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Bob Costas: ‘My eyes couldn’t get any redder’


Update: Bob Costas taking the night off from Olympics




  1. 3 Depressing GIFs That Illustrate Who’s Failed by Public Transit – The most accessible public transit systems – accessible to many people, to many neighborhoods, to many jobs – are not necessarily accessible to riders with disabilities. The word means something very different in these two contexts, whether we’re talking about public transportation that serves a large number of people, or public transportation that does a good job of serving the specific needs of some of them.

  2. How a Low-Crime City Became the New Center of America’s Gun Debate – Legend has it that in 1898, builder W.E. Crossman peered out at the 200 acres of fields he’d purchased in California’s Santa Clara Valley, noted the sun shining overhead and declared, “Let’s call it Sunnyvale.”

  3. Obama Extends Health Law Delay for Some Employers – The Obama administration announced on Monday that it would again delay the mandate for employers to provide health insurance to employees, giving medium-size companies extra time to comply.

  4. Heroin’s Small-Town Toll, and a Mother’s Grief – Few understand the way addiction mangles families, said Karen Hale, who lost Alysa Ivy, 21, to an overdose in a Wisconsin town that has been hit hard by heroin.

  5. Sochi Gambles on Future Gold – With empty storefronts and unfinished hotel rooms, the Russian city hosting the Olympics hasn’t been ready for prime time, but the country hopes its $51 billion investment eventually pays off.



Colorado poll: Pot hurts state’s image – Voters still support legalization, but they’re wary of what it’s done to their national profile.

In Arkansas, ‘Private Option’ Medicaid Plan Could Be Derailed – Facing pressure from conservative challengers, several lawmakers who supported a plan to expand health insurance for the poor could change course.

California Welcomes Insurance Coalition for Ride Sharing, Uber Joins In – California officially recognizes a new insurance coalition for ride sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft in hopes of covering liability gaps.

Report: Uncooperative local police stymie federal background checks – Local agencies say they are restricted by law and resources from aiding in federal checks.



Christie’s deals as prosecutor sparked unease over ethics – Concerned Chris Christie’s out-of-court settlements looked like he was misusing his office, Justice Dept. officials enacted new rules governing U.S. attorneys.

Is the GOP ready for Erika Harold? She’s a young, black, Harvard-educated Miss America. So why don’t the Republicans want her to run?

What Do Governors Get Out of Leading the DGA, NGA and RGA Increasingly, these associations are being used as proving grounds for governors that want to run for a national office.

Jury Weighs Whether Former Mayor Tried to Help New Orleans or Himself – Closing arguments were made in the trial of C. Ray Nagin, who is accused of promising assistance to contractors and businessmen in exchange for personal favors.



Portland’s winter storm shut down Multnomah County, but some ‘essential’ workers pressed on through the snow – Of the 5,600 people employed by the county, he was one of a few hundred who stayed on the job as the government shut down in response to three-day assault of snow and ice.

CRC Hearing Scheduled for Wednesday in Salem – House Speaker Tina Kotek (D-Portland) announced today there will in fact be a hearing on the Columbia River Crossing

The rise of Ron Wyden – The Oregon Democrat, then a junior panel member, had been pushing for years to create a new type of bond to help spur private investment in infrastructure. He had struggled to find an audience for the idea, though, so much so that he was startled when colleagues began asking just how much investment might result.

Medical marijuana: Tualatin City Council can’t agree on how long to ban dispensaries – Medical marijuana dispensaries still haven’t been banned in Tualatin – mostly because the City Council couldn’t agree on how long to temporarily restrict them for. But the city will still likely ban them before the first licenses are granted beginning in March.

Questions linger over zoning changes, as Forest Grove City Council finalizes Comprehensive Plan – It included making an area south of Pacific Avenue, stretching from D Street to Ritchey Road, zoned for multifamily residential. That means the area calls for a minimum density of 20 dwellings per acre.



