01.29.14 Morning Buzz

Transaction Wire

Novi’s City Manager Takes Position in Pearland Texas

Philomath Names Chris Workman as City Manager

Florida Manager Takes Reigns After Serving as Fire Chief

High 5Biden Being Weird

President Obama Outlines Agenda for the Next Year. Obama took the podium last night to address the nation in his fifth State of the Union Address. Per usual, topics ran the gamut from education to national defense to Congressional gridlock to the Olympics to Mad Men. In case you missed it, you can read it all here; check the facts here. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington delivered the Republican response. Oh, and in case you were wondering one of the Duck Dynasty guys was invited as well.

Obama to Raise federal Contractor’s Minimum Wage. Word of the change came ahead of last night’s State of the Union Address. The President will issue an executive order to implement the change, thus circumventing Congress.

Nothing In Life is free, Except if You Drive a Tesla. A series of cross country charging stations make it possible for drivers to travel cross country for free.

Google Glass Tries to Lose the Nerd Factor. Google Glass has designed new frames in hopes of luring in customers who don’t know the value of pi (or is “pie”? I always forget).

Seahawks Family Gives Newborn the middle Name of “12th. New Yorkers named after Bills players in the early 1990s think it is a great idea.

Fifty Nifty

Why It Makes Sense for Long Island to rethink the Parking Garage. Are parking lots the wave of the future?Joe Biden Ride Home

Where unemployment May Persist. Spoiler: it’s not looking great, Midwest.

Green Roof in New York is Still Leaking. After $465 million to fix problems, the leaks at the Javits Center persist.


Funding Dispute erupts in Portland. City Commissioner Dan Saltzman and Hacienda, a community Develop Corporation, traded arguments over the funding of an office development funding Housing Bureau funds.

Kwame Kilpatrick’s Mother Seeking Money for Appeal. Seriously.


Portland Public Schools struggles to Find Balance with Teachers Union. Wit concessions coming from both sides there are still issues on the table.

Like a Walk in the Park. Officials are wrestling with improving access to Mt. tabor park, a project that was added to planning documents almost 6 years ago.

Much Ado About Portland. With legislative priorities on the table there is much debate on where the City should be focusing.


Public Hearing Set to Discuss Fate of Redmond Schoolhouse. The City of Redmond continues to wrestle with preserving the historic school house.

Park District Looking for Dam Fixes . Ben Parks & Recreation officials air their concerns about safety in light of leaks in the Mirror pond Dam.

Daft PresidentPure Midwest

Grand rapids Mayor Advises Citizens to “Arm Yourselves With Righteousness” Grand Rapids mayor George Heartwell criticizes Congress for inaction on gun control.

Southfield Mayor Announces Congressional Run Mayor Lawrence will formally announce her campaign on Wednesday.

School is Not Out for Summer. Wisconsin schools weigh extending the school year because of so many cancellations.

Donations Continue to Roll in to Save DIA Artwork. The Kellogg Foundation add $40 to to effort to save the world-renown collection from sale.

Monday Night RAW Comes to Cleveland? I was a fan in middle school. Don’t lie, you were too.

Michigan Hit the Hardest. The recent Midwest storms have made headlines but Michigan has been hit harder than any other state in the country.

Dayton Public School May Require Emergency Levy. Officials are weighing the option of levying an emergency operating tax on the May ballot.

Career CenterSuper Patriotic

Kansas University to host Women in Public Administration Conference . The conference will be held at the end of June. Register before May 13th for early-bird discount.

How to Lead Like Peyton Manning . Start by not screaming Omaha in the office?

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Tensions boil over in viral Sportscenter commercial. Blitz started it.

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