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The mysteries of icicles — and why your tongue can get stuck to one


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City of Lodi bids farewell to Rad Bartlam

Lebanon council, Gary Marks ink 3-year city management contract

City appoints two assistant city managers

City of Bothell appoints new assistant city manager

After 25 years of service, Lewisville city manager ready to retire

Connell city administrator position filled by Yakima resident

Joplin’s New Interim City Manager

Salinas city manager to get 3-year contract extension



  1. The Global Map of Homophobia – The Sochi Olympics are intended, as The Economist has noted, as a “celebration of Russia’s resurgence, a symbol of international recognition.” So far, the press coverage in the lead-up to tonight’s opening ceremonies has instead highlighted the games as a “microcosm of Russian corruption, inefficiencies, excess of wealth and disregard for ordinary citizens.”

  2. A trillion in the trough – Congress passes a bill that gives bipartisanship a bad name

  3. Backlash over AOL’s 401(k) cuts — and rationale – The CEO’s comment on “distressed babies” helped shine a light on a practice seeping into corporate America that threatens to rob workers of thousands of dollars in retirement savings.

  4. He Thinks He Can – Jerry Brown is trying to will California’s high-speed rail into existence.

  5. So Many Bribes, a Greek Official Can’t Recall All – Testimony by a deputy in the Defense Ministry, if accurate, illustrates how arms makers passed out payoffs to sell Greece weaponry that it could ill afford.



Sam Massell: It’s time to say “never again” – Atlanta’s MARTA mayor on why last week’s wintry gridlock was 50 years in the making and what should happen next.

‘Aid in Dying’ Movement Takes Hold in Some States – Advocates of the practice, who shun the term “assisted suicide,” say they believe that as baby boomers watch frail parents suffer, support for their movement will grow further.

NEVADA COUNTY CHARGING FOR JAIL MEALS; ACLU UPSET – A northern Nevada county is moving ahead with what may be a first-in-the-nation plan to charge county jail inmates for food and medical care, despite objections from the American Civil Liberties Union that it’s cruel and unusual punishment and could lead to a court battle.


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The most painful speech ever – More people were wincing than laughing at Rep. Donna Edwards’ performance.

Chris Christie struggles to deal with turmoil – The memo from Gov. Chris Christie’s office attacking former appointee David Wildstein’s credibility landed with a thud. It was a striking and deeply personal broadside coming from a chief executive of a state, and even his allies called it a mistake.

The GOP ignores real-life misery – The party is choosing an idealized philosophy over the troubles Americans are facing.

Lacking a House, a Senator Is Renewing His Ties in Kansas – As the Republican mainstream has been threatened by the Tea Party, Senator Pat Roberts is desperate to re-establish ties to Kansas and adjust his politics to fit the rise of the right there.


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Spooked by the CRC, lawmakers need to make a clear call: Editorial Agenda 2014 – It would be difficult to underestimate the confusion in the Oregon Legislature surrounding a familiar subject known as the Columbia River Crossing, in public debate for more than a decade by now and having incurred the expenditure of more than $170 million planning and public dollars.

More buyers interested in old Blue Heron site – Now that a Portland property investor will not buy the old Blue Heron paper mill site in Oregon City, other buyers are showing interest.

New police chief ready to focus on job – Monday was Lee Dobrowolski’s first day on the job. Hillsboro’s new police chief said he has been busy getting his office set up, getting to know the staff of the Hillsboro Police Department

Snow plow workers keep Tigard streets safe – Teams work around the clock to keep streets moving despite winter storm



Three knew of changes, Richardson told probe – But commissioners Leiken and Stewart denied her claims to an investigator

Rain and snow not enough to break Oregon’s drought — The rain and snow falling across Oregon are far from enough to break the drought.

Ex-city manager released from jail — Jerry Wyatt, the former Dallas city manager convicted of theft and misconduct in 2013, has been released from prison a year early.

5 ‘Placemaking’ Lessons From Seattle’s Amazing Super Bowl Parade – Professional efforts to create great urban places have a lot to learn from unifying regional events that cut across silos of culture, age, income, or neighborhood. Such events need not be limited to rebuilding after a superstorm or earthquake—they can be as simple and spontaneous as one city’s celebration of its first-ever Super Bowl championship.

