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The sketchiest police sketches ever


Transaction Wire

Irving City Council members may have improperly picked finalist for city manager

Selection process for Adairsville city manager begins

Bristol, Tenn. ready to hire new City Manager

Bartolotta lands job in Missouri city

Carthage council appoints mayor

Council reprimands Ralston

New Health Exchange Directors Clean Up the Messes Left Behind

High 5

hunkThe Year the Public Servant Became the Bureaucrat – Cultural shifts are reflected in the language that we use. We can see this over the past 50 years of city planning as we have shifted from “urban renewal,” which quickly took on the connotation of a flawed solution imposed on a neighborhood, to “community redevelopment”

2 Friends Reach Across the Aisle on Immigration – If there is any way to unlock the immigration stalemate in Washington, colleagues say that Esther Olavarria, a Democrat, and Rebecca Tallent, a Republican, might find it.

Justices Appear Divided on a Sweeping Challenge to Public Workers’ Unions – The Supreme Court’s questioning fell largely on ideological lines over an effort to allow government workers to opt out of paying union dues in collective bargaining negotiations.

The tragedy of Bob McDonnell – On Feb. 24, 2012, Bob McDonnell was in a fix. With Mitt Romney’s VP selection process looming and McDonnell viewed as a real contender, the Virginia Legislature had very inconveniently descended into a divisive debate about mandating invasive ultrasounds for women seeking abortions.

Cities Create Music, Cultural Festivals to Make Money – Municipal officials and entrepreneurs see the power of cultural events as a way to spur short-term tourism while shaping an image of the host city as a cool, dynamic location where companies and citizens in modern, creative industries can thrive.

50 Nifty

rapist-sketchIt’s Not Too Late to Make San Francisco Affordable Again. Here’s How – A pragmatist’s manifesto. Full

States try to raise some dough by taxing uncooked to-go pizza— Call it the great “take ‘n’ bake” pizza sales tax dilemma.

Ridley-Thomas says work on home was by county workers – L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas says he reimbursed the county for work done in addition to the installation of a taxpayer-funded security system.

Driving Is Actually Less Energy-Efficient Than Flying – A revealing comparison in how we’ve come to use two very different modes of transportation.

Bixi Files for Bankruptcy, But Bike-Share Goes On – The company’s bike-sharing systems are in place in cities all over the world. So what happens next?


enhanced-buzz-23379-1299521294-11The Deadly Implications of Chris Christie’s Traffic Problems – Fort Lee is one of New Jersey’s most dangerous driving spots. Why hasn’t the governor done more there?

Former Virginia Governor and His Wife Are Indicted – Former Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, are accused of accepting some $135,000 in cash and thousands more in other gifts from a political patron and lying about it.

Seattle as liberal bastion? Think again. Heat-mapping our political geography reveals some surprises about America’s most progressive big city.

Charlie Crist’s message to Democrats: I’m just like Barack Obama – Crist has assembled a roster full of former Obama hands. Here’s why.


a96832_a512_5-weirdLake Oswego city councilors demand prospective buyer reveal plans for West End Building – Kensington Investment Group, a hotel and real estate management and investment firm, has offered to buy the 14-acre site for $16.5 million. The councilors voted in October toapprove the sale, but Kensington has garnered considerable criticism from residents and public officials for not sharing any specific intentions for the property.

Beaverton City Council says yes to Sexton Mountain Reservoir solar power agreement – Per the contract, Oak Leaf will lease 2.1 acres of the city’s 5-acre property, construct and maintain a fence around the reservoir, and establish a digital energy monitoring system that will allow the public to track real-time solar energy output on the city’s website.

Hillsboro taking it slow, approves temporary ban on pot dispensaries – On March 3 the state of Oregon will officially, legally begin licensing medical marijuana dispensaries. Right now, there are nearly 200 operations statewide.

Tigard City Manager Marty Wine received strong performance evaluation – Her strongest marks were for communication with council and personal traits including honesty and ethical behavior. She received just a handful of lower ratings. None of the anonymous comments were critical.


2011-0669_attachedPot bills would rework medical marijuana system – A pair of bills under consideration in the Washington Legislature aim to better align the state’s medical marijuana system with its still-evolving market for recreational pot.

