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Instagram Video Booth Will Ask Celebs Your Questions at Golden Globes


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Sunday Profile: Parks official helps save historic structures

Lodi city manager Rad Bartlam takes Chino Hills job

Sunday Snapshot: Jared Franklin excited to join Kelso City Council

Lane executive quits for state post

Hardeeville city manager was finalist for Walterboro job

Exodus: Assistant city manager departing for UMass Lowell

Supes to look at city manager, employee pay

Glenpool assistant city manager resigns to become Catoosa city manager

Covington City Manager Derek Matheson elected to 2014 Sound City Association Board of Directors

Finalists for Sioux City city manager

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  1. Geeks on the Google bus create giant social problem in San Francisco – The California tech industry has had unfortunate side effects on the city – including startup bosses ranting about the homeless

  2. How Did Mild-Mannered Maine Get America’s Craziest Governor? What better way to start a governorship than to refuse to attend a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day breakfast and, when the NAACP complains, tell them, on camera, to “kiss my butt”?

  3. A National Strategy Funds State Political Monopolies – In some states, the strategic deployment of campaign cash has helped accelerate or arrest the natural drift toward one party or the other, defying national election trends and voter registration advantages.

  4. Eminent Domain: A Long Shot Against Urban Blight – The mayor of Richmond, Calif., is pushing a novel use of eminent domain to prevent foreclosures. Financial firms are very, very unhappy.

  5. The Pentagon’s grumpy old man – If the United States were a vast psychiatric clinic—and who knows, maybe it is—former defense secretary Robert Gates’s new memoir, Duty, could be marketed as a 600-page Rorschach test.

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The Wait Continues for Safe Tap Water in West Virginia – After a chemical spill greater than previously estimated, hundreds of thousands of people may have to wait days before the water is declared safe to use again.

Banks Say No to Marijuana Money, Legal or Not – Banks across the country are reluctant to provide services to marijuana businesses, fearing that federal regulators and law enforcement authorities might punish them.

Whimsical, wacky bike racks you might see this summer in Philadelphia – Eight finalists have been winnowed from 150 artist-submitted designs.

San Diego Doesn’t Know How Many Sidewalks It Has – A while ago, some people decided the city of San Diego had 5,000 miles of sidewalks. To get that number, the people didn’t analyze city documents or data. All they did was assume all city roads had sidewalks on both sides, then take the city’s roughly 2,500 miles of streets and multiply by two.

Can Florida and Tampa Bay join the ranks of innovation leaders? Some states are really good at it. Washington is awash in big-name innovators like Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing. So is California, with Stanford University and, of course, its Silicon Valley mecca for business startups that produced Google and Facebook among many others. Or Massachusetts, with its powerhouse universities like Harvard and MIT, and the decades of spinoffs such schools have fostered.

Md. officials had early warnings on health site – More than a year before the launch of its health exchanges, officials failed to heed warnings that the site was “extremely unstable” and wouldn’t be ready Oct. 1.



A Cheerleader for Others, Virginia Governor Stands on His Own – At his inauguration, Terry McAuliffe, the governor of Virginia, seemed intent on showing that he was his own man, not a Washington wheeler-dealer that some have criticized him as being.

Christie aide is latest to use private emails — Personal emails at the center of the brewing scandal for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may have remained secret, had the public and press relied solely on the state’s open records law.

Pressures grow for state Senate’s maverick majority leader – As the Legislature convenes Monday, Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom could be in for a rough session. Democrats don’t forgive him for caucusing with the GOP last year, while Republicans say winning one more seat in November will allow them to replace him.

Christie and the muddled search for a GOP leader – The New Jersey governor is only the latest of the party’s prospective 2016 nominees to prompt doubts.


amytina-drunkNew Money – Is bitcoin the currency of the future? Some Portlanders think so.

Time to Regroup – Portland’s finally ready to study its gang problem.

Fruit Punch and Rebel Girls – The women’s fruit cannery strike of 1913 and the birth of a Portland radical.

Neighbors Celebrate Demise of West Hayden Island Annexation With a Cake – If anybody was happier than Bob Sallinger to hear the Port of Portland had sailed out of a development deal for West Hayden Island 



Pay hike for City Hall management sends wrong signal – A majority of the Walla Walla City Council members don’t seem to read the mood of the public.

State of the City – Springfield: “Attitude…..is a Little Thing that Makes a Big Difference” – The Springfield State of the City address Thursday night, delivered for a fourth consecutive time by Mayor Christine Lundberg, carried an upbeat tone highlighting accomplishments

Downtown Revitalization, Economy Highlights State of City Address – Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy delivered her 10th annual State of the City address in the Hult Center Wednesday evening.

