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Hotel horror stories, live from Sochi 



Clay Aiken announces campaign for Congress

Least-successful congressman resigns

PA to part ways with manager; effective immediately

Stockbridge’s new city manager resigns after arrest revealed

Sioux City manager to earn $150,000 a year

Search for new Kingsport city manager goes live

CANYON LAKE: City manager hiring on agenda



  1. U.S. needs a chief operating officer – Opinion: America deserves a visionary who can actually implement his or her policies.

  2. Bill Gates masters D.C. — and the world – It was 1998 and the Senate Judiciary Committee was looking into antitrust allegations against Microsoft. Gates evaded the questions. He rambled. He made sure everyone knew he was not interested in playing the political game.

  3. Puerto Rico bonds downgraded to junk levels – The move by the S&P is likely to compound the island’s economic distress.

  4. Muni Wi-Fi: Another One Bites the Dust? Stuck between promises to the public and aging equipment, Riverside, Calif., must determine the best course of action for its free, citywide Wi-Fi network

  5. How an Urban Grid Prevents Atlanta’s Heart-Attack Traffic – Chicago’s basic layout looks boring, but it does give you a lot of ways to get home.



Welcome to The Future of Transportation – Getting from here to there in the United States today can feel a lot closer to an episode of The Flintstones than The Jetsons. Every day we deal with problems that should be relics of the past: congested highways full of single-occupancy cars, mass transit systems continually under threat of service cuts, and aged infrastructure on the verge of obsolescence if not total collapse.

States Lag in Laws Preventing Drug Overdose – A report highlighted in the aftermath of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman’s apparent heroin overdose notes the absence of state laws that health experts recommend to curb overdose deaths.

Aurora eyeing city and county status – In this city that straddles two counties and bleeds over into a third, a consultant’s examination of Aurora’s becoming a city and county is a “worst cost” analysis, one that could ultimately decide once and for all whether Aurora would become the state’s 65th county.

Is That a Luge in Times Square? What if New York had tried to get the Winter Olympics? It would probably take more hubris than the city can muster, but the exercise provides some telling measures of scale.



Christie’s pain is Walker’s gain – Republican strategists say no one is in a better position to get a boost from the Christie Bridgegate scandal than Walker, who stepped into the national spotlight in 2011 when he won a union-fueled recall election in Wisconsin.

Can Mayors Really Be Robin Hood? Several mayors have promised to tackle income inequality.

Senate Passes Long-Stalled Farm Bill, With Clear Winners and Losers – A long-awaited measure, in a bipartisan vote of 68 to 32, comes with clear winners and losers.



Medical marijuana in Beaverton: City leaders lean toward temporary ban (poll) – Beaverton city councilors say they favor a temporary ban on medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits, to be revisited in six months.

Oregon bill speeding up UGB decision draws political heat – A bill aimed at speeding up the expansion of the Portland metro area’s urban growth boundary hit a political buzz saw Tuesday in its first public hearing.

Police chief sounds alarm on downtown homelessness, introduces ‘Prosper Portland’ – The chief and his command staff have dubbed the initiative “Prosper Portland” and asked city and county officials, community leaders, social service providers and businesses to work with them to figure out a better way to solve the problem that’s occupying his officers.

The polarizing vortex that swallowed Trader Joe’s – Yes, I’m surprised Trader Joe’s told the city Monday to take that lot and shove it.  I’m surprised it took ’em so long.  It has been seven painful weeks, after all, since thePortland African American Leadership Forum (PAALF) sucker-punched the company, announcing that a Trader Joe’s on N.E. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard would primarily benefit “one of the richest families in the country” and “increase the desirability of the neighborhood (for) non-oppressed populations.”

Lake Oswego Planning Commission gets another look at zone change for West End Building sale – The councilors are looking to sell the building to Kensington Investment Group, a hotel and real estate management and investment firm. The firm has offered to buy the 14-acre site on Kruse Way for $16.5 million, but its representatives say the sale is contingent upon a zone change that would open the property to more commercial, residential and retail development.



