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30 Awful Things About Riding Public Transportation Every Day


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Steve Duin blog: Civil rights’ legend John Lewis packs the house at Powell’s Books

City Administrator looking at other jobs 

Banning city manager resigns

Jerome Names Choice For City Administrator Position

Council must decide next step in city manager search

Kingsport chooses MTAS for city manager search

Temple: Assistant City Manager Resigns

High 5


How Government Leaders Can Stay Out of Social Media Hell – It’s all too easy for a public official to make the kind of online mistake that results in ridicule and embarrassment. But it’s not that hard to avoid a catastrophe.

Torn Between Higher Taxes and Border Hassles – A tax increase for Mexican towns near the United States border could mean an economic boost for South Texas, with Mexican shoppers bargain-hunting here, but there are concerns.

Who Speaks for the Carriage Horses? In the fight over the future of New York City’s carriage horse trade, both sides say they want what is best for the animals.

New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward is still marked by Hurricane Katrina – The neighborhood has made progress since the 2005 hurricane, but it’s a ‘crazy patchwork’ of fresh starts and forlorn ruins.

Insight: Battle over police pensions in U.S. cities takes ugly turn – A drive by some American cities to cut costly police retirement benefits has led to an extraordinary face-off between local politicians and the law enforcement officers who work for them.

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 Connecticut’s Planned Crime Computer Bogging Down Over FBI Rules – The bureau fears widespread access to criminal justice data, and state police have failed to agree on a set of data controls.

Downtown L.A.’s South Park catching a wave of new development – More than half a dozen major construction projects are underway and several others are in the works in the once forlorn neighborhood east of Staples Center.

D.C. redevelopment exposes old fault lines among race, income – Neighborhoods have improved, most residents say, but they believe changes have helped the rich more.



 For Obama vets, echoes of Marc Rich in Edward Snowden case – Top Obama administration officials facing high-profile calls for clemency or a plea deal for Edward Snowden have life experience that counsels extreme caution: the political explosion they witnessed after President Bill Clinton pardoned financier Marc Rich more than a decade ago

With battleground states feeling blue, GOP faces uphill path to 270 in 2016 –  Republicans have considerable ground to recapture, and underlying trends aren’t helping.

3 GAY REPUBLICANS TRYING TO MAKE ELECTION HISTORY – It didn’t matter that Innis, a former business school dean, faced an aggressive Democratic incumbent, GOP colleagues who oppose his right to marry, and history — no Republican ever has been openly gay when first elected to Congress.

Fresh Allegations Hit Christie’s Office – The mayor of Hoboken, N.J., has accused the administration of Gov. Chris Christie of shortchanging her city of superstorm Sandy funds because she failed to back a real-estate project supported by New Jersey officials.

An Interview With Mitt Romney – The former presidential candidate gives his thoughts on another run (“No, no, no”) and on the future for him and his party.

G.O.P. Advice for Christie: Pick a Better Team – Republicans are offering pointed advice, sobering in its candor, for Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, after his aides were linked to the Fort Lee snafu.



 Portland’s industrial lands scavenger hunt: Editorial Agenda 2014 – “Just Say No” did not prove to be a particularly successful approach to the War on Drugs, and it likely will be even less successful as a Portland economic development strategy.

Protesters gather on downtown Lake Oswego street voicing opposition to Wizer block development – Waving signs and floating bundles of red balloons in the air, the group caught the attention of many passing drivers next to the site of the proposed $92.6 million project to redevelop the former home of Wizer’s Oswego Foods.

West Linn man files complaint against Moda Health, Cover Oregon over health enrollment errors – Mark Evertz, a 45-year-old partner at Portland marketing firm Digital C4, filed the complaint with theDepartment of Consumer & Business Services this month, alleging that his insurance provider, Moda Health, made unauthorized changes to his coverage. 

West Linn’s Historic Willamette General Store to shut its doors tonight – The place was bustling with activity. Customers walked around with beers in hand, enjoying their conversations and listening to live music as kids sat in the other room watching “The Lorax” on a projector screen.



Pot backers cheer for a Seattle-Denver Super Bowl – If oddsmakers are correct, the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos will win Sunday’s National Football League conference championship games, advancing to a truly historic Super Bowl on Feb. 2:

 Cover Oregon: Health exchange failure predicted, but tech watchdogs’ warnings fell on deaf ears – In one of a series of revealing emails, the Cornell-educated technology analyst at Oregon’s Department of Administrative Services wrote last May that Cover Oregon‘s managers were being “intellectually dishonest” in claiming the project would be ready Oct. 1.

Vancouver getting MIA memorial – More than 83,000 American military personnel remain missing from World War II, the Korean War, the Cold War, the Vietnam War and the 1991 Gulf War.

Their Civic duty – YMCA and soccer boosters rally support for stadium plans

Salem showdowns – Lawmakers have a lot to tackle in the upcoming abbreviated session

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 Kansas Revenue Department’s Facial Recognition Software Helps Nab Criminals – When Luz Maria Amezcua-Valencia applied for a Kansas driver’s license, it was her face, and the Kansas Department of Revenue’s facial recognition software, that did her in.

Smart Snowplow Tech Turns Every Vehicle into a Weather Sensor – The federal government is developing a tool using sensors attached to snowplows to more accurately predict road conditions in near real time and spot potential problem areas.

Cleveland Restoration Society, First Federal offer incentives to sell vacant, rundown homes – In an attempt to fill empty, dilapidated homes spread throughout Cuyahoga County, theCleveland Restoration Society is partnering with First Federal Bank in Lakewood to provide buyers with low-interest loans for purchasing and renovations.

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 City, State Proposing Nearly $5.7 Million in Incentives to Lure 600-plus Tech Jobs to Austin – The city projects a net fiscal benefit to Austin of $1.67 million from the incentives package.

Businesses that have left San Antonio – Here are some companies that said adiós to S.A., and either moved their headquarters, or left completely.

Green light comes Monday for public to delve into piles of files at Bush Library – On the fifth anniversary of George W. Bush’s leaving office, many of his presidential papers, by law, become subject to release under the federal Freedom of Information Act.

As Wendy Davis touts life story in race for governor, key facts blurred – The basic elements of the narrative are true, but the full story of her life is more complicated, as often happens when public figures aim to define themselves.

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Technology Is Not Driving Us Apart After All – In September 2008, two graduate students working for Keith Hampton, a professor at Rutgers, raised a camera atop a 16-foot tripod to film down into Bryant Park, the sprawling green space behind the main branch of the New York Public Library.

Why Google shouldn’t Doodle – From Zora Neale Hurston to Kennedy, history’s giants have become firm’s marketing tools.

Career Center: 01.14.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Fun Fact Remix)


What your email response time says about you – Bosses need to wake up to the fact that they’re managing attention.

 A PUBLIC SERVICE THAT AIMS TO END CRAPPY TOURIST PHOTOS – Two recent ad school grads do their part to end poorly composed photos with a street-level solution

Rules for Equal Coverage by Employers Remain Elusive Under Health Law – The administration is delaying enforcement of the health law provision that prohibits employers from providing better benefits to top executives than to other employees.