Dispersing drinking dollars: A look at how OLCC revenue gets spent – Oregon consumers would likely pay the same prices for alcohol if sales were privatized because whether the state or grocers own the liquor, taxes and fees paid on booze would continue to go to cities, counties and the general fund.

Improvement district law could see restrictions  – Property owners Timm and Linda Rawlins are more than $1.2 million behind on payments toward a $6 million assessment the city levied on their two vacant lots to help build infrastructure for the Keizer Station.

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Keeping Public Buildings Free of Guns Proves Too Costly for Kansas Towns – For Wichita and some other towns in Kansas, the cost of providing security to keep guns out of buildings was just too high.

State of the City: Mayor George Heartwell to announce GVSU partnership to retain college grads – “We’re going to take an intentional look through this program at what is the interface between college students and the city of Grand Rapids,” Heartwell said in advance of his speech. “What are other cities doing that are best practice models for retaining graduates?

Permit to carry gun no license to shoot – This spring, law-abiding residents of Illinois will be able to walk the streets with a loaded gun. But those who decide to carry concealed weapons will have to grapple with a tough question: When is it appropriate to pull the trigger?

New Cobo hints at Detroit’s future – The downtown conference center given up for dead, a laughingstock on the global auto show circuit and an embarrassment in its hometown, has new life. Under new management, a new ownership structure helped finance a nearly $300 million renovation despite a struggling economy and Detroit’s deepening financial troubles.

How Chicago can revive its troubled neighborhoods – Imagine city leaders surveying Chicago after the Great Fire of 1871, a landscape of ash and ruin. Their task, as daunting as it must have been exhilarating: Build the cityagain, from the husk of what was. Build it better.

Heroin adversaries ready to take action after November summit in Cleveland – November’s Heroin Summit, which brought together hundreds of law enforcement, medical professionals, and educators to tackle the drug’s staggering death toll in Ohio — was not a day of lip service.

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Triangle Politics: Former Wake manager a finalist for manager’s job in Dallas – Cooke was named one of six semifinalists for the Dallas job last month, less than two weeks after leaving his post in Wake. He and the other two finalists – interim City Manager A.C. Gonzalez and Oakland City Administrator Deanna Santana – are scheduled to go through a second round of interviews with Dallas City Council members in Texas next week, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Management firm calls for changes to city government – Glendale City Council listened to a report at its workshop Jan. 7 that the city should consider consolidating its departments and leaders should consider privatizing a number of services, including trash pickup, to save money.

Editorial: Cities need to stand up to payday lenders – One by one, Texas cities are adopting tougher restrictions on payday lending modeled after Dallas’ groundbreaking ordinances. Still, there are a few notable exceptions — Fort Worth, Irving and Arlington — that could make a significant difference if they joined the coalition.

D/FW Airport positions itself as posh place for international travelers – Marketing itself as a global super hub, D/FW covets passengers with an appetite for premium services.

Editorial: D/FW Airport gave birth to regional thinking in North Texas – In many ways, the birth of D/FW Airport 40 years ago this week marked the beginning of regionalism in North Texas, even though few realized it at the time — or appreciated the implications. Yes, there were the incredibly combative decades of the Wright amendment that limited flights from Love Field and kept the two cities somewhat at odds. But try to imagine North Texas growing into the regional powerhouse that it is today had D/FW Airport never been built.

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Blogger’s Incarceration Raises First Amendment Questions – Roger Shuler’s accusatory posts have earned him many enemies. But even many of them are shocked by what has happened to him.


The Best Planning Apps for 2014 – We again found that the most commonly used apps by planners in their daily lives are social media apps, like Twitter and Facebook. Note taking apps are also popular for daily use; and apps like Photoshop, PowerPoint and Prezi, that are used for productivity and for giving presentations, are more frequently used on a monthly basis.

From Tweet to Ad to Mini Modern Scandal – A descent into the wormhole created by the collision of movie-awards campaigning and paracritical chirping.

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01.10.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Trebek Raps Remix)

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Five Steps to Success in the Nonprofit Job Market – Cecilia Bianco shares our colleague Jessica J Williams best tips from last month’s sold-out event for Portland’s nonprofit community on how find a job in any market.

We Need To Change How We Think About Talent – Ask anybody who manages a business and they will tell you how important it is to hire the right people. Top companies recruit at the most selective schools, offer excellent pay packages, generous benefits and a comfortable work

The Secret to Becoming Extraordinary – Yesterday, Christ University invited me to give a talk to their students, as part of their Extraordinary Minds series. I don’t think of myself as particularly extraordinary.

Government, businesses out of step with American families, survey finds – More Americans say policies should address society as it now is rather than seeking to return to what it was.

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