Bertha may be on hold until summer for complex repairs – Seattle Tunnel Partners says it might repair Bertha’s damaged seals from the front end, which would require digging a deep hole, and would take months.

Economic Development Commission hears from statewide expert on challenges it faces – The EDC is trying to do the same for Corvallis and Benton County, and Blackledge — whose family started Blackledge Furniture on Second Street in Corvallis in 1901 — is familiar with some of the obstacles.

Vancouver City Council eyes bigger role in oil terminal permit bid – The Vancouver City Council will take a more prominent role in the state-level permitting process of a proposal for an $110 million oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver.

Marijuana law no respite for crime lab – A year after the legalization of recreational marijuana, law enforcement and the court system have seen some, but not all, of the effects from the new law.

Councilors glimpse City Hall design – The new structure’s final plans aren’t due until April, but the first sketches get mostly good reviews

Experts: Economy to inch forward – Lane County has gained back 32% of the jobs it lost during the recession; Oregon has regained 65%

Power struggle – Utilities scramble to get their customers back online

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Michigan officially takes over operation of Belle Isle – Belle Isle became Michigan’s 102nd state park Mondayas the state Department of Natural Resources began running the island park in a move that is expected to save the city up to $6 million a year and infuse tens of millions of dollars in clean-up and upgrades.

Nicklaus: Lessons from a startup that got away – Cardialen is one of the most promising medical startups to come out of St. Louis in recent years. It recently raised $3 million in venture capital, and it’s close to starting clinical trials for a device to treat atrial fibrillation, the most common type of irregular heartbeat.

The fight for Obama’s library – The University of Chicago may be touted as the clear front-runner to host Barack Obama’s presidential library and museum, but universities from the East Coast to Hawaii aren’t ready to cede the race: They’re putting up a fight to claim a piece of the president’s legacy — and the cash that comes along with it.

An Extraordinary Effort to Build a Future for Detroit – The diverse group of people dealing with the city’s bankruptcy could teach Washington a lot about collaboration and creativity.



Three dead, including Dallas firefighter, as ice covers area roads – The risks are expected to continue as a freezing drizzle persists through Tuesday.

Plano looking to offer incentives to lure FedEx Office – The relocation will consolidate more than 1,200 employees in a single office complex near Legacy Drive and Headquarters Drive in West Plano. FedEx Office’s current headquarters are in the Galleria area in Dallas, with a smaller satellite office in Plano.

Police cite man dressed as banana carrying AK-47 – Grand opening stunt riles up passing motorists in Texas city

S.A. recognized as best city for job seekers – According to Nerdwallet, San Antonio ranked number 10 as the best city for job seekers. The ranking is composed by analyzing job availability versus the unemployment rate, population growth and the cost of living.

Inside Rackspace – Take this visual tour inside San Antonio’s best known – yet most intriguing – tech company.

CAREER CENTER: 02.06.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (XOXO Remix)


Three things Bill Gates wishes he could have done 20 years ago – The Bill Gates of 2014 is very different than the Gates of 1994.

Tastefully Offensive: A Conference Call in Real Life – TastefullyOffensive.com delivers a daily roundup of the funniest videos and pictures on the Internet.

How To Get Your Employees to Think Strategically – Studies show that strategic thinking is the most important element of leadership. But how do you instill the trait in others at your company?



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Five Apps You Need to Investigate – I’m so tired of getting interviewed at conferences and being asked “How do you stay on top of things?!

Why Do Some Governments Struggle to Make Online Services Viable? Recent audits reveal how poor strategic planning leads to lost opportunities for governments that are looking for new ways to deliver services at the lowest cost possible.

Should you hire a social media agency or keep it in house? Given that I was “the social guy” in the room, of course, I was asked all of the questions related to social media, from, ” What should I do on Twitter?” all the way to, “Does anybody even use Google Plus?”

Developers from 11 Cities Compete in PayPal’s BattleHack – $100,000 prize for the best app that benefits the community. 


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