With Oregon tax reform on the horizon, lawmakers wary of changes in 2014 – Lawmakers have proposed changes to property taxes, corporate taxes and a small business tax cut passed in a special session last year.

Even non-reporters feel the lure of the police scanner – Scanner junky. Radio relayer. Incident tweeter.

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Mich. approves $2.3M loan for Benton Harbor; new city manager named –  Benton Harbor is just days away from stepping out of a financial emergency. Emergency manager Tony Saunders will be leaving because the city’s deficit will be eliminated.

From The Top: Doug Krieger, city manager of Naperville – If you got to know Doug Krieger, Naperville’s city manager, you most likely would be surprised by what you’d learn.

Obama asks Duggan to provide city jobs plan – In a rare, one-on-one lunch meeting with a local official, President Barack Obama asked Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan on Friday to see Duggan’s job creation plans in 90 days to coordinate federal support in the poverty-stricken and bankrupt Motor City.

Wiping out on a snowy Michigan road could get you $90 ticket – Warning to Michigan motorists: If you wipeout and get stuck in the snow, you could end up with a $90 fine and two points on your record.

Militarized America? In Iowa, a family terrorized by police. An Iowa family gets the full-on SWAT treatment for suspected credit card fraud.

Group Spent $1.5M on Plan for an Ohio/Indiana Drone Center – The FAA in January announced the six sites nationwide that had been picked as official testing sites for unmanned aircraft, known as drones. Ohio, which paired with Indiana to submit one proposal, was not picked.

McClellan: What’s the problem with the Dooley approach? Kevin Killeen of KMOX reported this week that County Executive Charlie Dooley had “asked” nonmerit employees to contribute 1 percent of their salaries to his re-election campaign.

Urban forest planned for Detroit’s east side inches upward – Mike Score, the president of Hantz Woodlands, hand-delivered a $431,000 check to the city of Detroit last week — payment, along with a $10,000 deposit — for vacant land that will become a mini-forest.



Irving restarts troubled search for city manager – The City Council decided to restart its search for a city manager Thursday, after its top candidate turned down the job and members could not agree on another.

Road projects to bring new local connections – Partnerships between city, county and state officials, along with private developers, are focusing on meeting the increasing mobility demands of Sugar Land and Missouri City.

Push to revitalize downtown restarts – For nearly 60 years, Juana Camacho has resided in the same three-bedroom, white brick home that her late husband built in 1955 within the “Flats” neighborhood north of downtown Round Rock’s Main Street.

Water documentary features San Antonio – The film, “Water Blues, Green Solutions” focuses on San Antonio and other cities using green solutions to solve water issues.

High speed rail: an idea with no funding – Whether or not parts of Texas can sustain high-speed, passenger rail service that also extends all the way to the border and to Monterrey, Mexico, is the subject of an ongoing study by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Office in El Paso to promote Juárez tourism, attractions – After years of being mired in a vicious drug-cartel war, Juárez is taking another step in trying to make a comeback by attracting tourists through a first-ever visitor’s center in El Paso.


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02.06.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (XOXO Remix)

10 Practical Tips on Managing And Expanding Your Professional Network – Maintain and boost your professional network with these ten tips.

How The Meritocracy Myth Affects Women In Technology – The numbers on women in the tech industry are so out of whack that ladies register in the single digits: Women account for just 6 percent of the chief executives of the top 100 tech companies.

Public Sector Records Worst Jobs Month in Over a Year – New figures show local, state and federal payrolls shed 29,000 jobs in January — the steepest decline for the sector since October 2012.

5 Tips for Managing Millennials – Five tips for working with the generation that will soon represent a majority of your workforce.


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Facebook Gives Grieving Father a ‘Look Back’ Video for his Dead Son – A grieving father asked Facebook to make him a “Look Back” video for his dead son. His plea went viral and Facebook said yes.

How Not To Blow Your Website Refresh – Every so often, houses need to be renovated or gutted; the same goes for Websites. But without the right approach and planning, a Website overhaul is a waste of time, effort and money.

Get People to Open your Emails – One of the most important elements of email marketing is writing subject lines that get people to open your emails. Tips for how to write effective subject lines to get them to click.

What You Can Learn From Team USA’s Social-Media Plan – The U.S. Olympic Team has big plans for socializing the Winter Games.

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