Can I Bum a Ride to the David Austin Forum?

RSVP for David Austin Forum

Hitchhikers 1939David Austin the Communications Director at Multnomah County will be speaking with ELGL on February 5 at noon in the Tualatin City Library.  For our members planning on attending or considering attending we want to give people the opportunity to share rides and save gas so here’s the list of RSVPs so far:

  • Jordan Wheeler, City of Lake Oswego
  • Kent Wyatt, City of Tigard
  • Bonnie Hirshberger, City of Lake Oswego
  • Ben Kittelson, MPA Student-Portland State
  • Ben Bryant, City of Tualatin
  • Brittney Jeffries, City of Newberg
  • Sherilyn Lombos, City of Tualatin
  • Kirsten Wyatt, City of West Linn
  • Sara Singer, City of Tualatin
  • Alice Cannon, City of Tualatin

There’s still time to RSVP so go here and fill out the registration!

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