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Ariz. council bans texting, e-mails during meetings


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  1. Entrepreneurs Shape Free Data Into Money – Cities Encourage Formation of Businesses That Make Use of Local Statistics, Whether on Land Use, Weather, or 911 Calls

  2. The Secret’s in the Sauce: Bioterror at the Salsa Bar – In early September, 1984, a woman stood in front of the Taco Time salsa bar in The Dalles, Ore., holding a small plastic bag filled with light brown liquid. Quickly and furtively, she squirted the solution into the salsa bucket and poured a little into the salad dressing. The largest bioterrorist attack in United States history had begun.

  3. The Dream of a Middle-Class New York – Is there anything Bill de Blasio can do to make the city affordable again? Maybe. But we have to want to pay for it.

  4. Obama Announces ‘Promise Zones’ in 5 Poor Areas – The president said that federal agencies will cut through red tape to give struggling residents a chance at a better life.

  5. Is Mayor Scott Smith Arizona’s Next Governor? The moderate Republican is resigning as mayor and president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors to run for governor.

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Lane Bajardi texting at City Council Meeting

Philadelphia’s Bedbug Infestations Are Skyrocketing by 70 Percent a Year – The blood-feasting insects seem more active in the summer, according to new sleep-killing research.

Can startups succeed outside Silicon Valley? In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review online, investor and tech executive Max Wessel argued forcefully that entrepreneurs should think twice about starting their companies anyplace other than a major center for venture capital and high-tech talent on the East or West Coast.

AMP planners uninterested in compromise that could increase West End-area support, cut costs – Most Nashvillians agree on the need for better transit solutions to accommodate coming growth to Davidson County and the greater metropolitan region. But the controversial Amp initiative has the potential to become Dean’s Waterloo – or, worse, his next Fairgrounds.

With Surplus in Hand, California Eyes Debt – Gov. Jerry Brown submitted a budget proposal that includes an 8.5 percent spending increase, but also $11 billion for debts and liabilities, including a $6 billion deferred payment to schools.

National Park Proves a Hard Gift to Give – A landowner’s plan to donate 75,000 acres for a national park in Maine has met fierce opposition, partly because many in the region loathe the idea of giving Washington a toehold there.

Government Owes 30,000 Indians Royalties for Land but Can’t Find Them – Rural life on sprawling reservations has complicated efforts to track down tens of thousands of Indians who are eligible for federal payments.



How the Politics of Transportation Made Chris Christie, and Could Break Him – The New Jersey governor became a conservative icon after shutting down a major tunnel project. Now, his reputation hangs in the balance.

Apology in Bridge Scandal Is Offered the Christie Way – Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey said he was sorry for his administration’s act of personal revenge, but he did so in his characteristic style: excessively, vaingloriously, and in vivid and personal terms.

Gillespie, Former Republican Chairman, Readies to Run for Senate in Virginia – Ed Gillespie has told senior members of his party that he will challenge Senator Mark R. Warner.

Half of Congress Members Are Millionaires, Report Says – The number of Democrats and Republicans on the list was about even, with a median net worth of $1,008,767 for 2012, according to the analysis.

Eugene senator pursuing gun bill – The legislation would require background checks on private sales

The Campaign Whisperers – Hints of Oregon’s political future in 2014 can be seen in the contributions of 2013.

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Sorry, Google+, We Still Won’t Come to Your Party – By now, it’s a depressingly familiar business tactic from Google.


Apple Devices Flow Into Corporate World – As technology shifts from PCs to smartphones and tablets, Apple is expanding its reach into a lucrative customer base: companies. The iPhone has replaced the BlackBerry as the mobile phone of choice, and the iPad is assuming tasks once reserved for personal computers.

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01.08.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Trebek Raps Remix)

How to Build a Productive Tech Economy – There’s no simple solution to encouraging local innovation.

Are You Always Late? 7 Tips To Arrive On Time – Having to rush, forgetting things in your haste, dealing with annoyed people when you arrive late…chronic tardiness is no fun. If you’re chronically late, what steps can you take to be more prompt?

14 Things To Do On A Slow Day At Work – Bored at work? You probably don’t experience slow days too often, but when you do, you’ll want to make the most of that time.

Babies and What Demographics Portend – A leading demographer reveals how three trends—on diversity, the recession, and uban growth—will influence the nation’s data points in 2014 and beyond.


Hun Sen texting during meeting

Why We Should Think Twice Before Asking Police to Deal With the Mentally Ill – A spate of stories suggest cops often don’t know how to respond to the mentally ill, except with violent (and sometimes deadly) force.

Should Portland Save a Building It Really, Really Hates? Almost no one likes the Michael Graves office building. But it’s one of America’s most important pieces of postmodern architecture.

Lawmakers: Washington not revisiting CRC – A panel of legislative leaders signaled Thursday that there’s no interest in bringing Washington back to the table on the Columbia River Crossing.

Charlie Hales Learns Price Tag of Warehouse for Right 2 Dream Too, Abandons Idea – Hales has abandoned the idea after learning the cost of tenant improvements on the building: $335,000. 

Breaking Bread – How the redemption story of troubled baker Dave Dahl began to crumble.

Beaverton Sister Cities Program promotes international ties and local events – Beaverton’s International Celebration features performances celebrating a variety of cultures and traditions



Bertha, 520 troubles complicate tax deal for transportation – A proposed multibillion-dollar state transportation package that would include an increase in the gas tax is as bogged down as Bertha, the tunnel machine.

Economists tell Pierce County business leaders that the recovery will continue – Steady. Slow. But still a recovery. That was the message Thursday morning at the annual Horizons Economic Forecast breakfast meeting sponsored by the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber

Springfield mayor touts city’s progress – The community is far removed from inaccurate local stereotypes, she says

Bus stop smoking banned by council — The city of Dallas has banned smoking within 25 feet of school bus stops if children are present.

Ashland council wants county to go nonpartisan – Members ask commissioners to enact a charter amendment to keep political parties out of commission elections

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Emanuel asks for time to write rules on gun sales in Chicago – Mayor Rahm Emanuel said that he won’t fight a federal court ruling that struck down Chicago’s ban on gun stores and instead will ask for six months to come up with rules.

Winter storms will cost Toledo up to $1 million – Big snows need extra help to clear

Minnesota lawmakers blast MNsure’s troubled website – Minnesota lawmakers, in their first opportunity to question leaders of the state insurance exchange since it started enrolling customers, wondered if it would be able to fund itself next year as planned.

Housing fuels building boom, especially in Minneapolis – Building permits issued in Minneapolis have exceeded $1 billion for the second year in a row. Leading the trend is rental housing.

Here are America’s largest bikesharing systems in 2013 – American bikesharing boomed in 2013 like never before. Led by huge new systems in New York and Chicago, the total number of bikesharing stations in the US more than doubled, from 835 at the end of 2012 to 1,925 in 2013.

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