Editorial: Legislature should cast skeptical eye on records exemptions – It happens every time the Oregon Legislature meets: Someone enters a bill to slap another exemption or two onto the state’s open-records laws

Corvallis lab will be regional climate hub – Some federal research centers around the country, including one in Corvallis, will be focusing on helping farmers and foresters deal with climate change.

Olympia and transportation: Can we cut our way out of this? As the Legislature talks about abandoning a new gas tax deal until the end of the year, WSDOT is preparing to cut back on road work and ferry operations.

‘Hybrid’ liquor store bill criticized – All sides of the privatization issue find fault with a measure before the Legislature

Tiny Fish Makes Big Comeback in Oregon – The Oregon chub made history, as the minnow became the first fish proposed for removal from the federal endangered-species list thanks to its recovery.

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Red-Light Ruling a Concern for Ohio Cities – Ohio lawmakers have not empowered cities to determine guilt or innocence in administrative hearings involving civil violations of traffic laws.

City clerk: Stop pet stores from selling ‘puppy mill’ dogs – Chicago would join other cities in banning the sale of “puppy mill” dogs under a plan being pushed by City Clerk Susana Mendoza.

Will County sees significant drop in heroin-related deaths – For the first time in recent history, Will County saw a drop in the number of heroin-related deaths in 2013.

Bicyclist fatally run over was new to Mpls., careful about bike safety – Marcus Nalls, a 26-year-old sous-chef at the Hyatt Regency, was run over on his way home from work and killed Monday night on West Franklin Avenue in south Minneapolis by a van allegedly driven by a drunken driver.

Dismantling the Dome – Crumbled concrete and piles of dirt are piling up around the Metrodome as crews get closer to taking the entire Dome down.

Road salt supplies running thin in U.S., but not so much in Minnesota – Minnesota transportation officials expect to have enough salt to make it through the winter – unless winter throws a curve.

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Irving city manager finalist doesn’t want the job, council members say – Several members confirmed that Steve Sarkozy, the former city manager of Bellevue, Wash., has withdrawn his application to take over Irving’s city hall.

Houston and D-FW were nation’s top cities for homebuilding in 2013 – Houston and the Dallas-Fort Worth area topped the country for single-family home construction in 2013.

13 things British like about San Antonio – Here are the things that link the Alamo City to Great Britain. Is there anything missing?

CAREER CENTER: 02.04.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (XOXO Remix)


A Very Brief History of Why Americans Hate Their Commutes – Americans stuck in traffic may take some solace in the fact that the nature of the daily commute has changed dramatically over just one or two generations. Travel between home and work little resembles commuting by our grandparents. The evolution of our commuting habits reflects broader social change affecting every dimension of urban life.

Why Telecommuting Really Matters, in 6 Charts – Over the past 30 years, at the same time the percentage of commuters driving has flatlined, the share of people working from home has exploded, almost doubling since 1980. Telecommuting is controversial — some suggest it increases productivity while others maintain the value of offices — but it is gaining popularity no matter its merits.

Health Care Law Projected to Cut the Labor Force – With the expansion of insurance coverage, more workers will choose not to work and others will choose to work fewer hours than they might have otherwise, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

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The new Microsoft: How Satya Nadella will transform the company – Nadella has no experience running a public company, but he has all the makings of a great CEO.

Who Tweeted First? The Messy Concept of Idea Ownership – The founding of Twitter was fraught with innovation, entrepreneurship, and a fair share of drama. New York Times columnist Nick Bilton on what we can learn from Twitter’s success.

Microsoft’s CEO Could Mean Bright Days Ahead for the Gov Cloud – Analysts say Satya Nadella’s appointment signals Microsoft’s strategy is cloud focused, which could help improve government and enterprise. services throughout the market.

Happy 10th birthday, Facebook: Like or dislike, you changed my life – Happy birthday, Facebook. You’re turning 10 today, but I still remember when you were just a baby.

In Texting Era, Hotlines Put Help at Fingertips – Crisis groups have begun to adopt texting as an alternative way of providing emergency services and counseling.

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