01.29.14 Your Morning Buzz

The State of the Union: Make it stop

Rep. Michael Grimm confronts reporter after State of the Union


Chris Christie, other big GOP names invited, not confirmed for Oregon conference

Novi’s city manager moving to Texas

Former Annapolis city manager accepts state job

Sparks: City manager surprises with decision to retire early

City manager staying in Oak Ridge

 Brian Doherty Elected President of the Capitol Club

Lynn Haven narrows city manager picks

Sioux City Council to vote for Bob Padmore as city manager

Former Arlington resident named Pantego city manager

Philomath Names Chris Workman as City Manager

Florida Manager Takes Reigns After Serving as Fire Chief



How Vancouver, B.C. became North America’s smart-growth leader – Vancouver, B.C., is North America’s uncontested smart-growth leader: Among Northwestern cities, it has the greatest population density; the highest rates of cycling, walking and transit riding; and the fewest cars per capita.

The story of Cory Remsburg – The president recounts the experience of a wounded Army Ranger in Afghanistan.

Legalized Pot Pushes Colorado Revenue Department into New Territory – Enforcement role has tax agency tracking plants with RFID and maybe monitoring safety and ‘potency.’

For Christie, Politics Team Kept a Focus on Two Bids – Gov. Chris Christie’s aides in New Jersey assembled dossiers on communities and officials deemed critical to his re-election and a possible 2016 presidential run.

How the State of the Union Address Affects 2014 – What the president’s speech means for the midterms, his agenda and his relationship with Congress. Per usual, topics ran the gamut from education to national defense to Congressional gridlock to the Olympics to Mad Men. In case you missed it, you can read it all here; check the facts here. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington delivered the Republican response. Oh, and in case you were wondering one of the Duck Dynasty guys was invited as well.



Denver fair welcomes marijuana competitions; Washington fairs do not – Come summer, visitors at the Denver County Fair will have a chance to celebrate legal recreational marijuana at events including a Grateful Dead Karaoke competition, a joint-rolling contest and a Best Homemade Bong battle.

A Cost-Effective Way to Rebuild 500 Bridges – In leveraging public-private partnerships to replace many of its deficient bridges, Pennsylvania’s new approach is realistic about the true costs of a transportation asset.

Arizona Makes Child Safety a Priority – Gov. Jan Brewer abolished the child protective services division in her state in the hopes of creating an independent agency that reports directly to her — something only 10 other states have done.

Why It Makes Sense for Long Island to rethink the Parking Garage. Are parking lots the wave of the future?

Where unemployment May Persist. Spoiler: it’s not looking great, Midwest.




GOP assails Obama while showing disunity – In addition to the officially sanctioned response by Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Republicans took multiple tries to deliver their reaction to the president’s speech while fighting the perception it’s at war with itself.

Executive Order May Be Only Option, but It Comes With Limits – President Obama’s embrace of executive orders may be the only route available given the hostility in Congress, but only so much can be delivered if legislation is not passed.

Popular Flood Insurance Law Is Target of Both Political Parties – A measure supported by conservatives and environmentalists may fall victim to unintended consequences and is a warning, some say, of the rising costs of climate change.

Grimm clashes with reporter – According to a transcript, the lawmaker threatened to throw Michael Scotto over the balcony.

Kwame Kilpatrick’s Mother Seeking Money for Appeal. Seriously.



Commissioner Steve Novick starts phone survey on transportation – Portland is conducting a phone survey to ask residents what they want to see in terms of transportation improvements.

More Harassment In City Hall? An aide to Mayor Charlie Hales says chief of staff Gail Shibley discriminated against him for being HIV-positive.

State Senator’s Solution to CRC Toll Deadbeats? Boot ‘Em – Last week, an email State Sen. Lee Beyer (D-Springfield) sent to Washington State Sen. Ann Rivers (R-La Center) made headlines,

Redefining Central Beaverton: Roads are crazy for cars, perilous for pedestrians – This is the second in a three-part series looking at a slice of Central Beaverton – Beaverton’s divided downtown. Part one explores some of the city’s ongoing improvement efforts, and part three will feature resident opinions on what piece of Beaverton they would call “downtown.”

State audit finds TriMet needs to take ‘extremely urgent’ money, safety problems more seriously – A draft of the 54-page audit by the Oregon secretary of state’s office obtained by The Oregonian portrays an agency that has publicly declared “safety first” but occasionally betrays that mantra behind the scenes.

American Medical Response threatens $20 million lawsuit against Clackamas County for rejecting ambulance contract – The dispute began Jan. 21, when Commissioners John Ludlow, Tootie Smith and Jim Bernard voted against against approving the contract. Commissioners Martha Schrader and Paul Savas put up a passionate fight to move it forward, for fear of litigation and because only four months are left on the county’s current contract with AMR.



More Than Half Of Oregon’s Counties Not Recovered From Recession – In Oregon, 21 counties have not recovered from the recession. That’s according to the report. The majority of those counties are in the central and southern rural parts of the state.

