human brain proves that, for better or worse, leaders’ moods affect the emotions of the people around them.

What do the unemployed do when the money stops? Economists have long pondered the question, but may soon find out.

Bob Costas is right: Going to work sick is a terrible idea – People turning up to work sick is actually a vexing problem for employers.

The Social Network

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Peg Fitzpatrick Imbues Social Media Strategy with Positivity – “Social media is the new television,” says social media marketing expert Peg Fitzpatrick.

What Is a Cloud Phone System? Small business owners undoubtedly have a variety of technologies that need to be quickly understood and tapped to maximize efficiency and productivity.

The 41 Percent: What Twitter’s Diversity Means for Brands – Marketing in 2014 is a truly global endeavor, with every brand seeking the most powerful way to engage the right target markets. And until now, brands have had little information to go on. 

Public Sector IT Trends for 2014 — Are State and Local Governments Ready?Better than 90 percent of the 201 state and local government IT managers surveyed say their agencies are not fully prepared for the resulting demands.

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