City plans to prepare more for snow emergencies – The city of Corvallis admitted Tuesday that it was not prepared for the December snowfall

City pays up for neglecting trees, to the tune of $95,000 – What started as a small dispute over three Norway maple trees in 2011 has ended with a jury trial and the City of Salem writing a big check.

New life for Boise site? Redevelopment plans for the former Boise Cascades site shifted into high gear Tuesday, as the city disclosed its intent to buy riverfront land and a private developer pressed forward with a proposed mixed-use development.

Yoo: Some losing hope, still struggling in Cover Oregon pipeline – President Obama’s infamous Broken Promise of 2013 — if you like your plan, you can keep it — received lots of media attention nationally.

Library supporters stand against cutting branches – A city panel, charged with finding options to close a budget gap, is urged to suggest retaining the satellite libraries

Fred Meyer ups offer for Civic – The retailer and its developer add more than $1 million to its existing proposal

Thinking ahead – UO students present ideas for a reimagined downtown Springfield, including a public plaza

Pure Midwest ELGL: Twitter and Column

worst_sketch1Des Moines city manager job expected to draw top talent – Community leaders say successful candidates should have experience, financial acumen and interest in collaboration.

Oakland County’s Patterson swipes at Detroit – again – “Anytime I talk about Detroit, it will not be positive,” Patterson says. “Therefore, I’m called a Detroit basher. The truth hurts, you know? Tough (expletive).”

DROP DEAD, DETROIT! The suburban kingpin who is thriving off the city’s decline.

First Emanuel infrastructure trust project approved after delays – Following a series of fits and starts, Mayor Rahm Emanuel won approval Wednesday for his first Chicago Infrastructure Trust project, but only after the work was scaled back again due to lack of interest from investors.

New city logo ideas — what do you think? Evanston’s logo is in the shop for a possible redesign — and here’s a chance to say what you think of the preliminary ideas for a new design that a city committee will discuss Wednesday night.

South by Southwest

imagesOmni Dallas to remain city-owned for at least 2 more years – The city is carrying $659 million in debt on the convention center hotel, meaning a sale isn’t likely any time soon.

Texas Prepares to Execute Mexican Despite Concerns That His Arrest Violated Law – The guilt of Edgar Arias Tamayo, who was convicted of killing a police officer in Texas, is not in doubt, but the legality of his arrest is.

New Dallas City Manager A.C. Gonzalez says he’s ready for big challenges – City Council support for the 15-year veteran was unanimous, but hardly unqualified.

Insider wins out for Dallas city manager’s post – So much for change. Given the chance to pump new blood into the management at City Hall, Dallas instead turned to a familiar face for city manager: longtime assistant A.C. Gonzalez.

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Police_Sketch_by_oddysseus9Pinterest Is Experimenting With GIFs – After uploading a GIF to a pinboard, users can play or pause the GIF by clicking a small “play” button in the lower left-hand corner of the image. Previously, when users uploaded GIFs to Pinterest, they appeared as still images unless users followed the link back to the GIF’s original source outside of the platform.

Yahoo’s Mayer Urges NSA Transparency – Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s chief executive, called on the Obama administration to provide greater transparency on the data collected by the NSA.

How Social Media Is Shining a Spotlight on the Sundance Film Festival – Star Trek actor George Takei takes a seat in front of an Instagram photo station inside a building on snowy Main Street at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

Twitter Users’ Diversity Becomes an Ad Selling Point – Microblogging Social-Media Site Trying to Capitalize on Its Demographics

Career Center: 01.21.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Cool Runnings Remix)


Making the Most of a Mentor Relationship– In honor of National Mentoring Month, Jenni Luke, CEO of Step Up Women’s Network, shares her advice for starting a mentor relationship.

States Cutting Weeks of Aid to the Jobless – The rest of the country is following North Carolina’s lead by sharply cutting the number of weeks of benefits available.

Buses for Tech Workers in San Francisco Will Pay Fee – The luxury buses have become the symbol for a campaign by activists to reclaim a city they say has been appropriated by the tech elite.

How Zappos’ CEO Turned Las Vegas Into a Startup Fantasyland – Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, owns a party bus, a party house, and what could be termed a party insect—a 40-foot-long praying mantis that shoots fire from its antennas. He views all of these things as a particular sort of investment.

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