Giffords testifies on Wash. gun initiative – Former Arizona U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who survived a 2011 shooting, testified Tuesday before a Washington state House panel considering an initiative to expand firearm background checks in the state

Republicans pitch Washington state Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers as a rising star – On Tuesday night, Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers will join a long list of big names who’ve given the opposition response to the president’s State of the Union speech since the tradition began 48 years ago.

Clark County settles records suit for $4,825 – Clark County officials paid nearly $5,000 to a Vancouver man after acknowledging he did not receive public records in a timely manner.

Buford events’ future on hold – County commissioners postpone action on a proposal to cancel 2015 Faerieworlds and Dirty Dash contracts

Demolition begins at Boise Cascade site – Demolition crews Tuesday began tearing away the roof of the old Boise Cascade warehouse in downtown Salem.

Seahawks Family Gives Newborn the middle Name of “12th. New Yorkers named after Bills players in the early 1990s think it is a great idea.

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Milwaukee County judge voids City of Milwaukee residency rule – Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Paul Van Grunsven on Monday declared Milwaukee’s 75-year-old residency rule, which requires city workers to live within city limits, void and unenforceable.

Former Moonlight Magic bar is still a legal problem for St. Paul – Ameena Samatar and Alex Jerome are suing St. Paul, claiming it is blocking their effort to use the building as a wedding hall because it does not want a Somali business in the neighborhood.

Municipal liquor profits rise, helping cities’ bottom lines – Metro-area outlets had good profits in 2012 despite pressure from private competitors at nearby stores.

Chicago v. Silicon Valley: There’s more to say about bootstrapping – Adrian Holovaty started a lively conversation last week when he said Chicago should stop trying to be Silicon Valley.

Emanuel defends new charter schools – Mayor Rahm Emanuel dismissed criticism aimed at his hand-picked school board’s decision to approve seven new charter schools after it shuttered 47 neighborhood schools last year.

Grand rapids Mayor Advises Citizens to “Arm Yourselves With Righteousness” Grand Rapids mayor George Heartwell criticizes Congress for inaction on gun control.

The High Cost of Parking on Pershing – The parking lot at 5510 Pershing is barely used. It was created as a part of the ~1980 redevelopment of DeBaliviere Place neighborhood. In the 1960s parking was so scarce that residents would pay someone to drive their car to a garage off of Laurel Street. Five buildings were razed to create the Pershing lot. The calculus then determined that to compete with the suburbs it was critical to provide abundant proximate parking. So how does the math work out in 2014?

Donations Continue to Roll in to Save DIA Artwork. The Kellogg Foundation add $40 to to effort to save the world-renown collection from sale.

Monday Night RAW Comes to Cleveland? I was a fan in middle school. Don’t lie, you were too.

Michigan Hit the Hardest. The recent Midwest storms have made headlines but Michigan has been hit harder than any other state in the country.


New study: Almost $4 billion in real estate projects in the works – Back in the 1990s when DART built the first leg of its North Texas rail system, developers were late to catch the train.

Cities warmer than S.A. – S.A. hit about 24 degrees late Tuesday and early Wednesday. There are places in Alaska where you’d be better off. Check out this list of cities that are warmer than S.A. right now.

Texas led national job growth in 2013 – The state added 252,400 jobs last year, according to preliminary state-by-state data released Tuesday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The next-closest states were California, with 235,700 new jobs, and Florida, with 192,900.

CAREER CENTER: 01.28.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Wild and Wacky Grammy’s Remix)


How to Have Fun at Work – Dear Liz, I am an HR manager in a regional office of my company. I’m responsible for 240 employees in our location.

Why Truly Great Managers Refuse To Practice ‘Off The Rack’ Management – Like your employees, no two situations are exactly alike and usually requires customized solutions, not “off the rack” solutions.

Kansas University to host Women in Public Administration Conference . The conference will be held at the end of June. Register before May 13th for early-bird discount.

How to Lead Like Peyton Manning . Start by not screaming Omaha in the office?

How to Negotiate a Job Offer – You can negotiate a job offer, and I hope you do. The negotiation doesn’t start when you get the job offer, though – it starts much earlier, when you first bring up the salary topic during the interview process.

In defense of baby boomers – The youngest members of the generation that decided to be young forever are turning 50 in 2014. That’s the age of maximum privilege and power. But running the world means taking responsibility for it.

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With Social Media’s Rise, the Pulpit Isn’t Just the President’s Anymore – The State of the Union address on Tuesday spawned a bipartisan embrace of photo- and video-sharing platforms, and a rush to create tweetable graphics and hashtags to amplify party messages.

Government Needs to Rethink How They Attract IT Talent – Most agencies can’t match private-sector pay, and governments can no longer depend on superior benefits packages as a recruiting tool.

Ev Williams’ Medium is Blogging for the 9% (Plus $25 Million – News broke this morning that Medium has raised $25 million, led by Greylock Partners. Medium is the third startup founded by Evan Williams (after Blogger, Twitter)

New domains to spur online land grab – Get ready for the biggest real estate boom in a decade. Only this time, it’s digital real estate located in trendy new Internet neighborhoods with names such as .art, .book and .singles.

Pressure builds for Apple to overhaul or expand product portfolio – Apple iTV? The iWatch? Bigger iPhones and iPads?

Tensions boil over in viral Sportscenter commercial. Blitz started it.