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  1. Hillary’s hit list – The Clintons keep a favor file of saints and sinners, according to this excerpt from HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton.

  2. As Control Shifts, Twinned Cities Follow Different Paths – Duluth, Minn., and Superior Wis., are so close physically and culturally that they are known as the Twin Ports. But much began to change when Minnesota government went all Democratic and Wisconsin all Republican.

  3. W.Va. residents enter fifth day without water – Residents ask why they weren’t warned earlier after a chemical leaked into the water system, leaving 300,000 people without a drop to drink.

  4. Will Maryland go to pot? Lawmakers in Annapolis should go slow on legalizing marijuana.

  5. Other Jersey Mayors Say They May Have Been Punished For Not Endorsing Christie – Jersey City, N.J. Mayor Steve Fulop told the Wall Street Journal in a story published late Sunday that he’s been frozen out since he opted against endorsing Christie last year. The Journal reported that Christie officials offered Fulop “new access to state commissioners, who hold the purse strings for many Jersey City services” in exchange for his support.

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Comparing Stockton city managers with NFL quarterbacks – Stockton has only had four city managers (not counting interim CMs) dating back to the early 1990s. Let’s take a look at those four and compare them to NFL quarterbacks with similar talents, approaches and tendencies.

Could data collection have stopped 9/11? White House thinks so – Critics of the NSA’s program to track Americans’ phone data dispute that it could have prevented the terrorist attacks.

Swept off Mid-Market, S.F.’s homeless cluster nearby – Mayor Ed Lee‘s intense focus on cleaning up the notoriously blighted Mid-Market corridor as technology companies and residential buildings move in has shifted many homeless people off San Francisco’s main thoroughfare. But now adjacent neighborhoods are feeling the brunt of more homeless people and unsavory street behavior.



Los Angeles Mayor declares war on Louisiana’s film industry – The Mayor of Los Angeles is declaring war of sorts against Louisiana and other states he says are luring away the California film industry.

What businesses watch as state legislatures return to work – They are worried about Medicaid expansion in Virginia and minimum wage in D.C. and Maryland.

The era of big legislation is (almost) over –  A few big bills are poised to pass in the coming days. And then that’s likely it for the year.

Chris Christie is still atop the 2016 GOP field — for now –  Sure, the Fort Lee traffic scandal presents problems, but who else is strong enough to dominate the party?

How to save the Senate – Opinion: There’s a growing lack of confidence in the Senate’s ability to mediate disputes.

Waxman challenger walked a spiritual path into politics – Marianne Williamson, the friend of Oprah, best-selling author and charismatic spiritual leader is challenging Rep. Henry Waxman.



CRC is back, and Oregon must weigh going it alone: Editorial Agenda 2014 – On Tuesday, anyone who wants to hear whether the Columbia River Crossing is dead or alive will be told it could work well as an Oregon-led project, easing I-5 congestion at the Columbia River and for a price that Oregon could safely afford.

Case of the MISSING letters – The decorative metal sign alongside Highway 8 welcoming motorists to the city of Cornelius has again fallen prey to vandals. Several letters from the high-profile sign between Hillsboro and Cornelius that promotes “Oregon’s family town” were recently stolen.

Library lovers want to try again in Cornelius – City council gets ready to put bond measure on the ballot again in May

Goodbye Ken Summers? Cornelius citizens get chance to speak on police-sheriff merger In the next week, city of Cornelius officials will host town meetings where citizens can offer feedback

Beaverton Human Rights Advisory Commission lauds church leader – Oyler awarded for encouraging gay members to openly discuss their experiences.



ReneeAnalysis: Astoria City Council chemistry stirred, not shaken – Drew Herzig came on board a year ago to ‘break lockstep’

City lends ear to downtown plan critics – While the Yakima City Council can’t find agreement on choosing a mayor, it has found unanimity in moving ahead on a downtown event plaza as a tool for revitalizing the city’s core. Concurrently, city officials have shown a willingness to listen to critics of one key provision of the plan.

Maximum energy at rally for $15 minimum –  There was plenty of enthusiasm as 350 to 400 people showed up Sunday to kick off the campaign for a $15 minimum wage in Seattle, led by Socialist Alternative supporters, union members and City Councilmember Kshama Sawant.

If Bertha busts the budget, who pays? Is it right for Seattle to foist Bertha overruns onto state taxpayers, when it was Seattle voters who insisted on a risky project with a Tiffany price tag?

Clearing the air – The Eugene City Council will be renewing the debate over acting on climate change and other environmental issues

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Former Fuji-Ya will yield its riverfront spot to even older landmarks – Archaeological park would be key feature of further downtown riverfront redevelopment.

Buffing a Battered City’s Image – City leaders in Detroit say they hope visitors will see a revival underway in a city lately known for bankruptcy.

Complete Streets bike-friendly plan hits bumpy road in St. Louis County –  What seemed like a simple idea to make roads in St. Louis County more bike and pedestrian friendly has turned into an unfriendly uproar about its potential cost and dangers.

Let the river run: Dam removal accelerates across Michigan – Michigan may be the Great Lakes State, but its 36,000 miles of rivers are becoming popular commodities for cities looking to revitalize downtowns, attract visitors and lure new businesses.

Putter Power: Scooters Drive Fight in Indiana – Low-powered scooters have multiplied in Evansville, a Farm Belt river city, sparking an increasingly heated political and cultural fight.

Streetcar Supporters Oppose Oasis Rail Line – HDR study finds low economic development along intercity line

MEMORIES OF THE METRODOME, AND HOW IT GOT BUILT – The legislature couldn’t decide, so it appointed a commission. The legislation that approved the expenditure of, as I recall, $55 million, said that the commission would determine the location of the new stadium–Minneapolis, St. Paul and Bloomington were the contenders–and the city that was selected would have to enact a local hotel-motel-liquor tax to defray the cost of the bonds that would finance construction.

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Texas Vote-Buying Case Casts Glare on Tradition of Election Day Goads – The arrests of three politiqueras, or campaign runners, who are often hired to gather votes in contested races, have become a tricky issue for elected officials in the Rio Grande Valley.

Pierson draws conservative stars in battle against Sessions – To unseat Pete Sessions, Katrina Pierson would need money and a strong organization that she appears to lack.

Dallas council to weigh proposal to pull tires from Trinity River – The city is looking to use public money to do the sort of cleanup left for years to nonprofits and volunteers.

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01.10.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Trebek Raps Remix)


Companies Frustrate Innovative Employees – It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.

Federal senior execs call for revised awards program –  Since cash awards are no longer available, the SES wants alternative means of recognition.

New Year, New You: Best Recruiting Tips for 2014  – So, how can you improve your recruiting game in 2014? Here are a few helpful tips to get you going!

All Staff Members Must Learn to Play the Drum – And other examples hiring rituals that build culture.

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